A Cute Mom

I was thinking about one of the things I often think about. Why do we do things? I was also thinking about my mother…pornographic thoughts. The strange thing about it is that I really didn’t want to do pornographic things to her. I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to have her warm lips pressing on mine as I gently massaged her bare breasts.

Where did it all come from? Perhaps from other actions or desires or maybe just a little shot of electro-chemical stuff hits the brain at exactly at the right or wrong time. I had pinned it down to the time I was fifteen and saw my older brother Bobby kiss my mother. I thought she had kissed him for a second too long. Maybe I just imagined that it went on for too long; after all, she kissed me on the lips often and it was no big deal. Maybe I had wanted her for a long time before and never let it come into my consciousness. Maybe she was sleeping with him. Maybe, maybe, maybe…but from then on my life took a different turn.

For the next few months, in my fantasies, I saw Bobby with my mother. He would strip her then he would suck on her nipples as she stood obediently before him. She always followed his orders. He screamed at her and called her names. Most of the fantasies were rough and I realized later that they were spawned by my anger and frustration. Robby would tie my mother to a chair and blindfold her. He would pinch her nipples until she screamed and almost choke her with his cock. She would beg him to stop but there was no mercy for her in this dark play; he was relentless. He would fuck my poor mother until she couldn’t stand and then he would come on her.

It took me a while to realize that my brother was only a stand-in for me and when I allowed myself to be the imagined participant, the expression of my erotic fabrications became gentler. I couldn’t hurt her, even in imaginings. I wanted to love her. I wanted her to love me.

I thought I had concealed my thoughts and feelings pretty well and that mom never knew how I felt, until that day of course. Bobby had moved out of the house and I wasn’t sorry to see him go. Although things had gotten better between Bobby and me but I still hadn’t forgotten all the punches and taunts of “Momma’s boy” he had let me have when we were younger.

I was nineteen and in my third year of college. I had picked a school near home. Since Bobby left, my mother and I had had gotten even closer than we were before. I liked talking to her and we spent lots of nights together watching videos.

On that particular morning, mom was sitting at the table in the kitchen and was wearing a light cotton print dress. It was long but low cut and showed enough of her cleavage to get me going. When she saw me she said, “Oh hi sweetie, could you do something for me? I must have slept badly and my neck’s killing me; just rub it for a while.” I stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders and neck.

I think the best way to describe my mother is ‘cute’. She later told me she always wanted to be ‘beautiful and mysterious’ but that no matter what she did everyone always told her she was cute. It’s as if someone had a carrot growing out of his head. When you look at him you say, “there’s a carrot.” When you look at my mother you say “she’s cute”. That’s probably one of the reasons she still looked like a kid approaching forty. My mother also had “It”. The “It” that Monroe had to make men come to attention, the “It” Elvis had to make all the women wet when he picked up a guitar.

On the day I was massaging her neck and the world changed, she had never looked sexier to me. If I would have thought about it I never would have done it – but I didn’t think. I just slid my hands down over both of her breasts, all the way to her nipples where I lingered for a moment. She didn’t jump or scream. What she did was take a deep breath and say, “Honey, I don’t know if you should be doing that.” I returned my hands to her neck and kept massaging.

I took off on one my porno fantasies. Mom is on her knees. Bobby and I stand at her face with our big cocks ready…waiting…and hoping she knows what we want and how to do it. She doesn’t disappoint us on either score. She starts by alternating on our cocks, sucking on each one for only five or ten seconds.

At one point she tries to get both fat heads into her mouth but has to be satisfied just licking them simultaneously. We can see how hot she’s getting. Bobby takes the lead and tells her, “Mom get on the bed…we’re going to fuck you from here to Timbuktu.” She doesn’t hesitate. She gets on the bed and spreads her legs. Bobby almost knocks me over getting on top of her. Foreplay lasts as long as it takes him to grab his cock and sink it into her wet pussy. He pulls her over on top of himself. I just look at my mother’s round meaty globes. Bobby says, “C’mon Rick, fuck her in the ass.”

I’m not sure if I should but I’m sure I want to. I want to ram it in her ass for screwing Bobby and not me; I want to pound her for turning me on all the time, and most of all, I need to.

I put a couple of fingers in as I play with her tits. Her ass grinding tells me how much she likes what I’m doing and I’m ready. My cock is as thick and hard as an iron rod and I expect her to scream but she takes it with an exclamation of “Oh…OH…” I thrust in and out completely at first, watching her react. She relaxes and her asshole is stretched and waiting for the next insertion. I oblige with a deep and forceful injection of my meat. When I get far enough into my mother’s ass to see three quarters of my cock disappear, I start pumping her. Bobby resumes his upward thrusts. As we both give it to her, with only a thin membrane separating the two big dicks, she keeps repeating how good it is to be filled with us.

We’re both getting closer and when we pick up the action and both pound her at once she goes nuts. She thrashes and laughs and keeps up a steady stream of talk. “Yes…fuck me, fuck me…this is what I’ve been dreaming about for years…my two boys fucking me…my two big cocks in their mother at the same time…in my cunt…in my ass…oooh yes…this is what you’re whore of a mother needs…this is what your slut mother needs…to get fucked by her sons…fucked by her sons…over and over again…OH…I don’t care who knows it …my boys are fucking me and I love it…”

I came back to the reality of having just touched her breasts with a hard-on from the fantasy and I’m emboldened to ask her the question I had been holding on to for four years, “Mom did bobby ever touch you that way?” She turned and gave me a hesitant, quizzical smile, “Of course not honey; why would you ask?”

My mother didn’t lie; in fact, the main reason she got a divorce was because my lousy father couldn’t do anything but lie and cheat. So there it was. My whole fantasy was built on a misperception, or would I have gotten to these feelings anyway?

I was elated and felt like a weight was lifted. I loved her so much at that moment; I turned her in the chair and start kissing her all over her face. She was laughing and she said, “Ricky, what’s gotten in to you today?”

“I love you mom…I love you.” That’s what I said to her even though she was looking at me as if I’d gone off the deep end, and of course, I had.

“I love you too sweetheart…but…” Before she could finish I bent and kissed her fully. She accepted my kiss and my tongue but when the kiss was over she said, “Honey this is too fast…we have to talk about this…but I have to go to work and…we’ll talk tonight, okay baby?”

“Sure mom” was all I could manage as she went to dress for work. A half-hour later she left with a quick goodbye and not even the usual peck on the cheek. I guessed I had blown it and started recriminations on myself for pushing her. What could I have been thinking anyway, that my mother was just going to strip and let her son have sex with her?

Late in the afternoon I had a break before my last class and I knew my mother would be home. I couldn’t wait and just wanted to hear her voice and maybe read what she was thinking. I called and when she answered I said, “Hi mom…I missed you.”

There was a hesitation on the other end and she said, “Hi baby…are you okay?”

“Sure mom.” My agitation propelled me forward. “Mom, could I ask you a theoretical question?” She made a small noise of assent. “Can you love someone you’re not supposed to love…is that possible…and if you do, can you tell your heart to stop?”

All she said was “Oh honey…” and got quiet. I pushed on.

“Mom, if you loved someone, wouldn’t you want to touch them and tell them and… make love with them…wouldn’t you do almost anything for the taste of their mouth and skin?” I heard her breathing strangely and deeply. As I asked if she was alright, it hit me and I said, “Mom what are you doing?”

Even though I had thought it, I was still shocked when she said it, “I’m touching myself.” She filled in my stunned silence and said, “I have to go Ricky” and hung up before I could respond.

That was probably the longest day of my life. When I got home we had dinner and cleaned up. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing. We sat on the couch and turned on the T.V.- Pins and needles would have been easier to sit on. I had no idea what I was going to say but I started anyway, “Mom…”

My mother looked at me wistfully and said, “Honey, lets not talk now…just hold me.” She leaned in and I put my arm around her. I remained motionless for a while and breathed in her fragrant skin. I felt a heart beat pounding but I didn’t know if it was hers or mine. Finally I leaned down and brought my lips near hers. She looked up at me and closed her eyes and I was kissing her again. It was as if the hours in between hadn’t transpired. We were continuing the kiss we started in the morning. I started unbuttoning the white blouse at her neck and opened it to her waist. The bra she wore was lacy and full but her cleavage was still evident. She took off my shirt as we kissed and slowly. We removed the rest of what we were wearing.

I said, “Mom, stand up so I can see you.” She stood rather shyly and I was in awe. She was ‘cute’ all over. Her breasts were full and heavy with pinkish-tan nipples that were the same color as her natural lips. The rest of her five foot one package was beautifully proportioned. I told her she was perfect. She said with a wrinkle of her nose, “No, I think I’m too big on top.”

I said, “Yeah right; put on your clothes and get out of here.”

She gave me her little laugh and then looked down between my legs at my rapidly rising dick and said, “Oh God, Ricky…Ricky…” I stood and took her into my arms. Her velvet skin was on me: her thighs, her belly, and her breasts. I ran my hand down her silky back to the globe of her ass that I used to pull her closer to me as we kissed. I took one of her ample breasts in my hand and lifted it as I massaged it between my fingers. When I moved to the nipple, it had elongated and I rubbed it with my thumb.

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My mother reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She said, “My big beautiful boy is going to fill up his little mamma.” I was stiff with the excitement of her touch and she generated as much heat with her words as with the hand that slid up the shaft. She cupped me and softly massaged me as she made a cock that couldn’t get harder, harder.

An old movie with George C. Scott and his wife Trish was on in the background as we moved to the couch. She reclined with her knees up and opened. I laid my hand on the soft furry patch and stroked over my mother’s moist pussy. She smiled and made a small ‘mmm’ sound. I got on my knees bringing my cock toward her. She reached with both hands as she put her legs down and spread them. She positioned me at pink of her opening.

She was ready and I entered my mother with only a little difficulty. I was swollen and thick for her but she was now very wet. I filled her with my cock and told her of my longing and love for her. She was moaning gently but didn’t say one word throughout our lovemaking. She was grasping me with her hands and with her legs and with her pussy. As I watched my cock sliding in and out of my mother’s pussy I couldn’t believe how my fantasies had transmuted into reality and how good reality felt.

I had had a few girlfriends and was fairly experienced for a nineteen year old. I usually had no trouble waiting for my partner to approach orgasm before coming. This was different. I was having trouble. Each stroke that took me deeper into my mother’s channel felt better than the last. I imagined my cock sliding and prodding along the walls of her vagina. There was a harmonious fit as her channel conformed to the large shaft inside it. Being inside her was so much more exciting than anything I’d had with the other girls. I was fighting not to come because I wanted to be good for my mother. I wanted her to want me in her always.

She started moving with abandon and I was glad when I felt her stiffen; I had about three seconds left. She pushed her hips high up into me and arched her back with a long “Ohhh…” She dug her nails into my back and I started to come. The lubricating cum that was filling her pussy felt good on my cock as I pushed even higher into my mother’s belly. I came kissing her, moaning into her mouth. I thought I could never love anyone as much.

When we were quieted and wrapped in each other’s arms, I felt her body start a gentle tremor. When it became more pronounced I opened my eyes and saw that she was crying. It soon became audible. I stroked her hair and told her I loved her and that we hadn’t done anything wrong. When she finally spoke she said, “I know Rick…it’s not that…it’s that…I lied.”

“What do you mean mom.”

“Oh God…baby… I lied about Bobby…he did touch me this way…I’m so sorry honey…I didn’t want you think badly of me…I didn’t want you not to want me…it only went on for a month or so…I ended it because I realized I was just confused and needy…it wasn’t about the kind of love I feel now…don’t hate me baby…I love you…I had to tell you the truth; I didn’t want this to be between us…say something.”

I had frozen up. I was angry and confused. How could I ever trust anything she said or did from now on? Even though I was nineteen and thoughts about sex took up just about my whole day, it wasn’t enough. I loved her and wanted her to…I didn’t know exactly but I certainly didn’t want her to bring Bobby back into my thoughts when I had just gotten rid of him. So I was right about her fucking Bobby. Shit. The last thing I wanted to be was right. Maybe she just should have shut up about him and worked it out herself…but the genie was out of the bottle.

I took my clothes and walked to my room with the sound of my mother’s voice calling, “Ricky…Ricky?” fading in the distance. I didn’t talk to her until the next day, which was Saturday. Talking is putting it mildly.

I started with, “How could you? You bitch, you whore. You fuck him and then you tell me he never touched you? You say you love me and the first thing you do is lie to me? How can I trust you?” I put her through hell.

She said it in a hundred ways. “I love you; I was afraid; I was wrong.” We spent virtually the whole day alternating between yelling, screaming, crying, apologizing and everything else. I was young, stupid and self-righteous. It took hours until she got through to me.

“Ricky…baby…you have to forgive me…” Her eyes filled as she pleadingly said, “I’m not a whore…I’m not a whore…I’ve loved you this way for almost four years now. It started just a few months after I ended it with your brother. At first I thought I was crazy; how could I be falling in love with my son who was only sixteen? Oh honey…as the years past I still couldn’t explain it but I had to accept it because it just wouldn’t go away. Not a day passed that I didn’t want you…and it didn’t help that you ran your eyes over my body from morning ’til night either.” We both laughed a little. I guess I wasn’t as discrete as I thought I was. “Baby, I made a mistake, please don’t make us both pay for it forever.” Finally I saw her broken heart.

We had been at it for almost seven hours before I kissed her and told her I loved her. It took me a while but it finally got through my thick skull – we make mistakes, we admit them, we forgive and we move on.

We were both starved, for food and for each other. So we ordered some pizza and took off our clothes. My mother took me in her mouth and as soon as I felt the sensation of her tongue massaging my cock I said, “If you would have done that seven hours ago…”

She stopped and said, “That would have been the worst thing I could have done to you my baby…we needed today if we want to have a tomorrow.”

I knew she was right and I said, “Of course mom” and bent down to kiss her. We ended up on the floor in each other’s mouth. We were both sweated from the day but I loved her smell. I sucked the swelling lips below her clit and heard her sounds that were muffled by my cock, which filled her mouth. She was trying to swallow as much of me as she could and I felt myself hit the back of her throat. I got excited and probably drew on her clit a little too hard because she squealed. I said “Oops” and she laughed.

I gently took her back between my lips and circled the nub with soft pressure and flicks. My cock felt it would explode if she kept up the kind of sucking she was doing. I urged her to sit up on the couch. I lifted her legs and spread them pausing to enjoy the sight of my mother’s soft pussy. She broke my gaze when she said, “Be in me love.” I entered her steadily until I was fully embedded inside her. I bent down and told her to put her arms around my neck. I lifted her off the couch and she laughed.

I wanted to see what it would be like to hold my perfect ‘cute’ package that way. I held her up by her ass and she wrapped her legs around me. As I stood there holding her, we kissed long and hard. Her pussy was moving on me and clenching the cock that spread it. When he legs tightened around me I went deeper into her belly. My cock explored the walls of her hot passageway as she ground her hips. We were both breathing hard. Her mouth was on my ear and when she took her tongue out, she began to urgently whisper, “Baby…are you going to always want me to be yours…still want your momma’s pussy…you wont leave me will you baby? I love you so much…oh God …oh…” I assured her of my love and she went back to kissing me as her ass moved faster in my hands. I started to bounce her and I heard “Mmm…mmm…mmm…” with each jolt. She pulled her mouth away from mine to say, “Baby I’m coming…I’m coming…oh Ricky…Rickey…my Rickey…”

I let go when she did. Holding her the way I was made it difficult to finish with the usual long, fast, and hard strokes so it took me a lot longer to finish coming. It seemed like I was pumping cum into her forever. When it was over, we were both panting with exhaustion. Just as she was kissing me all over my face, the doorbell rang. We both laughed at the timing and I had to drop her on the couch. I said, “We could have answered the door together if he rang a minute earlier.”

Mom was sputtering when she said, “We probably wouldn’t have had to tip him.” That pizza, that night, was right up there with the best meals of my life.

We went to bed and mom curled into me. I had the sweetest little package enveloped in my arms and I said, “Mom, you’re the cutest thing.” She gave a feigned hurt look and I said, “Okay, okay… you’re the most beautiful and mysterious thing.”

She kissed me and said, ” I guess it’s okay to be ‘cute’ as long as you like me that way.” I told her that I loved her that way and everyway and that because of the way she was, I was ‘rising’ in love with her as much as ‘falling’ in love with her. A sleepy smile lit her face.

We were both so tired we fell asleep around eight. At two I awoke and just looked at her beautiful nude body until I couldn’t just look anymore. I took my mother’s tit in my mouth and she slowly aroused as my tongue played with her nipple. As she woke up, she responded by eagerly massaging my hardening cock and balls. When she exchanged her tongue for her hand, my dick stiffened into a rigid rod. She slathered me with long licks that encompassed every inch from the swollen purple head to the underside of my balls. When she finally took me into her mouth I was primed. Her agile tongue coaxed the initial evidence of my desire from the leaking tip. The sounds of her mouth were musical. I watched as more of me disappeared between her lips with each passing moment. I could hardly contain myself as her mouth, lips, tongue and hands acted in concert.

It went beyond the lustful pleasure I was undeniably experiencing. She was offering her heart; an offer I wanted to accept forever. I couldn’t remember being that close to coming for that long. She squeezed on and off at the base of my shaft as she sucked on all the meat she could get in her mouth. Finally the first exquisite release began filling my mother’s mouth. She responded by re-doubling her efforts. My whole body stiffened causing me to involuntarily buck my cock deeper down her throat. I kept coming until I was sure I was done. Then my mother gave a last squeezing draw with her lips down the length of my cock. I yelled something like “Eeeyeowww” as the last spurt coated her lips. She licked them as the smile she gave me was drawn from the well of her bottomless love.

Afterwards as she nestled in my arms, I asked her what she was thinking. She said, “I guess I’m just amazed at this whole thing…especially at myself. I’ve just had my son in my mouth and I’m not thinking, ‘this is strange or what am I doing’? I’m thinking about all the things I want to do with you.”

“Like what mom?”

She slapped my chest playfully, “Oh no…I’m not telling.” I could see she was a bit shy about talking about it, so I cajoled her.

“Come on mom, after all the stuff we’ve done together you can’t tell me? Okay mom…why don’t you whisper what a mother might want to do with her son if she loved him like you love me?”

She came up to my ear and said, “Well a mother might want to have anal sex with her son…so she could feel her son’s big cock where she never felt it before…” She started breathing harder. “…Yes…she would want him to put it in her ass…deep in her ass like he was deep in her pussy and deep in her mouth…so she could show him how much she loved him…and show him he could ask anything of her that he wanted…yes baby…deep in his mother’s ass…yes Ricky, deep in your mother’s ass…”

I turned her over and began teasing my mother’s asshole. Her knees came up and spread as I fingered around the tight pucker. The more I thought about being in her ass, the more enticing it sounded. The more I looked at the round globes in front of me, the more I wanted to be between them.

I put a finger a finger in and gently explored when I heard her begin moaning into the pillow. I said, “Do you like this mom? Is this where you want me to be?”

“Yes Ricky, yes…”

I put in another finger and watched excitedly as my mother’s asshole was stretched, I wondered how much more it would have to stretch to accommodate my cock. I started putting it to the test. I saw aloe on her dresser and put some on me and some on her. It was soothing and cool and when I put the head of my cock against her greased pucker it gained partial entry. When the helmet was past the tight ring, my mother caught her breath. I stopped to rub up and down the flanks of her body from her breasts to her ass. As I continued I put my cock deeper into the slender channel. As I began to explore her depths in slow degrees, I asked her if she liked it. She said, “Yes…yes…yes” with each of my insertions.

The heat in her hole overtook the coolness of the aloe as the friction increased. The thought of being in my mother’s ass and the sensations it was sending from my cock to my brain started multiplying exponentially. I accelerated the pace and imbedded my cock fully with each thrust. At one point I held her hips and pressed my cock as far as it would go into her and stayed there, filling her ass. She let out a long sighing “Ohhhh…” that took at least thirty seconds to trail off.

When I resumed the insistent driving of my shaft into her, I knew we were both ready to come. I wanted to look at my mother’s face and show her my love as we came. I guided her over and put my cock back into her ass as I kissed her and told her that this was how I was going to love her forever. We found a rhythm as we reached for our climax. She took me as deep into her as she could. When she arched with a sharp cry, my cum began to pour into her. Each insertion released a hot stream into her as her sounds of pleasure washed over me. I knew that my mother had given me more than just her pussy and her ass – she had given herself; and I had taken her with love.

The last ten years have the best ten. Our lives remained filled with each other and a small incident last night tells our story. We had just come from a movie at a beautifully landscaped outdoor mall. The air was fragrant and we sat in a quiet gazebo surrounded by flowers. I put my arm around my mother my fingers rested on the top of her breast. We sat without a word and only her deepening breaths and the songs of birds settling in for the night could be heard. She put her hand on my thigh and before long I began to stiffen. We looked at each and smiled as we got up to go home.