A ‘Not So Normal’ Family

It all began when I started going trough puberty; I was about 14 years old when I started noticing my mother. She was about 39 or 40 years old, and most boys my age would not have thought of her in the way I did, because when she left the house she always wore clothes that did not show off her hugely curvaceous body. She was only about 5′ 2” tall, and she didn’t have the longest legs in the world. But she had great thighs that led to and even better ass. She had quite a big waist but her round and juicy breasts would stick out further than the belly. When she was young she had a great body to go along with her pretty face, so every guy in college wanted to get his dick in her mouth, fortunately my father was the first and only person she ever fucked or even kissed.

Around the house my mother used to wear the skimpiest dresses, in fact they were dresses that had the sleeves cut off and the length shortened, she also wore them when she slept. When people came around the house she would quickly run into her bedroom and put on a long overall; but most off the time she just wore her little dresses. My mother had liked to live in total comfort, so she never wore a bra or knickers around the house.

When we watched television I would sit next to her, and because I was taller than her, I would stare down at her breasts. She had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen; they were like a pornstar’s breasts, but bigger and softer. She had good-sized nipples that would show through her dress. When she sat on the sofa she would move around a lot, which meant that her dress that was already half way up her thigh would go even higher.

At first I would simply watch my mother from all angles and them go and toss over her in the bathroom. But as I got older and I wanted fulfilling I started to make my moves, to which my mother was ignorant. At night I would pretend I couldn’t sleep and I would come and sleep next to my mother. She and my father both slept like logs, so with her permission I would lie next to her on the bed. I always had to lie on my stomach to conceal my raging boner. After they were both asleep I would put my arm around her and cop a feel of her breasts and sometimes I would slide her dress up and put my hands on her thighs and her ass-cheeks. After a few hours I would go back to my bed and wank like a horny rabbit. I did this until I was about 15 or 16, then I started to fuck girls my own age and go out a lot, meaning that I hardly ever spent any time at home.

When I started going to college I would spend a lot more time at home, and not go out with girls every night of the week. Over the last two years when I was very sexually active, I did a lot of penis enlargement exercises and I also went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. This meant that I had a very good body, which a lot of girls found irresistible, and I also had penis that a pornstar would have been proud of; it was about 8½ inches long and it was fatter than any sausage I had ever seen.

Over the past couple of years my mother would sleep alone at night, this was because my father would not be at home. He had a lot of money and had the body and looks of a 28 year old, my mother knew he was out getting his cock sucked by some young long legged blonde, but she never said anything because she couldn’t do anything without him.

After a while, on the days that my father wasn’t home I would sleep in next to my mother pretending I was just keeping her company. Sometimes I would give her back rubs, these firstly started with me rubbing her shoulders and her back while she had her dress on. A few weeks later I would get her to sit over the edge of the bed while I massaged her legs, then I would move on to her thighs and massage them; while doing this I would get peaks at her upper thigh and pussy area, but I couldn’t get a clear view of her pussy as she never opened her legs properly. One day I got some massage oil and I asked her if she would give me a massage and she gave me one without any questions asked. A few days later I was in bed while she was brushing her teeth and I noticed that she was wearing a bra and matching knickers. She came and stood next to the bed and handed me a little bottle of massage oil and asked me if I could give her a massage. I accepted with evident enthusiasm. I looked at her and told her to lie down on the bed, then he did something thing that made my dick get harder than it had ever gotten before; she took of her dress over her head, she took her time while doing this, which meant that I could get a very good look of her body while her eyes were covered. Then she laid chest down on the bed so that I could rub the oil on her back, her face was turned away from me so I looked at her every curve in her body and I started and drooled over her huge and plentiful ass. She was wearing her thong kind of knickers, which made her ass-cheeks look even better. So I started by putting some oil on the upper back and shoulders and I massaged it for a little while, then I moved further down her back where I encountered her bra strap. I fiddled with the bra strap for a little pretending I didn’t know how to unhook it, but the truth was I was an expert when it came to unhooking a girl’s bra strap. I was simply wasting time so she could tell me to stop what I was doing or to give me permission to do it.

“First bring the hooks together, and then unhook them.” she said hesitantly

“Oh I see” I replied as I easily undid the strap.

Then I started to rub her whole back, I had a little trouble getting to her other side so, while she was laying on her back I put one leg over her and sat on her back. I did not put all my weight down, but while sat in that position many thoughts went through my head, my fantasies were taking place. Then I climbed off her back and I started to massage her lower back, with every stroke I would move her knickers down further exposing her lovely ass-crack. As I did this she did not oppose, though she was perfectly aware of what I was doing. I was too afraid to pull her kickers all the way off and I was afraid to ask her to turn over. I hesitated and thought about what I was doing, then my mom started to get up a moved back a little and covered my throbbing penis with a blanket.

She sat up on the bed, with her fat juicy tits dangling in front of my face and with obvious wetness in her panties

“Let mommy give you a massage now honey!” she said in her inviting and sweet voice.

I thought that she just wanted to give me a massage and she hadn’t noticed her breasts were on show and so I instinctively shouted;

“No! Thanks I’m fine”

I was afraid she would see my enraged cock be appalled at the thought of her own son having sexual feeling for her.

“Come on, honey! You deserve it” she insisted

“Please, mom! I’m fine I don’t need a massage” I argued

But she leaned towards me and said seductively “ I would make me very happy!”

So I had no choice but to agree. I was hoping she would massage me while I had my clothes on, but she grabbed the massage oil bottle and told me to take off my shirt.

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I did not know what to do, I knew if took of my shirt my rod would be exposed trough the light material shorts I was wearing, while on the other had I could not refuse to take my shirt off as it would make her even more suspicious. So, I twitched and fiddled for a little while hoping my cock would relax, but it didn’t work; so I slowly and teasingly took my shirt off over my head; hoping for the best. Then I let it cover my eyes for a few seconds, while my huge and swollen cock was on view to my mother, I then completely removed my shirt. I looked at my mother and she did not look at all surprised; there was no way that my mother could have not seen my cock; I thought to myself. I looked into her eyes, while her eyes were scanning my muscular and defined upper body. She nudged closer to me; ignoring my rod that was literarily poking into her thigh; and she put some oil on my bare chest and then she began to rub it a little more. Then she poured loads of oil on my chest and her eyes watched the beads of oil trickle down my six-pack and then into my shorts. She just looked at my bulging cock for a while and then looked at me. In her eyes I could she that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I took a deep breath, while she put her legs around me and pushed me flat on my back. She teased me by rubbing my stomach and grabbing my nipples, then she kissed me on my chest, then she kissed my all over my stomach, then she got off the bed and put her head between my legs and kissed my thumping cock gently. I started to groan with pleasure, which she used as a signal to remove my shorts. She wrapped her moist lips around my rock hard cock, she managed to get the head into her mouth, but she was struggling to get anymore of it in there. So I assisted her by thrusting my hips forward, it seemed to the trick; she slobbered and slurped over my cock like a hungry and deprived hoe. I grabbed her hair and I started moving her head in the direction I wanted. I could see that she was struggling for air and so I pulled her head off my penis.

She then stood up, I stood up in front of her and told her to stand still, as I began to suck on her neck, I felt her nipples poking into my chest and so I started sucking on them while she stood there moaning and groaning. I suck and nibbled on her tits like they were covered in honey. Then I went down on my knees, my face was in front of her hot and steamy pussy. I teased her by kissing her inner thigh and occasionally running my tongue over her kickers. Then I slowly removed her knickers with my mouth and looked up at her face, she grabbed my head and buried it among her moist and steamy love hole. As I licked her clit she bit her lips to stop herself for moaning with pleasure. I continued to clean out her pussy; my middle finger on my left hand was deep into her ass hole, while my right hand was fondling her warm and soft breast. My mother’s pussy was wet, steamy and yearning for my cock that was throbbing like mad.

I got up and gently laid my mom onto the bed, I slowly then climbed over her, I opened her legs wide apart; her pussy was still tight after I ate it for so long. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her clit, she began to moan and play with her breasts, she couldn’t take it any more, and she grabbed hold of my cock and tried to guide it into her pussy. She struggled, as the huge piece of meat was just too big for her tight hole, I assisted her by using my hips to satisfy her pussy’s craving for my dick. After a lot of effort I got it in and I stared down at her, she looked back at me, there was an awkward moment of silence, in which both of us thought about what we were doing. Then I realized I’m fucking the woman that I have being tossing off over for years, this was a dream come true for me, so I began thrusting my hips causing my balls to smack up against my mother’s exposed ass. I grabbed her shoulders and I fucked her even harder, she was moaning and groaning, as if she had never had sex before.

My mothers body was steaming body, I was just getting started; I continued to thrust my cock into her abyss, when I remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom; wasn’t prepared to her my mom pregnant so I yanked out my cock, and stepped of the bed. My mom didn’t realize why I did this, so she got a little worried and lay there looking at me anxiously. The way she looked at me with her legs open and her pussy showing made me want to take charge; I was bigger and much stronger than her.

I grabbed her hips and turned her over, leaving her plentiful ass on view, I was pretty sure my mom hadn’t been ass fucked before so I wanted to start off easy. I put my tongue between her warm ass cheeks and I started to lick out the crack gently. I did this for a while, then I gradually got rougher, I took occasional nibbles with my teeth, then I moved my head out of her crack and took a deep breath. I enjoyed the sight of her ass as I gazed at it one more time, then I just slapped her right cheek, I watched her body quiver after the slap.

I clutched my cock and moved in, I rested my cock on her ass crack before I jammed it in her hole. I took another deep breath and started to push my cock into her ass hole, like her pussy this was extremely tight and I struggled and experienced a lot of pain as I was shoving it in. She pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands, which helped my pole go in smoothly. I grasped her hips firmly and slowly started to pump her, and then I gradually started to make the movements forceful. Then I lifted her up slightly, while my cock was lodged in firmly, and I moved back, so that both of our feet were on the floor, now with my right hand I grabbed a handful of her hair and I continued to ride her. She was groaning like mad, I wanted to hear groan even more, so I started to squeeze her dangling breasts with my left hand. Her groaning didn’t get any louder, so I let go of her breast and started to slap her ass, she responded by getting louder and moving her body to make my penetration even more powerful.

After a few minutes of pure anal penetration, I got up and looked around, I noticed wooden chest in the corner of my room; I pulled my mom over to the chest and I seated her on it. Then I put my hands behind her knees and lifted her legs up and spread them apart, leaving her clit exposed for a real thrashing. I command her to guide my love pole into her gaping hole, and he did as she was instructed. As I fucked her head pounded against the wall and my balls again pounded against her ass. After fucking her for a while longer I got tired of doing the work, so I pulled out my dick and I raised her of the wooed chest, after this I sat down on the chest. She stood in front of my, not knowing what to do, I could see how very inexperienced she was when it came to fucking, so I told her to come and sit on my dick. She seemed confused as she slowly moved towards me, gripped her firmly and put her into position, where she was sitting on my lap with my dick deeply wedged into her pussy. Then I told her to bounce, she started off slowly, and then as she became more comfortable she began to bounce faster and harder, this is when I started to groan. She matched my groaning with her moaning; I clutched her loose breasts and I squeezed them, then she put her hands under my ass and she squeezed my ass as hard as I was squeezing her breasts, we were both being pleasured immensely.

For a few more minutes I sat on the wooden chest with my mom annihilating my penis, then her I felt a sudden blast of heat around my penis, my mom had cum, she had the greatest orgasm of her life. I wasn’t finished, I wanted her to make me cum, and so I pushed her to the floor, commandingly, and I gripped her hair, once more, and guided her head to my throbbing penis longing for fulfillment. She aggressively swallowed my penis, and she began to suck like mad, she tried her best to make me cum, but I was mot ready yet. I brought her to her feet and then flung her onto the bed. I then climbed on the bed and stuck my dick into her moth. I was in the sort of position, where my keens were by her sides and my balls were dangling over her chin. Then I thrust my dick in her moth, like her mouth was a pussy. She was using her tongue to her best of her abilities to make me cum, I started to get hot and I felt an orgasm coming on, I prodded my cock in he moth for a little while longer and then I pulled it out and held it over her breasts. I watched as my first spurt of my cum missed her breasts and landed on her chin, then I guided the rest of my juice onto her breasts. She sat up and licked the sticky hot cum off her breasts and cleaned up every last drop off my semi-erect penis.

Then she got up and put on her dress and I put on my shorts and we laid back on the bed and covered ourselves with the heavy king-size duvet. My mother came close to me and said;

“Honey, that was amazing, it was the best fuck I have ever had!”

“Mom, how comes when you saw my swollen cock, when you wanted to give me a massage, you weren’t suspired?” I asked To which my mom replied

“I’ve know you wanted to fuck me for a long time now.”

I was shocked to hear this she then continued to say;

“I’ve know this ever since you used to crawl into bed with me in the night and slowly lift my dress up, and sometimes caress my breasts with your sweaty hands”

I felt a little embarrassed and I looked away from her, she softly turned my head and whispered

“Don’t be shy, hon, I wanted you to do it. In fact I’ve been craving you for a few years now, ever since I noticed you exercising your giant penis in the shower.”

“Your cock is so much bigger and fatter than your father’s, and your body is so much harder and more desirable than your father’s, but the thing that made me want you so much is the fact that you actually desire my body. Your father stopped fucking me a long time ago.” she said, as her eyes began to fill up with tears. I pulled her towards me and I said to her;

“You’re the most attractive and desirable woman I know, and you’re one hell of a fuck, dad is just being like every other man. He can’t stay with one woman; the problem is with dad, not you mom”

I held her close and we both went to sleep in each other’s arms.