The Journey

Chapter 01

Tim and Janice Harwick met while in college. He was a business major and she was working on her undergraduate degree in law. They dated throughout college and fell madly in love. They decided to get married after Tim graduated, and Janice would continue her study for a law degree.

The wedding was held in Tim’s hometown. It was a large traditional wedding with over five hundred guests crammed into the small church. The newlyweds ran from the church to a chorus of cheers and rice; they were off to make a home and live the American dream.

Ten years later both had made their mark on their chosen professions. Tim was a partner in a large advertising agency and Janice was a well-respected associate professor of law at the local university. Both made good salaries, affording them a nice standard of living. There were no children yet but that was in their plan at some point. However, Janice knew that at 35 years of age, her biological clock was ticking. Unfortunately, there had always been something that delayed the event. While Tim wanted children, it was hard for him to see how they would have the time to fit them into their busy schedule without adversely influencing their life style.

If you asked either of them if their marriage was good, they would both give a resounding yes. However, that answer would belie the true emotions lying just beneath the surface. Despite their comfortable outward appearance, there was a deeper feeling that something was missing. Over the years, the stress of two professional wage earners had taken its toll on their personal lives, resulting in less and less time for each other. Sexual relations had become routine, if not mundane. Sex was relegated to the back burner and often turned into a quickie every couple of weeks when they weren’t too tired.

The deplorable condition of their sexual relationship was on both of their minds often. However, neither of them felt comfortable talking about the subject: Janice because of her strict upbringing and Tim for fear of her anger. The result was the construction of an emotional wall, locking them on opposing sides. It had reached a point where they each thought that the other felt that sex wasn’t important anymore in their marriage.

One Friday night, Janice and Tim had a rare night at home together. Tim was reading in the family room when Janice came in with a book on tort law that she had assigned for reading by her first-year class. She had to brush up on the subject herself, and then grade some papers.

Tim looked up and smiled as Janice walked toward him. She was wearing a baggy sweat suit, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The thought occurred to him that she still looked sexy even in sweats, even with no makeup on. He knew that she had gained a few pounds in the last couple of years but it all went into the right places. In fact, Tim had always felt that she was a little too skinny anyway. She had been a dedicated exerciser when they met and had even participated in several marathons. As a result, her legs were still firm and she had a gorgeous, well-rounded butt.

As Tim watched her walk by he could see her bare breast bouncing under her top. On impulse he reached out and caressed a buttock, bringing a yelp from her.

“You’re frisky tonight, Timmy,” Janice said with an indulgent smile.

Tim reached up quickly, before she could get away, and pulled her onto his lap, bringing another surprised yelp from her lips. “It’s all your fault for coming in here looking so sexy,” he said and kissed her passionately. His hand slid up under her top and began to caress her breast as his tongue searched her mouth.

Janice pushed Tim away gently but firmly. “Boy, you are really hard up if you think I’m sexy in my sweats,” she admonished him gently. She was just a little breathless. Then she moaned as she felt Tim begin to squeeze her nipple again, pinching it between his fingers. Janice knew that she had a lot of work to do tonight if she was going to be prepared for class the next day. “Tim, I have work to do!” she complained, grabbing his hand and pulling it from her breast.

Tim’s smile turned to a frown. “It seems like you’re always too busy,” he said with undisguised frustration.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Janice returned as she stood up.

“It means that we never have any time for fun anymore.”

Janice started to say something then stopped. Unfortunately, he was right. Janice sat back down on Tim’s lap and said, “You’re right, we’re both far too busy. Truthfully, it’s been bothering me lately as well. Everything is always so rushed.” Janice snuggled comfortably into Tim and said, “I’m not sure what we can do about it though.”

“I don’t know either,” Tim said, hiding his real feelings, adding another brick to that wall. No damn it he thought, it was time that they talked. “Janice, we need to do something or I’m afraid we’ll drift away from each other.”

“Do you think we’re drifting away?” Janice asked in shock.

“Sometimes, yes! We hardly have time to talk, let alone time for sex. I remember not too long ago when we used to talk for hours. And… and we would make love for hours too.”

“Yes, I remember,” she sighed.

“We have to find time for each other.” Then Tim remembered an article that he had read in Playboy. He didn’t think Janice would go for it but he figured he had nothing to lose. “I read an article last month about what one couple did to spice up their life. It was about SEX so I’m sure you wouldn’t like it.”

“What do you mean that I wouldn’t like it because it was about sex? I like sex.”

“You do?” Tim said sarcastically.

“What makes you think I don’t like sex?” Janice said defensively.

“Because you are a pru…” Tim started to call her a prude but realized that that would start a major argument. They were already treading on thin ice.

In truth, he did feel that she was a prude. She looked like the proverbial sex machine; tall, great shape, stylish blond hair and breasts with nipples that seemed to always be hard. Yet, behind closed doors she was anything but a sex machine. She had only given him oral sex on a few occasions and he had rarely done it to her. They never talked about it. Once he brought up anal sex and she just about went off the deep end, calling him a pervert.

“I’m a prude!” Janice almost screamed.

“I wasn’t going to say that.”

“Yes you were!”

“All right, I was, because you are!”

Janice stood up again, her face red with anger. “So I’m the prude. What about the time I wanted to wear that low- cut dress to your stuffy old Christmas party? You almost had a stroke. Then there was that time that Sally and Bill wanted us to watch a porn movie. I said yes, but you made a big deal about it. And I’m the prude!”

“It’s not about dresses or movies,” Tim said, returning her anger. “It’s about the bedroom. When is the last time you… you… you know… oh, never mind,” Tim said in frustration.

Janice was fuming now. She could barely speak. “Fine, I don’t want to talk about this anyway.” She stormed out of the room.

Tim started to respond but decided to shut up. It wasn’t any use talking when they were both angry. The wall was getting bigger. He lifted his paper back up and tried to read. It was no use. His mind drifted to those forbidden thoughts that seemed to be coming quite often now.

In his dreams he was watching Janice lying naked on the bed. There was a man with her, but it wasn’t him. They were kissing and he was fondling her breast. Tim’s excitement grew as he watched the stranger kiss his wife, then move his hand under her skirt. She squirmed and sighed, pushing her hips down, demanding that he pleasure her. He watched though a dream -like fog as his wife spread her legs, opening herself for this stranger. She let him press his fingers deep into her.

“Sweetie, can we talk?”

Tim jumped, startled by his wife’s voice. “Sure,” he said, trying to shake the perverted vision from his head.

Janice sat on the sofa close to Tim and placed her arm over his shoulder. They sat quietly for a while gathering their thoughts. Tim spoke first. “Listen, Janice, I’m sorry I called you a prude,” Tim said sincerely.

Janice put her fingers to Tim’s lips to silence him. “The truth hurts,” she said. “I’m afraid I have been a prude. You know that I was raised in a religious family and sex was never talked about. The truth is that I would love to really let go and do some of the wild things I’ve read about in magazines or heard the girls at school talk about. I… I… Oh damn,” Janice said, her voice cracking with emotions. “Oh God, Tim, I fantasize about things all the time. I’ve even… even been masturbating lately.”

It shocked Tim that Janice had been fantasizing, not to mention masturbating. His first inclination was to blame himself for not being man enough for her. Then he felt anger at her for closing him out. However, he was smart enough to know that the issues were a lot more complicated then secretly masturbating. Hell, he had done it plenty of times himself. Tim hugged Janice to him and they sat silently again for a long time.

“Tim, what was it you were going to suggest a little while ago…? Before I blew up?”

“It’s too crazy. I don’t even know why I brought it up.”

“No, come on, what were you going to suggest?”

Tim took a deep breath and said, “Well, I was reading an article in Playboy magazine.”

“Oh yes, that great philosophical journal,” Janice said sarcastically.

“Fine, forget it,” Tim said, anger flaring again.

“I’m sorry!” Janice apologized. “Please tell me.”

Tim hesitated then started again. “It was about a man and woman whose sexual relations had become boring… like ours. They were about our age, however they had three children. They agreed to take a week where one partner would do anything the other partner wanted. Anything!”

“Wow, that sounds dangerous, but tell me more,” Janice said trying to sound interested but thinking that it was totally crazy.

“The guy came up with all these things that turned him on and his wife would have to do them. She had a safe word that when she used it, whatever he was doing he would stop. However, he would go on to something else. If she used the safe word three times they agreed to end the game. If she didn’t, the husband had to do whatever the wife wanted for a week. If the wife beat the husband, by using the safe word less then him, she would get a present of her choice.”

“Did she get her present?” Janice said, suddenly interested.

“Yep! She got her husband for a week. When he used the safe word twice, she got a trip to France. The guy claims that now their sex life is an adventure ever day. However, I don’t know if you can believe the story or not.”

“Sounds very interesting, but what kinds of things did he make her do?”

“Well, you know Playboy, it’s always wild. He made her do things like going out without panties and flashing people. He experimented with all of his sexual fantasies. Some of them were pretty far out.” Tim stopped for a moment, waiting for Janice to say something.

“Go on,” she said with interest.

Tim took a deep breath and said, “Well, they tried oral sex, sex in public places, anal sex and even a little S&M. He even had her fool around with other guys.”

Janice opened her eyes wide in shock. “Would you do that?” Janice asked, astonishment clearly in her voice.


“Would you let other men fool around with me?” she asked, almost trembling now.

“Uh… uh… I don’t know,” Tim said, his face turning red, giving himself away.

“You would!” Janice said is shock. Yet her shock was not entirely because of Tim’s fantasy. Janice had her own fantasy lovers.

“I didn’t say that! I… I… guess the thought of you teasing some guy does have an appeal to me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you or that I would let you go too far,” he hastened to add.

“But you would let me do something with another guy? And, what does ‘too far’ mean anyway?” Janice asked nervously, her mouth suddenly dry as a vision of one forbidden evening not so long ago jumped into her head.

“I don’t know,” Tim said, now wishing he hadn’t brought the subject up.

“This is hard to believe,” Janice said, trying to act indignant but feeling her heart race in her chest.

“I knew that I shouldn’t have brought it up. Let’s just forget it.” “No!” Janice said a little too loudly. Then she lowered her voice and said, “This seems pretty crazy to me, Tim.” After a few minutes she whispered almost bashfully, “I would probably use the safe word the first day.”

Tim could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly. It sounded like she might be interested. “That’s what this guy said his wife said to him. However, she took it as a challenge. She never used the safe word, but he did, twice.”

Janice was staring silently into space, a plethora of emotions running though her. On one hand, she was shocked by Tim’s willingness to involve another man. However, on the other hand, she could not deny that she was feeling a tingle of excitement.

Tim took that opportunity to pull Janice to him and kiss her lips tenderly. When he heard her moan, he moved his hand under her sweatshirt again. This time she didn’t push his hand away. He could feel her breathing speed up as he began to play with her already hard nipple. As their tongues worked together, Tim’s hand slid under the waistband of her sweats and into her panties. He almost gasped when his fingers found her wet and already- swollen sex lips. It was obvious that the conversation had been more exciting to her then she was letting on.

Janice was embarrassed; her crotch was a swamp of sex juice. In fact, her juice had already soaked through her panties and was making a stain on the crotch of her sweat pants. Janice moaned as she felt Tim’s fingers push into her pulsing hole. She spread her legs to give him better access. As his finger began to slide in and out, her hips moved up from the sofa, encouraging him to go deeper. She moaned in frustration when he suddenly pulled his finger out.

Tim quickly pulled Janice’s top over her head then began to pull her pants down. She lifted her hips up and let him strip her naked. Then he stood up and looked at his sexy wife. She was lying back on the sofa, her legs were spread slightly apart, her thighs almost quivering. Her chest was moving up and down with her excited breathing and her eyes were hooded over with approaching pleasure.

When Tim’s eyes moved down her body, he had to suppress a gasp. Her large nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. Her beautiful breasts sat up proudly, firm, yet soft. When he looked a little lower, he could see the very large inner lips protruding from her hair-covered vagina. He had always loved the way her vagina looked. He liked that the lips were long and fat. In fact, he had never seen any woman with lips as large as hers. Unfortunately, she rarely let him look at her like this. His mouth practically drooled as he looked at the dripping flesh between her legs. The few times she had let him eat her, it had been incredible to feel those fat lips in his mouth; he could practically fill his mouth with the swollen flesh.

Tim stripped off his clothes in record time and moved quickly into her arms. He moaned as his penis slid into his wife’s willing body.

“Oh God, baby, you feel so good,” Tim moaned as he began to move in and out of his wife’s slick hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist, he began to pound into her with rapid strokes.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” Janice whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.

“Fuck me!” Tim thought. She never used language like that. Two could play that game, he thought. He bent to her ear. “Yes, I’m going to fuck you, baby. I’m going to pound into your pussy until you can’t stand it anymore,” Tim whispered, using words he had never spoken to her before.

“Oh yes, God yes fuuuucccckkk me!!!” Janice moaned as her excitement built beyond control.

Soon their bodies were covered in sweat as their moans filled the room. Tim worked to control his excitement. It had been a long time since he had been inside his wife and frankly, the conversation had excited him tremendously. Still, he wanted to make sure Janice enjoyed herself before he climaxed. He tried to think of anything but his wife’s incredibly tight vagina. Suddenly, his dream flashed before his eyes. He wasn’t with his wife any longer. He was watching… watching as she made love to another man. That was the wrong thing to think of.

Fortunately, Janice couldn’t last very long either. “I’m going to cum,” Janice breathed. “Yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!” she moaned as her body began to convulse in pleasure.

In his fantasy, his wife’s lover bellowed that he was going to cum. He watched his beautiful wife wrap her legs around her lover, pulling him deep into her, waiting for his cum. This was the point at which time Tim always lost control.

Tim could feel his own balls pull tight to his body. “Oh God, baby, here it comes,” he moaned. Then his penis throbbed and began to spurt juice into the welcoming hole of the women he loved.

Janice pulled Tim tightly to her, her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with her husband’s seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Tim between her legs, but rather her fantasy lover taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one.

It was an intense coupling for both Tim and Janice. Maybe it was the argument… makeup sex was always good. Maybe, it was the thought of the suggestion Tim had made or the fantasy they secretly shared. Whatever the reason, it was the best sex the two had had in many of years. There was just a little crack in that emotional wall they had built.

Chapter 02

For the next several days, the only thing on Janice’s mind was the proposition that Tim had made. At first, she dismissed it out of hand as a totally crazy idea. However, she couldn’t deny that every time she thought of it, she could feel excitement begin to course through her.

There were a thousand questions going through her mind as well. What if Tim really wanted her to do something with another man? God, what if he wanted her to go to bed with another man? Could she really do it? Having someone in a fantasy was entirely different than doing it in real life. She knew that fantasies were innocent most of the time. She had read where most women dreamed of fantasy lovers.

And what about all the other things Tim had suggested? Sure she could go out without panties but could she really flash strangers? What about oral sex? She had grown up thinking it was dirty. Yes she had loved it the few times she had let Tim do it to her, but she had had too much to drink. At least that was her excuse. As far a performing oral sex, well, she really couldn’t remember the few times she had done it to Tim because she had been intoxicated then, too. She knew that if she agreed to this wild game, she wouldn’t be drunk.

Then there was the nagging thought that worried Janice more than anything else. Would Tim stray if he got the chance and she didn’t change their sex life? She had seen his roving eye. He was a very handsome man and it would be easy for him to attract some immoral slut. Maybe he had already done it?

Janice knew that Tim loved her with all his heart. She felt the same way. But was that enough? Was love without true sexual satisfaction enough, especially for a couple in their thirties?

Suddenly, Janice knew what she had to do.

Tim had also been agonizing all week over their conversation. He had thought a hundred times that he should call her and tell her that it was all a joke,; that he could never do those things that he had read about. Yet, every time he thought about it, he felt an erection coming on.

He reached for the telephone to call Janice and tell her to forget what he had said when the telephone rang. “Hello.”

“Tim,” Janice said in a whisper, her voice strained.

“Janice, what’s wrong?” Tim asked, clearly concerned.

“Nothing sweetie. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I have thought about your proposition. In fact, I have thought about nothing else. I have decided that the answer… the answer is yes,” Janice said breathlessly.

“No honey, it’s not necessary,” Tim answered. “I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t want to do. It was a crazy idea.”

“I want to do it. I’ve thought about it all week and the truth is, it excites me.”

Tim could feel his heart begin to pound in is chest. “Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly.


“Oh God,” Tim said aloud without realizing it. Tim’s brain began thinking of all the possibilities. He could feel his penis begin to harden in his pants. “God, I love you.”

“I love you, sweetheart,” Janice answered, her heart suddenly overflowing with love. “When do we start?” she asked hesitantly.

“Well, we both need to check on vacation. I think I can get off week after next,” Tim said, taking a deep breath.

“Vacation? We have to take vacation?” Janice seemed surprised.

“That’s what the couple in the article did. They even went out of town for a couple of days so that no one would recognize them.”

“God, what did they do?” Janice asked, her voice shaking.

“I can’t tell you that. Besides, we might not do the things that they did. I have my own ideas,” Tim said with a little nervous laugh. In truth, he wasn’t as confident as he wanted to appear. This was all new to him as well. However, he had a very active imagination and knew that he would come up with some pretty wild things. “Tim, I hope this doesn’t get out of hand.”

“We will make sure it doesn’t honey,” Tim reassured her. “Remember, you will have a safe word. Now do you think you can get some vacation?

“I have some time coming to me and I have a student teacher that wants to get her feet wet. However, I do have a guest lecturer coming in on Thursday, week after next,” Janice said, thumbing through her calendar. Yes, Dr. Dan Forsman was coming to lecture her class that week. She didn’t want to miss him. A little shiver ran through her as she thought of Dan. She hadn’t seen him in over a year. No, she couldn’t miss him. “If we can arrange it so that I can go in for several hours that day, I think I’m okay. However, let me check and let you know.”

“Great! I love you so much,” Tim said sincerely.

“Love you too sweetie, goodbye.” Janice could feel her hands shaking as she hung up the telephone.

“Yes!” Tim said loud enough for his secretary to peek in to see if everything was okay.

“Is everything okay, Mr. Harwick?” Danielle asked, walking into Tim’s office and closing his door.

Tim looked up at his pretty secretary. She was a gorgeous woman in her early 20’s. She wore skirts too short and blouses too tight. It was clear to Tim that he could have her anytime he wanted. He had been tempted many times but had thus far resisted all her charms. He looked at the closed door with a frown then watched her walk over to the credenza that held the customer files.

“Everything is wonderful, Danielle,” Tim smiled.

“I just need to get the Donnelly Fabrics file,” Danielle smiled back and bent over to open the drawer.

Tim wanted to look away but found his eyes drawn to her rear as she bent forward. The short skirt pulled up in the back until he could see just the hint of her nylon tops. He already knew that she never wore pantyhose. He stared, fascinated by her sexy legs and the shinny nylons covering her thighs. Suddenly, he realized that she was looking back at him. He felt his face flush and turned away.

“The file isn’t there. It must be in your desk.” She turned and started to walk over to his desk.

Tim looked up at Danielle as she stopped suddenly and stood frozen, a strange expression on her face. However, she wasn’t looking at his face. When he followed her eyes, he realized that she was staring at his crotch. He almost gasped. A large wet spot was forming on is slacks where his erection had slipped out of his underwear as it hardened down his leg. Now it was Tim that was paralyzed, but with embarrassment.

Danielle moved as if in a trance. She walked over and stood above Tim, her eyes never leaving the site of his erection twitching and leaking in his pants. Slowly she slid to her knees, her hands coming out to grasp his thighs.

Tim tensed. “Danielle,” he gasped as he watched her hands slid up his thighs toward the tent in his pants. “Oh God,” he moaned as her hand touched his swollen cloth- covered penis. He wanted to stop her but his hands wouldn’t move.

Danielle could feel his penis twitching under her fingers as she slowly moved her hands across the large protrusion. God, she had wanted to do this for so long, she thought. She wasn’t sure what had made him excited but she knew she couldn’t miss the chance she had wanted for so long. Slowly her shaking fingers reached for his zipper.

The rasp of his zipper sounded loud in the quiet room.

“Danielle…,” Tim gasped, his voice sounding like a squeak. The sexy woman between his legs ignored him.

Danielle moved one hand into the opening of his pants, searching for his hot flesh. A little moan escaped her lips as her hand wrapped around the smooth skin of his hard penis. She could grasp it but she was unable to pull it out. Sighing with frustration, she reached up, quickly unbuckled his pants, and began to tug them down.

“Danielle, we can’t,” Tim said feebly.

“Lift up,” she said, ignoring him again. Danielle almost smiled when she felt her boss lift his hips and let her pull his pants and underwear to his ankles. Then she sucked in her breath when she saw his throbbing organ standing proudly before her eyes. It was beautiful, just like she had imagined a thousand times. The mushroom- shaped head pulsed with life as the entire penis throbbed in excitement. His testicles were large and squirming in their sack, swollen with sperm. A clear liquid was running out of the slit in a steady stream.

Tim’s eyes were wide with excitement and fear. What am I doing? he thought. This is so wrong. Yet, there was no strength in his body to stop her. He moaned as he watched her cool hands caress his penis. Blood was rushing to his head, making everything fuzzy. It was almost like he was watching someone else – not him and his secretary. It was another woman’s pretty hands with the bright red nail polish wrapped around some other guy’s penis. Tim began to tremble. Suddenly, he saw his wife’s face.

Danielle stared at the throbbing flesh in her hands. She caressed it, squeezing more of his clear juice from the slit in the head until it bubbled out and ran down the shaft and across her fingers. As she ran one hand up and down the shaft, she brought the other hand to her mouth and licked the slick juice from between her fingers, her eyes glancing up at her amazed boss. A smile appeared on her lips. Suddenly, she needed to taste his flesh in her mouth. With an animal- like groan she moved her head forward and enveloped the head.

“Oh my God,” Tim moaned as he felt her warm mouth on the stretched skin of his penis. His hands gripped the arms of the chair as he watched the top of her head begin to move up and down.

Danielle was moaning as well. All of her senses were focused on the swollen knob in her mouth. She could taste the sweet juice running from the hole, she could smell his excitement. She sucked the head and ran her hand up and down the shaft as if she were milking him. In fact, she was milking him, desperate for the sweet juice in his swollen testicles. Danielle loved to perform oral sex. She was an expert. Sometimes she thought that she was obsessed with fellatio and drinking sperm.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Danielle’s sucking mouth and their combined moans.

Tim couldn’t believe how good it felt as he watched her mouth slobber over his rod. He had enjoyed it the few times Janice had done this but she was never very enthusiastic. Danielle appeared to love it.

“Oh God, Danielle, be careful or I’ll…” he tried to warn her. It was already too late. Then with his last ounce of strength, he reached out in panic to grab her head. It was a weak and useless attempt to pull her head from his nearly climaxing penis.

Danielle moaned and shook her head, refusing to let him spoil it for her. She had waited too long not to get her reward now. She grabbed Tim’s hands and pulled them from her head, holding them away. Then she worked her head up and down frantically, sucking hard; wanting desperately to bring him off before he could stop her. It worked!

“Ohhhhhhh!!!” Tim moaned when he felt his juice traveling up the shaft like an oil well ready to blow. He couldn’t stop it now, even if he wanted to. Suddenly, his sperm exploded from the swollen head. His hips bucked up into Danielle’s mouth. He vaguely heard her gurgling in pleasure as she drank his thick juice.

Danielle swallowed repeatedly as Tim filled her mouth with his sweet sperm. His penis throbbed repeatedly, forcing his thick juice into her mouth and down her throat. She wrenched one hand from Tim’s grasp and wrapped her fingers around the shaft again. Her hand worked rapidly, pumping up and down in time with the throbbing shaft, milking the juice from him. Finally, she moaned in frustration when no more juice would come from the slowly deflating tube in her mouth. She swallowed one last time then let his penis slip from her lips. She looked up at her amazed boss and then stood up, smiling. “You have an appointment with Mr. Donnelly in fifteen minutes.”

Tim sat in stunned silence as he watched Danielle wipe a drop of sperm from the corner of her mouth and lick it from her finger. She smiled devilishly before leaving his office. A few seconds later he realized that he was sitting in his office with his pants around his ankles and his wilted penis dripping onto the material of his slacks. With a deep sigh, he pulled his pants up and straightened his tie. Then he rushed red- faced past Danielle to the men’s room to clean the whitish stains from his crotch before his client arrived.

When Tim left work that day, he was having pangs of guilt. He had never cheated on Janice. Maybe it wasn’t really sex he told himself — Clinton got away with that. However, deep inside he knew better. He stopped at a flower store and bought Janice a dozen roses.

It took Tim and Janice a couple of days to work out a mutual time for vacation. They told everybody that they had big plans for their vacation but were mysterious about where they were going or what they were doing.

Tim didn’t say much to Janice about what was going to happen. He was being very secretive about everything. He knew that this was driving Janice mad but that was all part of the plan. He wanted her to be a little worried and excited, – that was part of the fun.

Tim made mysterious telephone calls. As hard as Janice tried, she couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Finally, on the Saturday that their vacations started, Tim sat down with Janice. “Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?” Tim said as he took Janice’s hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn’t changed her mind.

“Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?” Tim said as he took Janice’s hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn’t changed her mind.

Janice didn’t answer for a long time. “Yes, I still want to do it, but I’m scared,” she finally said, her hands shaking and moist with her sweat. She looked at her husband of ten years and wondered if she really knew him. It almost seemed that he had become someone different. Not bad, just different. There was a light in his eyes and a bounce in his step that she hadn’t seen in years.

Tim saw her pensive look and said, “You know that I would never, ever, hurt you, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t know what’s going to happen. What if I don’t like it?” Janice said, tears coming to her eyes.

“If you don’t agree to something that I am about to do you will use the safe word ‘Geranium’. However, remember, if you use it three times, it’s over and I win.”

“What do you get if you win?” Janice asked.

“I want you to give me sex any time I want for the next year. However, if you don’t use it three times, I am yours for a week. Then, after my week and you have used the code word less than me, you get to buy that convertible you have always wanted.”

“It’s confusing to me.”

“Well, just remember that this is supposed to be fun and enhance our sex lives. Don’t worry, I’ll keep score,” he said with a smile. “Listen, Janice, I know you have ideas about sex that have been drummed into you since you were young. Frankly, I have my own hang-ups. I think many marriages fail because couples never explore their relationship. I ‘m sure that some of the things we will do, you will not like at first. I will be sensitive to that. However, I think that deep down inside that you will love most of it.”

Janice could feel her head spinning with excitement and confusion. Who was this new man sitting across from her? she thought. She had slept almost every night with him for the last ten years yet never really knew him. God, maybe she didn’t know herself any better.

“Tim?” she said quietly.

“What, sweety?”

“I don’t want a convertible if I win.”

“All right then, what do you want?”

“I want… uh… I want a baby!” Janice said hesitantly.

Tim’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Not because Janice wanted a baby now but that she would bring it up as a bargaining chip. “I thought we were going to wait a few more years for that.”

“I know, but I’m not getting any younger and neither are you.”

“I know, sweetheart, but a baby makes life a lot more difficult with our careers and all,” Tim answered in a less than convincing tone.

“That’s the deal. Take it or leave it,” Janice said trying to sound defiant.

Tim was silent for a few minutes as if he were mulling over the offer. The truth was that he was thinking that time was getting short as well. He was about to say that she could have her baby without winning the contest. However, the challenge might help him reach his objective of sexually liberating both of them. “Well, I guess I don’t have any choice,” he answered with a sigh. “However, if I win, I get all the sex I want and we wait another year. Deal?”

“Deal!” Janice said, her heart thumping with excitement. “Now, we have a couple of appointments at the mall,” Tim said.

“At the mall?”

“Yep, we need to get you some new clothes,” Tim smiled.

Chapter 03

“But why do I have to wear this short skirt just to go to the mall?” Janice asked as she tried vainly to pull the impossibly short skirt further down her thighs. It was a skirt that she had never worn because it was too short when she bought it. Now it was definitely too tight as well.

“Short skirt, white blouse, no bra and no panties,” Tim responded.

“No bra or panties!” Janice practically screamed, as she stood topless with her hands on her hips in defiance.

“It’s my rules. Now get those panties off and the thigh high nylons and the white blouse on,” Tim said pointing to the clothes on the bed. “You look so cute when you’re mad,” he added.

“But we’re just going to the mall,” Janice tried to reason with Tim again.

“No buts. Now hurry up, I’ll see you downstairs in ten minutes. Don’t be late,” Tim said with a confidence in his voice that he didn’t really feel. This was the first test for Janice and him. He wasn’t at all certain what the outcome would be.

Tim sighed a quiet sigh of relief when he saw Janice come down the stairs wearing the clothes he had asked. He felt a little twinge of excitement when he saw her dark nipples under the thin blouse. His hands went to her ass as he hugged her to him. She shivered when he squeezed her firm ass cheeks. Tim was satisfied when he felt her bare ass under her skirt.

A half-hour later he and Janice arrived at the mall. The first place they went was to a department store where Tim picked out four or five skirts, blouses, and dresses for Janice. Each piece of clothing had in the same thing in common:; they were short, tight, and revealing. No matter how much Janice protested, Tim wouldn’t relent and made her try each article on.

Janice felt very uncomfortable trying on the clothes because she was naked under them. She had never tried on clothes without underwear except for when she was buying bathing suits. However, as much as she tried to deny it, the situation was exciting her. Her hands were shaking as she tried on one lacy blouse, looked in the mirror, and saw her nipples poking through. Then she put on one of the little skirts Tim had selected. God, you could practically see my crotch in this, she thought. She turned around and looked at the rear view in the mirror as she bent forward slightly. A sudden thrill of pride went through her when she saw the long expanse of her thighs revealed below the short hem. “My legs still look pretty damn good,” she said in a whisper to herself. Then she bent a little further forward and gasped. The cheeks of her ass were revealed and the puffy pouch of her vagina could be plainly seen between her thighs.

“Are you ever going to come out of there?” Tim asked from outside the curtain.

Janice’s face was flush when she peeked out of the dressing room and was told by Tim to come out so he could see the clothes. She rushed out, praying that there was no one else around. Unfortunately, there were two older women waiting for a booth. They both looked at Janice with surprise and a hint of disapproval. As soon as Tim gave his nod of approval, she rushed back into the privacy of the dressing room, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Old biddies!” she said to herself.

Finally, she had tried on every article of clothing. Tim took the ones he liked most and purchased them while Janice dressed again.

The next stop was the exercise section where Tim made Janice purchase several pair of skin-tight stretch shorts and tops. He said she needed to get into shape.

As Tim and Janice walked hand in hand down the mall, he noticed that all the men who passed them would look at Janice’s bouncing breasts. He could feel her tense beside him when one would stare for too long. Yet, there was nothing she could do to stop the staring. There were several men who seemed to pass by more than once. It almost seemed to Tim as if Janice was walking taller, with her chest thrust out. Tim smiled with pride.

“Yes, this should do,” Tim said almost to himself as he stopped in front of a shoe store. Then he turned to Janice. “I want you to go in and pick out three or four pair of four -inch high heels. They can be any color;, you decide.”

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked.

“No, I’ll wait out here.”

Janice thought that was strange but walked into the shoe store and began to look around. As she stood looking at a pair of shoes, a young man came up to her and asked if he could help. She looked around for a female clerk but saw none. Suddenly it dawned on Janice. There were two young men in the store and she was going to have to be waited on by one of them. Her heart started to pound as she realized that when she sat down there would be no way that she could prevent the young man from looking up her skirt. When Janice turned to look for Tim, she saw him standing outside looking through the window with a smile on his face.

“Ma’am, may I help you?” the young man asked again.

“Uh… I’m sorry, uh… I would like to see these shoes in various colors,” Janice said nervously, pointing to a pair of stiletto heels. “Size 8 medium, I think.”

“Have a seat right over there. Let’s get a measurement first,” the young man said with a bright smile. The clerk led Janice over to a chair and had her sit down. He knelt at her feet, fiddling with the measuring device.

Janice could feel her face turning red as she saw the young man’s eyes on her very exposed thighs. He was so young, maybe just out of high school or – God forbid! – still in high school. She looked away, unable to watch as the clerk sat on a low stool and reached for her foot. Then he lifted her leg in order to get her foot situated in the measuring device. She could feel her thighs separating and knew that he could see far up her thighs.

The young man had seen plenty of women come in with short skirts on. He and his partner would fight over which one of them would wait on the best-looking women. It was his turn. He was delighted when he saw this older woman come into the store. From the angle that he was sitting now, he had a fairly clear view up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing nylons and it almost looked like she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

The clerk took an inordinately long time to get the proper measurements. He even took the other foot and measured it saying that everybody had one foot that was smaller than the other. His eyes were rarely on the measuring device though. Subtly, he tried to maneuver her legs to get a better view.

However, Janice wasn’t going to make it easy for him. She continually pulled her skirt down and shifted to protect her modesty. It was a losing battle.

Finally, when the young clerk could delay it no more, he got up, excused himself, and went over toward the stock room to get several pair of shoes.

“Hey, Ron,” he whispered excitedly as he passed his partner. “We have a hot one over there. I don’t think she has any panties on. And I know she isn’t wearing a bra. God, you should see those nipples!”

“No kidding?” the other clerk said excitedly. “Can I help?”

“She’s mine,” he said smugly.

“Come on man! I let you work with one of mine,” the other boy pleaded.

“All right, if you loan me ten bucks until payday, you can bring a couple of pairs out.”

“No problem,” the other boy smiled, pulling a ten-dollar bill from his wallet and following his friend into the stock room.

The clerk hurried back to Janice with a stack of boxes of shoes. “I wasn’t sure which style you would like, so I brought a couple in each color.”

Janice tried to concentrate on getting a pair of shoes that fit but it was nearly impossible. In spite of her embarrassment, she could feel herself getting excited. She tried vainly to keep her legs together as the young boy moved her feet carelessly around again, pretending to have trouble fitting her foot into the shoes. Finally, she sighed in resignation and decided that if Tim wanted her to act like a slut that’s what she would do. She looked one last time at Tim through the window. She gave him a tight-lipped frown and thought briefly about sticking her tongue out at him. Then she turned back to the young man sitting on the low stool in front of her.

Her heart was pounding in her chest when she lifted her leg, setting her foot on the chair to buckle a strap around her ankle. This caused her skirt to slide up her leg. One thigh slipped away from the other in the process. If the young man had any doubt that she was wearing no underwear, it had been removed. Janice saw his eyes staring directly at her exposed crotch. She suppressed a moan when she felt her large sex lips pulse and juice begin to trickle out.

It became almost comical watching the two young men scurry around, bringing her shoe after shoe. By the time she had purchased three pair, both young men had tents in their pants and Janice was worried that she was going to leave a stain on the back of her skirt. She walked up to the counter and gave the boy her credit card with a smile. She saw his face blush when she looked him in the eyes. When he handed her the card back she said, “Thank you, young man. You were very helpful.”

“Uh… uh… you’re welcome,” he stuttered.

When Janice walked out of the store with her shoes in a bag, Tim was standing there with a wide grin on his face. “Was that fun for you?” she asked, trying unsuccessfully to act angry.

“Yes, it was. Now we have one last stop at the lingerie store.”

Janice moaned and walked with Tim down the mall. She could feel her thighs sticking together as her juice still trickled from her swollen lips.

“Hi, Tim,” an attractive woman said in greeting as the two walked into the store. Then she hugged him in a familiar fashion and kissed him briefly on the lips.

“Hi, Felicia,” Tim said, returning the hug. “Felicia Raymond, this is my wife, Janice,” Tim said turning to introduce his wife.

“Hi, Janice,” Felicia said with a bright smile.

“Hello,” Janice said in a less than friendly tone. She wondered how Tim knew this strikingly beautiful older woman. Suddenly she felt a little twinge of jealousy.

It was easy for Tim to see the look of concern on Janice’s face. “Felicia and I go back a long way together. I worked with her when she left her ad agency. She is going to help us pick out some nice sexy outfits for you.”

Janice looked at Felicia in surprise. She didn’t need any help picking out underwear. Tim acted like this had all been prearranged she thought.

Felicia smiled at Tim. She was surprised by his call yesterday but readily agreed to go along with his plan to make his married life a little more exciting. Felicia would do anything for Tim because he was more than a friend. She owed him… she owed him big. When she was in her thirties, everybody thought she was washed up. Though she was still beautiful, no one wanted a model in her thirties. Tim took her into his agency and got her work that made her enough money to be comfortable for the rest of her life. She and Tim had never been intimate but she would have done anything he wanted.

Felicia was a divorced woman in her early forties. She had taken some of the money she had made working for Tim’s agency and bought the store. While she didn’t really need the money, the store kept her busy and gave her the opportunity to stay involved with the modeling business. In fact, she had been instrumental in starting several young ladies in the business. When she looked at Janice she mused that she was pretty enough to be a model herself.

Felicia still had a classy look and moved like the model she had been. She was tall with black hair and penetrating blue eyes. Her body was still in great shape and she had even avoided the surgeon’s knife, unlike so many of her friends.

“Come with me,” Felicia said, taking Janice’s hand and led her toward the back of the store. “Sandy, take the counter for me,” Felicia said to a young woman who was straightening up clothes.

“Certainly, Ms. Raymond,” the woman replied and hurried to the front.

Janice saw that there were a number of sexy outfits hanging on a bar in the dressing room area and some lying on a table.

“Jim tells me you are about my size but I can see that you have a much larger chest,” Felicia said with an indulgent smile at Tim.

Janice blushed when she saw the woman look directly at her almost see-through blouse. She knew that her nipples were still hard and plainly visible through the thin material.

“Men!” Felicia said with a little smile as she sized up Janice’s full breasts under the thin blouse. “I’m sure I have some sexy bras that will fit you. Try this corset on while I go and get larger- sized bras,” Felicia said, handing her an outfit on a hanger.

Janice stepped behind the curtain and took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her naked but for her heels and nylons. She picked up the first piece of clothing. She looked at the tiny piece of material in her hand. It was skimpy waist cincher that had garter straps hanging from the bottom. Before Janice could put it on, the curtain opened and Felicia walked in. Janice jumped and pulled the little piece of material over her body. It was much too small to cover her nakedness.

“Here are some larger bras. The material is soft but under-wired to help support you when you are wearing a low- cut outfit,” Felicia said, smiling at Janice’s embarrassment. She appraised the naked woman in front of her. She looks even better with her clothes off, Felicia thought as her eyes ran up and down the younger woman’s body. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ve been in the modeling business for a lot of years and I have seen more naked women then you can count.” Felicia reached out and pulled the waist cincher from Janice’s hand.

Janice stood naked and in shock, as Felicia then wrapped the little piece of clothing around her waist and snapped it up the back. It had cup areas where the breasts would be supported, but her upper breasts and nipples were left bare. It squeezed her waist in, emphasizing her hips and bust. When worn under clothes, it would look like she was braless.

Felicia moved around Janice, touching her body here and there making sure the outfit was comfortable. She put her fingers under the sides, checking for fit. She even lifted the cups under Janice’s breasts insuring it was the correct size.

Janet stood tensely as this attractive woman touched her body in places that not even her doctor dared touch.

“There, that looks very sexy,” she said and pushed the curtain slightly aside and motioned to Tim.

Tim looked into the dressing room at his mortified wife. “Wow, that looks great. We’ll take it,” Tim said excitedly.

“All right, calm down, boy. We have a lot more to try on. I’ll call you when we need you.” Felicia closed the curtain.

For over an hour, Felicia helped Janice try on outfit after outfit. With each piece of clothes, Felicia took more and more liberties with Janice. Janice, for her part, felt helpless. No matter how hard she tried to hate what was happening, her body betrayed her. She could feel herself quivering inside. Her heart was racing when she saw Felicia kneel in front of her to clip a pair of nylons to the garter around her waist. She was embarrassed when she realized that Felicia’s face just inches from her swollen crotch. Janice was afraid to look down for she knew that her large inner lips were swollen and protruding from between the outer lips. She could even smell her own excitement so she knew that Felicia could smell it as well.

“Oh my,” Felicia said when she looked at Janice’s crotch. Her thighs were literally covered in a clear juice. It hung in silvery strings from her pubic hair and the swollen inner lips. “Excuse me just a second.” Felicia left the dressing room and returned a minute later with several Kleenex tissues.

Janice stood paralyzed with fear as Felicia again knelt and pushed her legs apart. She used the Kleenex to gently wipe her glistening thighs. It seemed that she spent more time than was necessary wiping up the juice. Little shivers rippled through Janice’s body as she felt the breath of the woman on her upper legs. When she looked down, she could only see the top of the woman’s head, but she could tell that her eyes were staring at her vagina. For a second she thought that she was going to lean forward and kiss her.

“I’ve never seen lips that large before,” Felicia whispered almost to herself.

Then Janice saw one of Felicia’s fingers slide up her thigh. “Oh God,” she moaned as she felt the finger slide across her thigh. Slowly it moved upward until it touched her swollen lips. The finger slid between the lips and across the swollen clit. Suddenly, and incredibly, Janice felt a climax run down her body. She felt like she might collapse as her hands reached out and grasped the older woman’s shoulders for support. “Ohhhhh!!! Oh Jesus,” she whimpered as her body shook with illicit pleasure.

Felicia stood up, placing her hands on Janice’s hips to steady her. The older woman was breathing heavily as well now. She looked into Janice’s surprised face. “I think we have enough clothes for you today,” she said breathlessly, pulling her naked body to her.

Janice was staring right into the classy woman’s eyes, her breasts flattened against the Felicia’s cloth-covered chest of Felicia. Again, she felt like Felicia was going to kiss her. This time she was right. Her eyes opened wide in shock as Felicia moved her lips to hers for a wet kiss. Janice stood tensely as the older woman’s mouth opened and her tongue pushed on her own closed lips. The probing tongue was insistent and forced itself into her mouth. Janice moaned in spite of herself when she tasted the woman’s sweet saliva.

Felicia pulled away from her naked friend. “Tim is a lucky man and you are a very sexy woman,” Felicia said and touched Janice’s face gently with her hand. “Maybe I’ll see you again, sweetie.”

Janice was speechless. She never remembered feeling attracted to a woman before. Yet, as she stared into her eyes, she almost felt drawn to kiss her back. With all her will, she restrained herself and pulled away. She saw a little disappointment in Felicia’s eyes. “Uh… thank you… you were a big help,” Janice quickly added, her face turning red at the thought of what she was really thanking her for.

Felicia’s face brightened. “You’re welcome. , Anytime.”

Tim almost had to carry Janice from the mall that afternoon. Her legs felt like rubber. The entire experience had almost been too much for her.

As soon as Tim and Janice left the store, Felicia went over to her assistant. “Sandy, put a sign on the door that we are out to dinner and then come back in the back room.”

Sandy’s face broke into a wide grin. “Yes, ma’am,” she said and hurried to put the sign in the window. Felicia was already naked when Sandy walked into the back of the store.

Chapter 04

Tim made Janice a strong drink when they arrived home. He left her sitting on the bed and went into the bathroom. A short time later he came out and pulled Janice from the bed. She was like a rag doll as he stripped her clothes off and led her into the bathroom.

The bathroom was lit in the glow of a dozen fragrant candles. The large Jacuzzi tub was filled with a steaming bubble bath.

Janice stepped into the steaming water and settled down with a moan of pleasure. Tim handed her another drink, then leaned over the tub, and gently began to bath her. At one point he looked at her face and smiled. “I love you,” he whispered and kissed her lips gently.

When he was finished washing her, Tim left, letting Janice soak for a long time before he came back in and pulled her to her feet. He took a soft fluffy towel and dried her but didn’t let her get out of the tub.

Janice saw that he had brought with him a pair of scissors, a razor, and shaving cream. She looked at him quizzically as he placed them on a towel on the side of the tub. She felt a sinking feeling as he picked up the scissors and began to trim her pubic hair. When he had it very short, he lathered her up and used the razor to remove all of her pubic hair. Then he rinsed her with a gentle spray of warm water and patted her dry.

“Beautiful,” Tim said to himself as he looked at his handiwork.

Tim took Janice’s hand and began to lead her out of the bathroom. When he felt her stop, he turned to look at her. He saw that she was staring into the mirror at her smoothly shaven pubic mound.

God, I almost look obscene, she thought as she looked at her large protruding inner lips hanging from her hairless pubic area. She had never really noticed how incredible large they were. She knew that they got even larger when she was excited. Then she felt a tug on her hand and followed Tim into the bedroom.

“Get on the bed on your back,” Tim ordered.

She looked at him like she didn’t understand.

“Come on, get on the bed.”

Janice climbed onto the bed and laid on her back in the middle. She was shocked when Tim began to tie her hands to the bedpost above her head. “Tim, what are you doing?” she asked, frightened.

“Shhhhh!” Tim whispered, as he finished tying her hands then went to her feet. He pulled her legs apart and tied each leg to a bedpost. When he had her spread and helpless on the bed, he stood back and stripped off his clothes. Then he crawled onto the bed, between his wife’s legs, on his hands and knees. He looked up at her and said, “You never seemed to have really liked it when I have eaten you before. I’m going to eat you this time for my own pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as well.”

“Tim, no, oh God!,” Janice exclaimed as she watched Tim bend his head. It’s dirty! her mind screamed.

Tim kissed slowly up her thighs, taking time to touch every inch of her soft inner thigh. He could feel her legs tremble as he neared her vagina. However, when he got close, he moved back – all the way to her knee. He kissed down her calf to her ankle until finally he reached her toes.

Janice watched as Tim opened his mouth and took her big toe inside. She felt a chill run down her spine. It tickled, yet suddenly her vagina began to throb. She would have never believed that having her toe sucked could be sensual. Yet, she could feel her sex lips begin to swell as Tim sucked first one toe then another until ever toe was wet with his saliva. His tongue moved between each toe, sliding in and out slowly, sensuously. Then he moved to the other foot, kissed, and licked it until he felt Janice quivering. Finally, he began to kiss up her legs again, stopping to lick the sensitive areas around her knee.

Now Tim could feel Janice begin to squirm, pulling unconsciously against her bonds. He smiled to himself as he neared her vagina again. He could smell her excitement and he could see that her lips were now swollen. There was a clear liquid running from her hole. Her beautiful, smoothly shaven vagina excited him beyond reason. He was shaking as he settled between her legs. Tim stuck out his tongue and gentle licked Janice’s swollen lips.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Janice moaned.

Tim used his fingers to pry the outer lips open, leaving the inner lips exposed. He stared at the wrinkled flesh for a long time. Finally, he gently blew warm air on the sensitive skin and watched it quiver.

“Oh God, Tim!,” Janice pleaded, pulling on her bonds.

Tim looked up at her lust- filled eyes. He stuck out his tongue and touched the swollen clit with the tip of his tongue.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Janice moaned and threw her head back, her fists closed tightly.

Then he flicked his tongue rapidly on the quivering nub. Janice began to shake like she having a seizure, her arm’s and leg’s pulling at her bonds. “Ohhhhhhh Godddddd!!!!”

“Ohhhhhhh Godddddd!!!!”

Tim opened his mouth and sucked the swollen lips inside. His mouth was practically filled with her sweet flesh. Tim moaned deep in his throat at the taste of his wife’s vagina. He knew that he would never be denied this pleasure again.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!,” Janice screamed, pulling violently against the bonds holding her arms and legs. Suddenly, it felt like her body might go into convulsions. Every muscle was stretched like a rubber band. Her hips lifted off the bed.

Tim grabbed her hips, holding them down and began to suck her swollen vagina like a madman, ignoring her screams.

Fireworks were going off in Janice’s head, causing bright flashes of light behind her tightly closed eyes. She had never felt anything like it in her life. Shock waves emanated from her groin and ran up and down her body. “Tim, Tim, ohhhhhh God, Tim,” she breathed as the most incredible climax of her life rolled through her.

Tim continued to eat his wife long after her shuddering stopped. He was lost in his own world until he heard her moans change. He realized that she was becoming sensitive. When he pulled away and looked up at her, he saw that her eyes were closed and there were tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly concerned, he untied her hands and feet, crawled in bed next to her and pulled her into his arms. “Is everything okay?” he asked, clearly worried.

“Everything is wonderful,” she whispered, her voice heavy with emotion.

Tim was relieved when he saw a smile come through the tears. The hardness of his penis had diminished some when he thought he had gone too far. However, as soon as their lips met, he was rock hard again.

“Thank you, thank you. That was… That was… incredible. I never knew what I was missing,” Janice said sincerely. “Where did you learn that stuff?”

“I read a lot,” Tim said, his face turning red at the admission.

Janice looked at him, searching his eyes for the truth. It was there. “Do you… do you… uh… want me to you know… do the same to you?” she struggled to say.

“Not tonight. Right now I want to be inside you,” Tim replied, almost embarrassed again.

Janice smiled and lifted her leg and placed it over Tim’s hip, her breast pressed to his chest. She reached down and grasped his hard penis and felt it pulse in her hand. She was almost surprised at the size. It somehow seemed larger, almost like she was feeling him for the first time. She heard him moan as she brought the swollen head to her still sensitive lips. First she rubbed it up and down her slit, letting her fat, blood filled inner lips massage the head. Then she placed it at the opening of her hole, grabbed his hips, and pulled him slowly into her, humping her hips at the same time.

“Oh Jesus,” Tim moaned as he felt his wife’s warm tunnel caresses his flesh, taking him deep inside. Tim began to slowly move in and out, trying to control his excitement. “Oh God, baby, I’m not going to last very long,” he said with regret.

“It’s okay. I want you to cum in me. I want everything that you’ve been saving for me all day. I want to sleep all night with your sweet sperm inside me. I love you Tim.” Janice kissed Tim’s lips, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth.

Tim moaned deep into his wife’s mouth as his penis jerked inside her body. It was his turn for fireworks to go off in his head as his pent- up excitement and love released itself into his wife’s loving body.

Janice could feel her husband’s sperm filling her. She felt closer to him then she had ever felt before.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, Tim’s penis gradually losing its firmness and slipping from her body, followed by a trail of his sperm.

Chapter 05

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” Tim said as he walked into the bedroom with a tray of food.

Janice opened her eyes slowly then smiled as she remembered last night. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she said as she set up in bed and stretched. “What’s this? , Breakfast in bed? Did I die and go to heaven?” she joked.

“Nope, I just wanted to make sure that you had plenty of strength for today.”

Janice looked at Tim with a worried look. “What’s going to happen today that I need my strength?” she asked as she watched Tim sit a tray with cereal, toast, orange juice, and coffee on her lap.

“Well, we are going to go to the gym. I think you are a little out of shape,” he said with a smile. “Then I’m taking you to dinner at a nice restaurant. I have a little surprise for you that will make our dinner very interesting.”

“What kind of surprise?” Janice asked with dread in her voice as she slowly began to eat.

“You’ll find out. That’s all I’ll tell you for now.”

Janice moaned as a shiver raced through her. “Tim, yesterday was wonderful but I don’t know about the other stuff.”

“Well, you know the safe word. If you say it three times, we will stop everything,” Jim said with a frown.

Janice was quiet for a long time, thinking as she ate. She couldn’t deny that yesterday and last night was the most exciting time of her life, even more exciting than her wedding night. She wasn’t about to use the safe word for this. “No, I don’t want to use the safe word,” she stated emphatically.

Tim sighed with relief. He was so excited about the week ahead that he could hardly wait. Yet, he knew that he had to be calm and take his time. If he made a critical mistake, it could all be over with and that could be a serious blow to their relationship.

When Janice finished breakfast and got out of bed, she realized that she needed another shower. She had dried cum all over her legs and her vagina. She took a long shower then dried herself and used a scented cream on her body. When she lifted one leg to the vanity to smooth cream on the back of her thigh, she almost gasped. She saw her vagina almost obscenely exposed, the large lips dangling between her smooth outer lips. With trembling fingers she opened herself, exposing her little clit and already wet hole. The little nub was still swollen some. It was smooth and almost looked like a miniature penis. When she touched the bump of flesh, it quivered and she moaned. It was still sensitive from the previous night. Then she slid a finger into her hole. Another gasp escaped her lips and her hips began to move. With great will power, she pulled her finger out. It was shinny with juice. On impulse she brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. Her finger tasted like her, yet there was something more. Suddenly she remembered that she probably had some of Tim’s sperm left inside her. An excited shiver raced through her as she moved her fingers back to her vagina. This time she slid two inside and worked them around. When she pulled them out, they were slick with juice. Again, she brought the fingers to her mouth and one at a time she sucked them clean.

Janice spent a long time exploring herself like she should have done as a little girl. Unfortunately, she had been taught that it was dirty. Finally, she concluded that there was nothing dirty about her sexual parts. In fact, she liked the way she looked.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, she saw that Tim had laid out a pair of exercise shorts and top. Just as she picked up the shorts, Tim came in carrying her exercise suit and wearing his own exercise outfit.

“Come on, sweetie, we have to get moving.”

Janice started to get a pair of panties from the dresser.

“No panties!” Tim said, sitting on the bed to watch her dress.

Janice looked at Tim and gave him an indulgent smile. She put her feet into the shorts and pulled them up her thighs. She immediately realized that these shorts were very, very tight. By the time she had them around her waist, she knew that there had to be a mistake. “These shorts are too small. They must have made a mistake at the store.”

“No, they didn’t. I got them two sizes smaller,” Jim smiled lecherously.

“God, I can’t wear these,” she said as she walked over to the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She gasped when she saw that the skintight gray cotton shorts revealed her vagina in an obscene manner. The seam of the shorts ran directly between her lips, separating them and emphasizing their size. The only good thing was that the shorts had an absorbent pad in the crotch. However, the pad only served to further separate and stimulate the lips of her vagina.

Tim watched from the bed as Janice looked at herself in the mirror with shock on her face. He loved the shorts. From the rear, they shaped and outlined her ass to perfection. He could even see the little dimple she had on her right cheek. The seam in the rear separated her ass cheeks, emphasizing their firmness beautifully.

“Tim, I’ll be arrested if I walk out of the house in these,” she pleaded.

“That’s why I have an exercise suit for you. Now, come on. , Put your top and shoes on and let’s get going,” Tim ordered.

Janice sighed in resignation and pulled the sport top over her head. It was not a surprise to her that the matching top was just as tight. It shaped her breasts like the shorts shaped her ass. Her nipples could be seen without them even being hard. Even the bumps on the areola could be plainly seen. The top came just below her breasts, leaving a long expanse of her stomach bare.

Tim and Janice drove silently to the gym. They were both excited, but in a different way. Tim was excited that he was going to expose his wife to all the lecherous men. Janice was excited as well, but she was also worried. She hadn’t been to the gym in a long time. However, there still could be someone there that she knew there. That thought worried her and made her heart beat rapidly.

The gym was a large facility on the outskirts of town. It had a very large room that was mirrored all around with treadmills, exercise bikes, step machines and other aerobic equipment. There were several physical trainers available for a fee. There was also a swimming pool, sauna, juice bar, and every piece of weight equipment made. The facility was always packed with people. However, it seemed to Janice that most of the people there didn’t need a gym because they were already in great shape. It was a great place to show off.

Tim and Janice walked into the gym and found a couple of treadmills together. Tim began his warm-up exercises and watched Janice begin hers. When he was sufficiently warm, Tim slipped off his sweat suit and got on the treadmill. He watched as Janice continued to warm up, delaying the inevitable.

“Come on, Janice,” Tim coaxed.

Janice knew that she couldn’t delay it forever so she slowly slipped off her pants and top. She looked around and saw that no one was looking her way yet. She adjusted the treadmill and began to walk at a rapid pace. It only took her a few seconds to realize that she was in trouble. The seam of the tight shorts was moving back and forth between her sex lips. Within seconds, every step began to send a little sexual shock through her groin.

Tim smiled as he watched Janice begin to run. He could see the look on her face and knew exactly what she was feeling. He congratulated himself on being so diabolical.

Within ten minutes, Janice was struggling to remain calm. Her heart was beating rapidly but not just from the exercise. She wasn’t sure how long she could stand the rubbing between her legs. God she thought, she could even feel the seam rubbing on her little rear hole. It was a sawing motion, moving from back to front with each stride.

Soon, Janice’s face was red and dripping sweat. She could feel her heart beating in her temples. Suddenly, she looked in the mirror in front of her and saw several guys standing behind her, pretending to talk. However, she knew that they were looking at her ass. An unwanted thrill raced through her, adding juice to her already sodden crotch. Suddenly, her legs started to quiver and she grasped the support bars in her hands. No matter how she fought it, her body betrayed her. She quickly moved her feet to the side of the moving treadmill as her vagina started to quiver and her legs shook. Her head bent forward and she gripped the bars until her knuckles turned white as ripples of pleasure coursed through her.

Tim looked over and saw Janice leaning forward, no longer running, her body quivering. He knew what was happening; Janice was climaxing right in the middle of the public gym. He had been successful beyond his wildest dream.

The two men behind Janice were not paying attention to her face; they were staring at her ass as she bent forward.

Janice couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. She had never had a climax that fast or that easily. Her legs were still shaking as she got back on the treadmill. She reduced the speed until it was only at a fast walk. Even then, she could still feel the seam rubbing her now very sensitive vagina. She fought her rising excitement again. It was the longest half-hour she had ever spent on a treadmill.

Tim came over to Janice when he was finished on the treadmills. “I have arranged for a little lesson for you with Steve Jackson on the weights,” he said.

“Oh God,” Janice groaned, as she wiped her sweat covered face and then wrapped the towel around her waist to cover her shorts.

Tim led Janice over to the weight exercise area. There he introduced Janice to a good looking and very fit young man. He was in his mid twenties with a gymnast’s body. His upper body, under his tight shirt, rippled with muscles. He had on a pair of jogging shorts, exposing most of his muscled legs.

“I’ll leave you in Steve’s very capable hands dear. I’m going to get a fruit drink at the bar.”

Janice stood in front of Steve, holding her towel at her waist to cover up her obscene shorts. However, she could see his eyes staring at her very hard nipples.

“Okay, Mrs. Harwick, we’ll start out with the free weights. Have a seat here and lean back. Have you used weights before?” the young man asked, smiling as he watched Janice pull the towel from her waist.

“Uh… yes I have,” Janice said as she lay back under the barbell. Her face flushed at the thought of the view she was giving the young man. In this position, her legs were spread and her lower half was exposed to anyone that wanted to see her. She could already feel Steve’s eyes on her groin. She even thought she heard an intake of breath on his part.

Steve put Janice through an exercise routine that was designed for someone that had not exercised for a while. He had her lift with her arms, her legs and even had her on her stomach, letting her lift with the back of her lower legs. In that position, her ass was on display to the steady stream of men that seemed to need to pass by.

At one point Steve stood over Janice’s prone body, straddling her chest to support the barbell she was attempting to lift. Janice had to gasp when she realized that she could look directly up his short leg. My God, she thought, he doesn’t have any underwear on. She could see his half hard erection up the leg of his shorts. A little whimper escaped her lips as she felt her vagina quiver with renewed excitement.

Janice was relieved when the lesson was finally over. Even with the pad in her shorts, she could feel her juice soaking through.

Steve handed Janice a business card. She looked at the card and saw that he was a certified fitness trainer and licensed masseuse. It also showed that he gave private lessons and massages in the home.

Chapter 06

Tim was waiting for Janice when she came out of the bathroom after her shower. “I have a reservation at seven at Gerardo’s. I’ve laid out everything you will need to wear. However, when you’re dressed, I have one little addition.”

Janice looked at him suspiciously as she put on the pretty summer dress. The dress was bright yellow and made of a thin cotton material. It was short as usual but this time it was also low cut with little spaghetti straps holding the material covering her bare breasts. She knew that she would have to be careful when she bent over or one or both breasts would fall out. She was surprised when she saw that there was a pair of panties lying on the bed with her dress and thigh high nylons. When she was dressed, she put on a pair of the four-inch high heels that she had purchased yesterday.

Tim whistled when he saw the total package. “You look gorgeous, sweetie,” he said sincerely.

Janice spun around in front of the mirror. I do look pretty good, she thought. Her nice tan went well with the yellow color of the dress. The impossibly high heels emphasized her calf and thigh muscles.

“Now, I have a little addition to your outfit.” He held up a small, penis shaped, rubber vibrator. It was flesh colored and looked to be about five inches long. In Tim’s other hand was a remote control device.

“What is that?” Janice asked, already knowing the answer.

“Pull your dress up for a second.”

Janice shook her head in amazement and then pulled her dress up to reveal her little cotton panties. She watched as Tim pulled her panties to her thighs. A moan escaped her lips when he slowly slipped the fake penis into her vagina. “Tim,” she moaned when the rubber penis was all the way inside her.

Tim quickly pulled the panties up, securing the base of the device inside her body. “Now let’s test it.” Tim turned on the vibrator.

“Ohhhh!” Janice gasped as the penis vibrated inside her. She could feel her entire pubic area vibrate, especially her rapidly swelling clit.

Tim turned the knob to the second notch.

“Tim,” Janice pleaded as she felt the movement inside her increase.

“One more.” The control device was moved to the third notch.

“Oh God, Tim! Stop it, please.”

Tim smiled, leaving the device on for a few more seconds. He watched his wife begin to quiver in excitement. Mercifully, he finally turned the device off. “That should do it.” He smiled and took his wife’s shaking hand and led her down the stairs.

Tim felt proud of his creativity. All his years in the creative side of the ad business had paid off, he thought with a smile on his face. He had purchased the device at a local porn shop. It was a little expensive because it was cordless, but worth every penny. The battery-operated remote worked from about ten feet away so he could turn it on and off anytime he wanted. Tim was going to have fun tonight.

Janice could feel the fake penis moving inside her with every step that she took as she walked to the car. She gave Tim a dirty look as she sat carefully on the seat and slid into the car. A little groan escaped her lips as her weight forced the penis deeper into her. She squirmed on the seat until she found a place where she could sit comfortably. It wasn’t exactly lady like, as she had to scoot forward and open her legs.

Tim hurried around the car and got into the driver’s seat. After he had started the car, he paused and took the device out of his pocket. He smiled evilly at Janice and turned the knob.

Janice closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together as a little moan escaped her lips.

“Still works,” Tim said and turned the device off.

Tim and Janice sat quietly as they drove to the restaurant. When they stopped at a light about a block from the restaurant, Tim turned the vibrator on again.

“Tim, please,” Janice pleaded, her hips squirming.

“I’m going to leave it on until the light changes,” Tim said in a matter -off -fact tone.

“Oh God,” Janice moaned as she stared at the red light as if that would make it change quicker. However, it was a long light, lasting several minutes. Within a few seconds, Janice was breathing heavily and she could feel her panties getting soaked. Her buttocks began to lift subtly off the seat. “Tim,” Janice moaned, clenching her fists.

Tim watched his wife with a big smile on his face. His only concern was that she would climax before he was ready. He didn’t want that to happen. It was his intention to tease her until she was wild with passion. Then he was going make love to her. Or better yet, he was going to FUCK her.

Fortunately for Janice, the light changed and Tim turned off the device before she lost control. She let out her breath and sighed with relief and frustration.

Tim held Janice’s hand as they were led to an intimate table in a corner of the restaurant. He could feel her squeezing his hand with each step. He knew that the fake penis was moving inside her.

Tim held the chair for Janice as she sat carefully. She frowned at him, her lips pursed. Tim just smiled back and moved over to his chair and sat down, placing the control device on the table next to his silverware. After the waitress had taken their drink order, Tim picked up the device, holding it idly in his hand.

Janice watched her husband wearily as he fingered the device. When the waitress came back and sat the drinks on the table, Janice saw Tim move the device under the table. Immediately she felt the vibrations begin again and tried to suppress a moan.

The waitress heard her gasp and said, “Is everything okay, Miss.?”

“Uh… uh… yes, everything is fine,” Janice stuttered.

“What’s that noise?” the waitress asked when she heard a low humming sound.

Janice’s face turned beet red when she realized that the end of the vibrator was touching the wooden chair under her.

Tim turned the device off quickly. “I didn’t hear anything,” Tim said, suppressing a laugh.

“I thought for sure I heard a noise. Oh well, my hearing isn’t what it used to be. Are you ready to order?”

“Just a moment more,” Tim said.

“When the waitress had left Janice looked at Tim and said, “Tim, this thing is driving me crazy.”

“You know the safe word,” he said, confident that she wouldn’t use it for this.

Janice grew quiet, squirming in her chair again.

Throughout the dinner, Tim would turn the vibrator on and off. By the time they were ready to leave, Janice’s panties were soaked and she had been on the verge of climax too many times to count.

It was dark outside when they walked to the car. Tim held Janice around the waist because she was having trouble walking. When they reached the car, Tim turned Janice to him and pressed her to the door. He brought his lips to hers for a passionate kiss.

“God, Tim, I’m so hot,” Janice whimpered as she pressed her hips into him.

“So am I, sweetie,” Tim answered and brought his hands to the hem of her dress and began to slide it up her legs. By the time Janice realized what was happening, Tim had the hem almost to her waist.

“Tim, stop, not here,” she protested. She felt incredibly exposed standing in a public parking lot with her dress around her waist, leaving her with just her panties holding the bulging penis inside her. Then she gasped as she felt Tim pulled her panties down her legs. In a panic she looked around and saw that the parking lot was deserted. “What are you doing?” she whispered tensely.

“I’m going to replace the fake cock with a real one,” Tim said and pulled the fake penis from her very swollen vagina. It almost seemed that the hole didn’t want to let go. There was a sucking sound as the rubber left her body. “My, my,” Tim exclaimed when he saw the dripping rubber penis he held in his hand. Janice moaned as her stretched vagina closed. The rubber penis had been in her so long that she felt very empty now.

He put the slick penis in his pocket then reached for the tiny straps holding her dress top up.

“Tim,” Janice whined again as his hands slid the straps off her shoulders. Janice gasped when she felt the cool night air on her now exposed breasts. The little dress was now bunched uselessly around her waist. She shivered at her total nakedness as a masochistic thrill went through her.

Janice felt and heard Tim pulling his zipper down. “God, Tim, not here!” she protested again. However, she knew that her protests were useless when she felt Tim pull his hard penis from his pants. Then she didn’t care anymore as Tim lifted one of her legs and placed his swollen gland at the opening to her dripping hole. “Oh Godddddd!!!” she moaned when he slowly slid into her. His penis slid in deep on the first push.

Tim moaned as he felt his wife warm and wet vagina surround him. He knew that he was taking a big risk that someone would see them — maybe someone they knew. However, that was part of the thrill. He had never been so excited in his life.

Any worries Tim had disappeared as he started to move slowly in and out. Soon, the movement of his hips increased until he was pounding into his wife. One of her legs was on his arm. The foot of the other leg barely touched the ground, almost lifting up with each upward push. He could feel her juice running down his penis and dripping to the ground between their feet.

The only sound in the parking lot was the sloppy sucking sound of their joined sex and their grunts of pleasure.

“Oh yes, fuck meeeee!!!” Janice almost screamed, no longer concerned where they were. She pushed her hips down onto Tim’s plunging penis as her body began to race toward climax. Janice wrapped her arms tightly around Tim’s neck as her legs began to shake.

Tim lifted the other leg, pressing her back against the car for support. Almost all of Janice’s weight was held up by Tim’s penis.

Janice’s body tensed. “I’m… oh yes… I’m… oh God, I’m going to cummmmmmmm.”

The excitement of the evening was too much for Tim as well. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t control the inevitable. “Oh God, baby,” Tim moaned as he felt his sperm rush up his shaft then exploded into his wife.

Tim and Janice clung to each other as an intense climax rushed through both of them.

When their bodies stopped shaking, Tim pulled away and staggered backward, letting Janice’s legs drop to the ground. A rush of sperm followed his penis out of his wife’s stretched hole.

Tim suddenly remembered that they were in a public parking lot and looked around. Fortunately, the lot was still deserted. He sighed with relief then turned and kissed his wife tenderly. “I love you.”

“I… love… you,” Janice answered, barely able to speak. She was physically drained and had to lean against the car door for support. Her legs were so weak that they were barely able to hold her up. She let Tim help her into the car. When he was sitting in the driver’s seat, Janice snuggled into him lovingly.

“Sorry that I got carried away,” Tim said.

“I’m not,” Janice answered.

Tim smiled.

Chapter 07

The following morning, Tim let Janice sleep in. He was anxious for her to get up to see how she felt about last night. When she hadn’t stirred by 10 am, he couldn’t wait any longer. He went apprehensively into their room and gently awoke her. “Good morning, sweetheart.”

“Good morning,” Janice said, rubbing her eyes then opening her arms to Tim.

“Are you recovered from last night?” Tim asked as casually as he could.

“I’m not sure,” she moaned in answer.

Uh oh, Tim thought. Then he saw her smile.

“I think my little hole is still throbbing.”

Tim sighed with relief then asked, “Did you enjoy our little escapade?”

“As much as I hate to admit it, I have to say it was incredible.”

Tim’s face broke into a wide smile. “Good! There is hope for you yet,” Tim said with a self-conscious laugh.

They snuggled for a few more minutes then Tim said, “Come on and get up. , We have a lot to do.”

“What wild and crazy things do you have for me to do today?” Janice asked with a smile.

Tim was heartened by her smile. “Well, I think it’s time you learned how to please a man with your mouth,” Tim said as he pulled his wife from the bed and toward the bathroom.

Janice followed reluctantly. She had known that this was going to happen. She was both looking forward to it and dreading it. The few times she had given Tim oral sex she had been drunk. In fact, she couldn’t remember too much about it. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do it; she knew that men loved it and had read that many women loved it as well. However, it violated all of the things she had been taught. Good girls didn’t do that, they had said. In school “those” girls were always the sluts. What she didn’t know was that most of her friends were “those” girls.

In the bathroom, Tim pulled Janice into the shower with him. They spent a half hour giggling and washing each other. When they were rinsed off, Tim got out and brought over the scissors and razor he had used to remove her pubic hair. She looked at him in surprise. She didn’t need to be shaved again.

“It’s not for you,” he said to her unasked question. “It’s for me.”


“I want you to shave me so that we will both be clean shaven,” Tim answered with a smile.

Tim had Janice trim his bush then shave him the way he had done her. As she worked on him, his penis began to lengthen. Janice tried to ignore it as she maneuvered around the now stiff rod. She giggled when she tried to push the stiff shaft out of her way, but it kept bouncing back. When she was done, she looked at him and giggled again. His entire pubic area was smooth, including his balls. He would have looked like a little boy if it hadn’t been for the throbbing shaft jutting out. “You look like a little boy,” Janice said turning her thoughts into words.

“A little boy with a big cock,” Tim answered, thrusting his penis at his wife’s surprised face. “Now come with me. You are going to make love to this little boy’s hard cock with your mouth.”

Janice’s heart began to pound in her chest. All kinds of thoughts were running through her head. What if she wasn’t any good? Would Tim be mad at her? What if he wanted her to drink his sperm? Could she do it?

“Come on,” Tim said pulling a hesitant Janice by the hand.

Tim led Janice over to a comfortable chair in the corner of the bedroom. He sat down as she stood in front of him. Slowly he spread his legs almost obscenely. His still hard penis and smooth pubic area was now on display.

Janice stood frozen, looking at her husband. “Tim, I… I… don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you,” he whispered tenderly as he pulled her to her knees between his open legs. He took Janice’s head in his hands and leaned forward, kissing her lips. “I want you to make love to my cock, like I did to your pussy,” he whispered into her ear. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” Then Tim sat back and looked down at his wife. “Take it in your hand and hold it as you lick my balls.”

Janice reached up with her now- shaking hand and held her husband’s hard penis. Slowly she bent her head and brought her lips to his smoothly shaven balls. Her tongue came out and she tentatively licked the wrinkly skin. She felt his balls move, squirming in their sack. She licked the skin again, up one large testicle and over to the other. She watched as the two flesh covered balls moved again. It was like they had a life of their own. She placed her tongue under one ball and lifted it with her tongue. When she heard Tim moan, she knew she was doing okay. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked one ball inside. She heard another groan from Tim as she gently sucked. She let the ball slip out of her mouth then sucked the other one in. Janice decided that she liked this. She felt great power when she had his tender balls in her mouth. He had to have great trust in her to let her do this.

“Oh God, that feels so good, baby,” Tim said as he watched Janice’s cheeks bulge with his testicle.

Janice just moaned in increased excitement.

When both testicles were dripping with her saliva, Janice sat back and watched his penis throb in excitement. She felt proud that she had made that happen. Without being told, she pulled his penis down until it was pointed straight at her mouth. She looked at the swollen head. She studied the mushroom crown and marveled at how the skin was stretched taut, almost shining. As a large drop of clear liquid bubbled out, Janice impulsive stuck out her tongue and licked it off, surprising even herself. The sweet flavor of his pre-cum juice filled her mouth. That’s not bad, she thought and squeezed him again, forcing a larger drop out. She licked that up as well.

“Oh God, suck me,” Tim said in excitement.

Janice smiled, now feeling heady with the power she had. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the head, teasing the sensitive skin below the crown, tasting his flesh but avoiding taking the head inside. Then she held his penis up and used little butterfly licks to move up and down his penis. She vaguely heard Tim moaning but she was so engrossed in what she was doing it didn’t register. She moved her tongue all around his penis and balls until his entire groin was dripping with her saliva.

“God please, baby, suck me,” Tim pleaded in frustration. When he tried to grab her head, she pulled away, smiling smugly at him. This iswas fun, she thought. It gave her such a feeling of power. “You want me to suck you?,” Janice teased, holding Tim’s throbbing penis close to her mouth.

Tim could feel her breath on his swollen head. “Yes, please,” Tim said, almost wild with excitement now.

“You want me to take this big, swollen head into my little mouth and suck it?,” Janice teased, then kissed the head quickly and noisily.

“Yes! Yes!”

“Well, I guess you have been a good enough boy,” Janice said and opened her mouth. She looked up at her husband as she slowly brought her mouth over the dripping head. She gurgled deep in her throat as she felt his hot flesh fill her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” Tim moaned.

Janice held the penis head in her mouth without moving, letting it soak in her saliva. She liked the feel of him inside her mouth. She liked the way the large head stretched her lips. Slowly she began to suck the head, but just the head. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked like it was a round lollipop. Her lips remained wrapped around the crown as her tongue teased the head.

“Oh suck me, sweetie!” Tim moaned and tried to pull her head down on his penis.

Janice pulled quickly away, letting the head slip from her mouth with a pop. “Calm down, honey. You wanted me to make love to your penis and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Tim moaned in frustration but his hands let go of her head. Yes he had told her that he wanted her to make love to his penis but he didn’t mean he wanted her to drive him crazy.

Janice moved back to his throbbing shaft. Slowly her mouth covered the head again. She sucked the head for a long time, reveling in is the excitement of it. Each time she felt Tim getting too excited, she would pull away and let him calm down. Then she would start all over again, starting at his balls. She even lifted his legs and used her tongue on the tender under side of his balls. Then she would run her tongue up the backs of his thighs, making him quiver. Janice’s own vagina was dripping now. She could feel the large swollen lips throbbing between her thighs. As she began to squeeze her thighs together, she grasped Tim’s penis in her hand and took it in her mouth again. Slowly she moved her lips down until the large head was at the back of her throat. She started to suck as her hand began to move up and down the shaft slowly.

“Oh God, Janice, if you keep that up I’m going to cum,” Tim warned.

Janice moaned deep in her throat and began to move her hand faster. She could feel Tim’s legs begin to tense and his balls squirm. She knew that he was very close. As his penis began to throb, she had a decision to make. Should she let him cum in her mouth? She decided to take it in her mouth – she could always spit it out.

“Ohhhhh,” Tim moaned as his penis began to throb. He wasn’t sure what Janice was going to do. He was going to let her decide this time. He hoped she would keep it in he mouth.

Janice felt Tim’s hips lift off the chair. Suddenly, she heard him moan and felt his penis quiver in her hand. The already large head expanded even more. The first shot hit the back of her throat. Seconds later, her mouth began to fill with his thick sperm. She slowly but firmly squeezed his penis with her hand as squirt after squirt poured into her mouth. Soon, her mouth was filled until there was no room for anymore. She had to do something. Janice closed her eyes, her head spinning with excitement. She swallowed.

Tim was so wrapped up in his pleasure that he didn’t realize that Janice was swallowing his sperm. When he opened his eyes, he saw her looking up at him, his penis still in her mouth. He quickly realized that there was not a speck of his cum anywhere on him. He figured that she still had it in her mouth. Then he saw her sit back, letting his flaccid penis slip from her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked around her lips. Tim knew that she had swallowed his sperm.

“Did I do a good job?” Janice asked rhetorically.

In answer, Tim pulled Janice up to him and brought her lips to his. If he needed proof, he could taste the remains of his cum in her mouth. He moaned when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Then he picked her up and took her to the bed. Without a word, he spread her legs and brought his mouth to her very swollen vagina. Within minutes Janice was screaming in pleasure.

Chapter 08

“All right, what’s going on now?” Janice asked as she stood in the bedroom with a thigh length bathrobe on. Tim had asked her to get naked and put the robe on but he wouldn’t tell her why.

“I have a special treat for you. I thought you might enjoy a nice professional massage tonight.”

“I can’t go out like this!”

“Who said anything about going out? I have a licensed masseuse coming over in exactly fifteen minutes.”


“Yep! Right in our own living room.”

“All right. I guess that would be nice,” Janice said hesitantly. “It’s been ages since I had a good massage.” However, Janice knew that it would be more than a simple massage.

“Good,” Tim answered just as the front doorbell rang. “I’ll get the door and take care of the money. Give us a few minutes. He’ll need a minute to set up.”


“Yes, I hired Steve Jackson from the exercise club. They tell me he’s very good.”

“Tim!” Janice said in shock.

Tim stepped over and hugged Janice. “What difference does it make if it is a him or her? He’s a professional.” Tim’s hands slid down her back and under the hem of the robe. “What’s this, panties? You know that panties are not allowed.” He quickly slipped the panties down her legs, ignoring the protests.

“Tim, are you crazy?” Janice felt more than naked now without the panties under the robe. The short terry cloth robe barely covered her buttocks. “Are you going to use the safe word?”

“No!” Janice answered quickly.

“Okay, then come on down in ten minutes.” Tim walked out of the room holding Janice’s panties in his hand.

Tim greeted Steve at the door and helped him bring his massage table into the living room and set it up.

“Thanks for coming on short notice,” Tim said.

“No problem. Mondays are generally very slow days anyway.”

“Have you been doing this long?” Tim asked.

“No, I just got my licensee a few months ago. I’ve been trying to fit it in with my physical training appointments because there’s good money in massages,” Steve said. He saw a questioning look on Tim’s face. “Don’t worry. , I’m new at this but I’m pretty good.”

“I’ve heard that. Steve, I want you to make sure Janice enjoys herself. She is a little shy but I’m sure you can get her ‘loosened up’ if you know what I mean,” Tim said with a wink.

Steve gave Tim a strange look.

“Listen, just make sure she has fun,” Tim said. He wasn’t sure how to tell him that he could take some liberties with Janice. In fact, he wasn’t even sure what liberties he wanted him to take. He handed Steve a $100 bill as a tip.

Steve’s eyes opened wide in surprise as he looked at the $100 bill in his hand.

“That’s because I know that you will do a good job. Now, I have some errands to run so I’ll be gone for an hour or so. You have her all to yourself.”

Steve still wasn’t sure what Tim wanted him to do. He looked at the bill in his hand again then back at Tim. It almost sounded like he was asking him to get a personal with his wife. He was new at this work but he had heard a lot of wild stories. He shrugged his shoulders as Tim walked out the door, deciding he would see how things went. However, the last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize his license. A few minutes later, Steve saw Janice walk quietly into the room. He almost gasped. She looked gorgeous with her short robe barely covering her thighs. She also looked very uncomfortable. His first job would be to get her to relax.

“Nice to see you again, Mrs. Harwick,” Steve said with a boyish smile. He knew that his twinkling blue eyes and smile could be very disarming.

“Yes,” Janice answered in a noncommittal tone, glancing at the young man. He was wearing a skintight tee shirt that emphasized his strong chest and arms. Instead of shorts, he was wearing a pair of baggy exercise pants. The pants almost looked like harem pants, gathered in the front, tied at the waist, and held around his ankles with elastic. On his feet, he had a pair of white socks and running shoes. Janice had to admit that he did look very good: tan, young and fit like a beach boy or lifeguard.

“Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can take the robe off, then get on the table and cover up with this sheet. I have to get some supplies from the car.”

“Where’s my husband?”

“He said he had to run out to do some errands.”

Janice felt even more nervous now.

“Excuse me. I’ll be back in a minute,” Steve said.

After Steve walked out of the room, Janice stood nervously, fidgeting with the belt around her waist. She knew that she couldn’t wait long or he would be back. Quickly she stripped off her robe and got onto the table naked. She lay on her back and pulled the sheet up to her neck.

Steve came back into the room carrying a container of his massage supplies and a portable CD player. He saw Janice’s robe on the floor and that hershe was lying on the table. Good, he thought, at least she wouldn’t run out of the room screaming. He immediately noticed her large breasts covered by the thin sheet. He could already see the hard nipples poking through the material. “Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can turn over on your stomach and I will start with your shoulders first. Give me just a minute.”

Janice turned over and lay on her stomach. She saw Steve walking around the room placing scented candles here and there. He lit the candles then dimmed the lights in the room. Then he put some soft music on a portable CD player. When he was done, he took a position at the head of the table. Then he gently and neatly folded the sheet down her back until her upper body was bare. Janice squeezed her arms to her sides to keep him from seeing her breasts as they squished out to the sides.

Steve poured massage oil onto his hands and rubbed them together rapidly, making the oil warm.

Janice almost jumped when she felt his hands touch her shoulders. She could feel the material of his pants touch her head as he began to work on her shoulders, his hands strong and soothing.

“Wow! , You’re very tense. Just relax,” Steve said as he rubbed the warm, scented oil into her shoulders. Within a few minutes Steve could feel the muscles in her upper back begin to relax.

“Ummm!” Janice moaned in spite of herself as she felt his hands massaging the tension from her muscles.

Steve worked on her shoulders, and then moved down her arms until he reached her fingers. He took each one in his hand and rubbed them until they were limp. He moved on to her neck, then her back again, his hands sliding downward until he reached the end of her spine.

Janice found herself very relaxed as the young man continued to work his magic. When he moved from her head to her legs, she began to tense again. She felt him folding the sheet up until only her backside was covered. She felt exposed as she lay on the table naked but for the thin sheet across her buttocks. This is silly, she thought. He is a professional. Just relax and enjoy it.

Steve began to work on her feet, massaging the tension from them. Then he moved up her legs, caressing her ankles. He was very impressed with the muscle tone of her legs. “You have great legs,” Steve said. Then he blushed when he realized how his comment sounded. “Uh… uh… I mean you have great muscle tone in your legs.”

“Thank you, Steve,” Janice said realizing that the young man was as nervous as she was.

Steve began to move his hands on her tight calf muscles then up to her thighs. He couldn’t help but look at the juncture where the sheet covered the back of her thigh. If that sheet were only a couple of inches higher I would have a great view, he mused. Did she have panties on? he wondered. A little shiver of excitement went through him. You’re a professional, he told himself in admonishment. Then he remembered Mr. Hardwick’s instruction: –“Make sure she has fun.” As his hands worked up her thighs, they gently pushed the sheet a little higher. He heard Janice moan and realized that she was enjoying his fingers working the tightness out of her thighs. His fingers worked a little higher and toward the inside of her thighs.

Janice was truly enjoying the hands on her thighs. When she felt his fingers work toward the inside of her thighs she unconsciously moved her thighs a little bit apart. She didn’t realize that she was giving Steve a very intimate view between her legs.

Steve’s hands stopped for a moment when he realized that he could see between Janice’s thighs. He suppressed a gasp when he saw the puffy lips of her sex between her legs. No panties! he thought excitedly. He was also surprised that there wasn’t any hair on her pubic area. He knew that it wasn’t unusual for some women to shave. However, he didn’t picture this professor of law as one of them. Suddenly, he felt himself becoming erect. Down boy!

Janice realized that Steve’s hands had been between her thighs for quite some time. Still, it felt so good that she was reluctant to say anything.

Steve, felt his face flush hot as he continued to work on her thighs, gradually spreading them further apart. He knew that he was on the verge of stepping out of bounds. Excitement was taking over.

Janice felt fingers move perilously close to her vagina. Suddenly, she felt a little thrill run through her. Could he see anything? What if he could?

Steve regained control of himself and pulled the sheet down her thighs and over her back, covering her again. “You can turn over now, Mrs. Harwick.”

Janice sighed in relief, but she also felt a little disappointed. But disappointed at what? She wasn’t sure. Had she wanted the young man to go further? Her body was tingling all over, but not just from the massage.

Steve folded the sheet up Janice’s thighs again, exposing the front of her legs. He worked on her legs, slowly moving higher. The front looks just as good as the back, he thought. “Were you a runner?” he asked.

“As a matter of fact, I was. But that was a long time ago,” Janice said feeling pride that a young man still thought her legs looked pretty good.

“I thought so.”

Janice lay quietly, feeling his strong hands work up her thighs. Suddenly, she realized that her breathing was becoming more rapid. Her eyes were closed as she felt Steve sensuously work on her upper thigh muscles, kneading the flesh like cookie dough. Almost imperceptibly Janice moved her legs apart. She knew it was wrong but she felt thrills running through her. However, she still wasn’t sure what Steve could see.

Steve didn’t miss the subtle movement. As his hands squeezed her thighs, he pulled gently outward, causing her them to open wider. If only that sheet was an inch higher, he thought lecherously. With a shaking hand he reached up and folded the sheet back a little further as if it was nothing unusual. Suddenly, he had a clear view of her vagina. His eyes stared and his hands stopped moving when he saw the fat lips of her sex exposed in the dim light of the room. His penis sprang to hardness again.

Janice’s heart was pounding in her chest. There was little doubt that Steve could see her vagina. She should stop this. It wasn’t right to tease the young man. Still, what harm did it do? she reasoned. It was just a little teasing. Besides, didn’t Tim really want this? He loved it when she had done it to the boys at the shoe store.

Steve’s hands started moving again, working slowly up her legs.

Janice realized that Steve was leaning into the table and that her left hand, which was holding onto the table, was also touching the material of his pants. She almost gasped when she felt something hard touching her knuckles. Could that be his erection? Janice shivered again.

Steve felt her hand touching him. As much as he wanted to stop, he couldn’t. Subtly, his hips pressed forward, pushing his erect penis into her knuckles. He felt her hand move. Was that an accident? he thought.

Janice was holding her breath as her hand moved almost out of her control. It pressed toward the hardness. Then it slowly moved up and down, rubbing the backs of her fingers against his cloth-covered erection. There could be no doubt now that he was hard and that he knew what she was doing. Janice felt her vagina swell and her juice begin to coat her swollen sex lips.

Steve’s hips began to move up and down in time with her movement. He pressed harder into the hand as his fingers began to move further up her inner thigh. He continued to stare at the swollen lips, his hands moving on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. He could see her vagina begin to glisten with excitement. He knew that she was getting excited now. Boldly, he moved his fingers still higher until his little finger touched the smooth skin of the outer lip. It was just a delicate touch, almost like an accident. He heard Janice moan but she made no move to stop him. He looked up and saw that her eyes were still tightly closed. She was biting her lower lip.

Janice’s brain was screaming, No, No, but her excitement was screaming Yes, Yes.

Steve grew bolder and gently flicked his finger over the smooth skin until he reached the swollen inner lips. He thought he heard a little whimper and saw her hips begin to lift slightly off the table.

Janice had no doubt that this had gone beyond a professional massage. Yet she couldn’t move to stop him. Instead, her legs slid further apart, exposing her entire groin. “Ohhhh!!!” she whimpered as she felt Steve’s fingers slide between her swollen lips. He rubbed her gently, smearing her clear juice across the wrinkled inner lips. Then ever so slowly the finger began to slide inside her body. Janice held her breath as the finger continued until it was all the way inside her vagina.

“Oh God,” Janice whispered.

Steve was amazed at what was happening as he pulled his juice-covered finger from the clenching hole. He couldn’t believe that he using his finger on this beautiful woman. He knew it was wrong and very unprofessional but nothing could stop him now. Taking a chance, he reached up and pulled the sheet off of Janice’s chest. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw her gorgeous breasts exposed. The breasts were milky white with tan lines emphasizing their nakedness. The large brown nipples were hard and long, sitting proudly on her firm breasts. With one hand in her crotch, he reached up with the other and caressed a breast.

Janice moaned as Steve’s strong fingers began to play with one swollen nipple. At the same time she felt his finger begin to move slowly in and out of her wet hole. Her breath came in short gasps as this stranger’s hands caressed her breast and vagina. Her hips began to move up toward the probing finger in little jerks.

Steve removed the hand from her breast and untied the rope holding his pants up, letting them fall to his feet. He wore no underwear. Steve’s large penis stood proud in front of him and pulsed with forbidden excitement. He reached for Janice’s hand and picked it up. He could feel it trembling. Cautiously and gently, he placed it on his shaft, fearing her scream of indignation.

Janice almost jumped off the table when she felt the hot flesh in her hand. Her head lifted up and her eyes opened in shock as she looked down at his huge tool. It was much larger than Tim’s and had a gigantic purple head, dripping his clear juice. It was almost impossible to believe that she had another man’s penis in her hand. It was only the second penis besides Tim’s she had held since she had taken her marriage vows.

When Janice looked up at Steve, she saw his wide eyes staring down at her. She knew that he was waiting for her to stop him. She also knew that she should yet instead she moaned and closed her eyes again, laying her head back on the table. God, what if Tim saw me now? she thought.

What Janice didn’t know was that Tim could see her now. When he left the house, he drove down the block and parked the car. He snuck back to the house, letting himself in by the back door. He now stood in the shadows in the dinning room watching his wife and another man. Steve had his back to him so he obviously didn’t know he was there. He couldn’t see Steve’s penis but from Janice’s look it must be big. Tim held his own hard penis in his hand.

As Steve’s finger began to move in and out, Janice moved her hand on his rod. It filled her hand, barely letting her fingers touch. She wanted to look at it but couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes again. Somehow she thought that if she didn’t look, what she was doing wasn’t so bad.

Steve was incredibly excited now. He didn’t know what to look at — this woman’s beautiful vagina with his finger working in and out or her soft hand working on his throbbing penis. Then there were those gorgeous breasts. He moved his hand back to her chest and began to play with her nipple. He watched Janice began to squirm on the table. He thought about climbing on the table but realized that Tim could come back at anytime. Occasionally he would look out the window in front of him, watching for headlights. The table blocked his lower region so someone coming up in front of the house would not know he was naked from the waist down.

Janice became delirious with excitement. The fact that it was so wrong and against all of her upbringing added to the thrill. It was almost like she was flaunting her sexuality at all those narrow-minded people that had taught her that pleasures of the body were wrong.

“Oh God,” Janice moaned when Steve added another finger to her dripping hole. Her body began to shake and she knew that she was getting very close to losing control. Her hips lifted off the table as Steve began to move his fingers in and out rapidly, causing a squishing sound that echoed around the quiet room. Janice’s hand matched Steve’s fingers as it flew up and down the large shaft. “Ohhhhhh!!!” she cried as her vagina began to pulse around the probing fingers. The pulsing turned to shudders of excitement as a climax overtook her senses. She felt like all her relaxed muscles had tightened back into a knot. Janice moaned as her body convulsed in pleasure and her back arched off the table.

Steve watched in amazement as Janice trembled in pleasure, her hand halting its movement as her climax took over. The finger’s squeezed him tight as illicit pleasure consumed her.

It took Janice a few minutes for her to calm down. When she did, she realized that she still held Steve’s penis in her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at the large shaft. It was just as hard and maybe larger then it had been before. Incredibly, excitement still coursed through her. Throwing caution to the wind, she pulled Steve by his penis toward the head of the table. She turned on her side, her face just inches from his dripping organ. “Oh Jesus,” she whispered and opened her mouth and took him inside.

“Oh my God,” Steve hissed as he felt Janice’s mouth close around him. Normally Steve prided himself on his control. However, this was too much for him. Within seconds, he felt his balls tighten and his penis throb. He threw his head back and moaned as he began to pour his sperm into her sucking mouth.

Janice was a little surprised that Steve was coming so soon. I still have a lot to learn about men, she thought. Her cheeks bulged with Steve’s sperm. Without a thought, she began to swallow. It was thicker than Tim’s and tasted slightly different but she liked it. She moved her hand on the large shaft, milking him, pumping a little more of his sperm out. She couldn’t believe how much sperm he had. It must be the healthy diet, she thought with a smile. Finally, she couldn’t pump or suck any more sperm from his deflating penis.

As the head of his penis became sensitive, Steve moaned and pulled away, leaving Janice’s mouth with a pop.

Suddenly, from behind Steve, Janice saw movement. When she looked closer, she could see Tim staring back at her. Oh no! she thought.

Tim scurried from the dinning room, heading out the back door. He was breathing heavily as he rushed to his car. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life. It was all that he had imagined and more.

Steve was packing up his equipment when he saw the headlights in the driveway. Janice had climbed off the table without saying a word to him, put on her robe, and disappeared upstairs. She hadn’t even said goodbye. He couldn’t tell if she was upset or not, but, suddenly he felt guilty. He was worried that he had lost a customer, but more worried about his career as a professional masseuse

“I’ll be done here in a second, Mr. Harwick,” Steve said as innocently as possible when Tim walked into the house.

“No hurry, Steve. Did Janice have a good time?”

“I… uh… I think so,” Steve stuttered.

“Good. , Maybe I’ll call on you again.”

“Anytime,” Steve said as he hurried out of the house with his equipment.

Chapter 09

Tim gently opened the door to their bedroom and looked inside. He could see Janice lying on the bed, her face in the pillow. Slowly he walked over and sat next to her. When she didn’t move or acknowledge him, he pulled her up from the pillow. There were tears streaming down her cheek. Tim hugged her and she began to sob on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong,” Tim asked stupidly.

“You… you… know what’s wrong,” she sobbed.

“It’s okay sweetheart. I love you.”

“How… how can you say that after… after you saw what I just did?”

“I’m not mad, sweetie. I guessed that something was going to happen. I saw the electricity between the two of you at the gym.”

“You knew something was going to happen? Then why didn’t you didn’t stop it?” Janice asked drying her eyes on Tim’s shirt.

“I didn’t want it to stop. But you could have with the safe word. Janice, I think that was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life.

“You mean you enjoyed watching your wife sucking another man? You saw me swallow his sperm and you’re not jealous?” she asked incredulously. Again, she though about how little she knew about this man.

“Well, I really didn’t see you suck him or swallow his sperm. His ass was blocking my view,” Tim said in an attempt at humor. “But to answer your question, yes I did enjoy it and no I’m not jealous.” Tim pulled Janice to him for a passionate kiss.

Janice resisted the kiss at first, knowing what she had just done with her mouth. However, Tim was insistent. Janice could feel his passion as their tongues dueled. When she pulled away, her breath was coming in short gasps again, excitement coursing through her as well. God, what’s happening to me? she thought. I’m getting excited all over again.

“I love you,” Tim said and pushed her back on the bed, searching for her lips again. Janice pushed him away and sat up. “Tim, wait. I have to tell you something that has been bothering me for a long time.” It was time to fess up, to come clean, she thought.

“What?” Tim asked.

“Last year… uh… last year when I went to that convention in San Francisco, there was this guy there, a professor at a university. He… he and I… well, we went out one evening.” Janice stopped, tears coming to her eyes again.

“Yes? So what happened?” Tim said, clearly interested.

“Oh God, this is hard. We went out and I had a little too much to drink. He… he wanted me to come back to his room.” Janice stopped, still sniffling.

“And?” Tim said, with growing excitement.

“I didn’t go.”

“Oh.” There was a note of disappointment in Tim’s voice.

“But that’s not all. We… we went to his car and did stuff,” Janice continued elusively.

“What did you do?” Tim felt his penis spring to erection.

“You’re going to hate me. Tim, we sat in his car and he started kissing me. It was the wine, I sear.”

“Then what?” Come on, he thought.

“I… I let him open my blouse and he played with my breasts. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop him when he put his hand up my dress. He… he… he put his finger in me. Then he did like Steve did and pulled my hand to his… his… penis.” Janice turned and buried her head in Tim’s shoulder. She waited for the recriminations but none came. She could feel Tim’s chest moving up and down with his rapid breathing. When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes, fearing hate but seeing only excitement.

“Go on, please,” Tim said and caressed Janice’s face with his hand.

“We… didn’t actually have sex. He used his finger to get me off and I jerked on him until he came in my hand. Then I felt so guilty that I jumped out of his car and almost ran back to the hotel.” Janice paused for a long moment. “God, Tim, when I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I still had his cum dripping off my hand.” Janice began to sob again. “Do you hate me?” she asked, looking into his eyes. Again, she saw only excitement and love.

“No, I don’t hate you. I’m a little surprised but I’m glad you told me the truth.” Tim was more than a little surprised. He found it hard to imagine his demure and prudish wife jerking off some guy in a car. There has been a “screamer” inside her all along, he thought.

She had to tell him the whole truth. “Tim, the man is Dan Forsman. He’s the professor that is lecturing my class on Thursday. I am supposed to go to dinner with him Thursday night. It’s part of the job.”

“Really?” Tim said with great interest.

“Yes, but I can still cancel it.”

“No!” Tim said a little to loudly and too quickly. “I mean… uh… since he is already scheduled, it would be rude to cancel.”

“All right,” Janice said, surprised that Tim didn’t mind Dan being here or her going to dinner with him.

“Janice, I’m afraid that I have a confession to make as well.”

Janice sat up with interest.

“The week before last, after we had talked on the phone about our little game, Danielle came into my office. She could tell I was very excited about something. God she looked so sexy. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it she was… she was giving me a blo… she was sucking me off.”

Janice sat in stunned silence. It wasn’t entirely a surprise to her. She had seen his slut of a secretary. Suddenly, she felt a flash of anger. “Was that all you did?” she asked, trying to keep the anger out of her voice but thinking “that bitch!” She knew that it would be hypocritical to condemn Tim after what she had done, but she was running on emotions now.

“Yes, that was all. We had never done anything before that day. She was always willing but I really only want you.”

Immediately Janice’s anger dissipated. She felt her heart swell with love. “Well, I guess we have that off of our chests. Now where do we go from here?”

“Well, for starters, you can take care of this,” Tim said and brought Janice’s hand to his hard penis.

Star Lingam Massage London

“Oh my!” she said. “So you really were excited by watching me and Steve?” Janice said as she pulled his zipper down and removed his pulsing erection. Her own vagina was still quivering and swollen. “I think I can take care of your little problem,” she said and pulled Tim over onto the bed on top of her. She opened her legs and let him slip insider her, not bothering to let him undress.

“Oh God, sweetheart,” Tim moaned as his penis slid into his wife. At that moment, he loved her more than he ever had.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered, her hands pulling his ass down, forcing him deeper into her ready vagina.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Tim moaned as his hips began to work up and down.

“Just… just one more thing sweetie,” Janice whispered between gasping for breath. “Promise me… promise me you won’t do anything with Danielle anymore.”

At that point, Tim would have agreed to anything. “Sure baby, anything,” he gasped as he worked toward a climax.

“Good. Now fuck me! Fill me with that sweet cum,” Janice breathed. Then, incredibly she whispered, “Yes sweetie, fill my pussy like my mouth was filled by Steve a few minutes ago. He was so big and came so much that I could hardly swallow it all.”

“Oh Jesus Christ,” Tim moaned and pumped a huge load into his climaxing wife.

The two lovers clung to each other as their bodies convulsed in pleasure. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 10

The following morning, Tim took Janice out to breakfast. He could immediately see a change in her. She was bubbly and excited. The incident with the law professor had obviously been weighing heavily on her mind. Still, it could have been what had happened with Steve yesterday. They hadn’t mentioned that yet.

“What’s up today,” Janice asked with a smile.

“Well, I thought we would relax and go for a little ride. I’ve been wanting to see the new museum over in Rockton.”

Rockton was a town of a couple hundred thousand people, about fifty miles down the road. It was known for its nightlife. In fact, they had a couple of American Indian casino’s that attracted people from all around.

“All right… that sounds exciting,” Janice said half sarcastically.

“I figure we can get a room over there and spend the night. I will lay out the clothes I want you to bring.” Then Tim smiled devilishly.

Janice knew that something was up. She knew that they wouldn’t just be going to see a museum.

Later that day Tim loaded a suit carrier into the car with clothes for Janice. He had her dress in a pair of very tight, but not obscene, shorts. She wore a tube top that covered her breasts but still allowed her nipples to be clearly seen. The outfit was risqu‚ but acceptable to Janice. However, Tim didn’t let her get off that easily. He brought out the remote controlled penis and made her insert it before she put her shorts on. Tim was pleased that she was much less resistant this time. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

Several times during the trip, Tim tested the device, just to make sure it worked, or so he said. Janice knew better.

Tim held Janice’s hand as they walked around the modern art museum. In his pocket, he held the control device. This time Tim’s intent was to excite Janice in preparation for the night’s activity. Every time they stopped to look a piece of art, Tim would turn the device on. He would smile as Janice squirmed. However, she never asked him to turn it off. Maybe she likes it, he thought, or maybe she is just resigned to her fate. Either way, the vibrations were doing their job. Several times during the tour, she had to stop in the ladies room and wipe herself or risk wetting the crotch of her shorts. By the time they left the museum, Janice was incredibly excited.

They registered at the hotel, then went to dinner. Tim had Janice dress in one of her conservative business suits. It was blue with white pin stripes. The skirt was pleated, modestly short and had a matching jacket. The only really unusual thing was that Tim had brought a silky and totally see -through blouse, which she would wear under the jacket. The blouse was meant to be worn under a shirt. If she took her jacket off, her entire top half would be exposed. Finally, Tim had her put on the obligatory thigh- highs and high heels. From a distance, Janice looked like the conservative professor that she was. However, both she and Tim knew the truth.

The hotel where they were staying at had a large nightclub where all the singles and swingers met. It was known around town as the “meat market” because it was assumed that if you went there you wanted to pick someone up or be picked up. However, Janice knew nothing of this.

It was after 9 PM when they returned to back at the hotel. They stood outside the nightclub when Tim said, “I want you to go into the nightclub.”

“Alone?” Janice asked surprised.

“No. I will come in after you. I want you to tease some men in there for my entertainment.”

“Tim!” Janice balked.

“Are you refusing?”

“Uh… uh no, but what am I supposed to do?”

“I want you to have a little fun. Tease some of the guys. Get them worked up. I want to watch. It’s perfectly safe. I’ll be there all the time.”

“What do you mean by tease?”

“Whatever you want it to mean. It’s up to you.”

Suddenly a little thrill ran through Janice. “Anything?” she asked.

“Well, anything you can do in a crowded nightclub,” Tim said with a smile.

“All right, if that’s what you want. But I might get carried away.”

“Sure,” Tim said in sarcastically.

Janice turned in a huff. I’ll show him, she thought.

“Wait,” Tim said. “Take off your wedding ring.”

“That doesn’t work. They won’t think I’m single. My fingers are tan and you can still see where my ring was.”

“That’s okay. I want them to think that you are an overworked and frustrated married lady.”

Janice sighed and pulled her rings off and handed them to Tim. Then she turned and walked into the dark nightclub. She stopped and let her eyes adjust to the dim light. The bar was horseshoe shaped and was about half full. There were booths on two levels and a dance floor. A rock band was tuning up.

Tim followed Janice into the bar and took a seat on the opposite side where he could see her. He watched her order a drink. Then he waited. Within minutes there was a guy talking to her. Tim could see her laughing and talking. Then several more came up and gathered around her. Tim felt a moment of pride as he watched his wife attract men like flies.

Janice was flattered that she was receiving so much attention. It gave a great boost to her ego. Without realizing it, she had had several strong drinks. She knew that she had better slow down when she felt her head getting a little light. When one of the guys asked her to dance, she figured that was a way to get away from the bar and sober up a bit. Out on the dance floor she danced to a fast song then came back. No sooner was she back then another guy asked her to dance. Soon she had danced with five or six different guys. They were all nice, however, there were two who seemed particularly nice. They seemed to be friends.

Both men were tall, with dark good looks. In fact, they looked a lot alike.

Tim watched as most of the other guys faded away, looking for other women. When he looked around he saw that the club was almost filled with of people. It was getting difficult to see Janice so he waited until a seat closer to her opened at the bar.

Tom and Jerry seemed very nice, Janice thought (if Tom and Jerry were really their names.). As the men got to know Janice they grew more intimate. They would put their hands on her back or her thigh, whispering things to her. She would laugh at their jokes and lean into them. When a slow song came on, Tom grabbed her hand and tried to take her onto the dance floor. The lights grew dimmer as the song started.

“Wait,” Janice said and took her jacket off, feeling she the dim lights would protect her.

“Wow,” both men said at the same time when they saw Janice’s see-thru blouse.

Janice blushed but thrust her chest out, knowing both men could see her breasts and hard nipples under the thin blouse.

Tim almost gasped himself as he watched his wife take her jacket off. While it was dim in the bar, he could still see that she was almost naked on top.

“You are one beautiful and sexy lady,” Tom whispered as he pulled her too him on the dance floor.

“Thank you,” Janice said sincerely.

“God, I can see your naked breasts under your blouse. You know you are turning me on, don’t you?” Tom said and pressed his groin into her.

“Yes, I can feel it,” Janice said with a giggle.

Tom’s hands slid down Janice’s back until they were resting on her buttocks. Her ass flesh felt warm in his hands. “I bet Jerry that you weren’t wearing panties.”

“You win,” she answered boldly. She heard Tom gasp and felt his hands begin to squeeze her buttocks. In response she pressed harder into his groin, feeling his erection squeezed between them. She was getting very excited.

When the song ended, Tom walked her back over to the bar and let her sit on a stool between him and Jerry. “I win,” he said to Jerry.

“I don’t believe it,” Jerry said, and placed his hand on her thigh. “I’m not paying the fifty bucks without proof,” he said and slid her skirt up until the tops of her nylons were showing.

Janice could feel both men’s eyes on her legs. She spread them apart and heard them gasp. However, she doubted that they could really see anything in the dim light of the bar.

“There’s a booth opening up over there,” Tom said, pointing to a booth on the first level. “Come on,” he said, pulling Janice by the hand.

Janice glanced at Tim. She saw that he was smiling at her. She followed Tom, with Jerry walking behind them. When they got to the booth, Tom slid in, then Janice and Jerry. When they were situated, Jerry said, “I’m still not convinced you aren’t wearing panties. Prove it.”

“Come on guys,” Janice giggled, “Take my word for it.”

“Not for fifty bucks,” Jerry said.

“Come on, just a quickie,” Tom begged.

Janice looked around and couldn’t see Tim. She was a bit trapped.

“Come on, come on,” both men said.

Janice felt her heart racing. Tim said to tease them anyway she wanted. Slowly Janice reached down and began to pull her skirt up. Everyone held their breath as Janice’s thighs were bared. Inch by inch the skirt moved upward. Soon the soft skin of her thighs above the nylons was visible. Suddenly, both men gasped as they saw Janice’s swollen sex between her legs. Janice couldn’t believe what she was doing as she held her skirt to her waist and let the two men look at her. She even spread her thighs apart.

Both men groaned when she let it drop back to her knees. “God, baby, you have gotten me so hot,” Tom said. He turned in the booth and said, “Look at what you’ve done.”

Janice giggled as she looked down and saw his erection tenting his pants.

Not to be outdone, Jerry grabbed Janice’s hand and pulled it to his hard penis.

Janice sucked in her breath in surprise. However, she didn’t pull her hand away.

“No fair,” Tom said and placed her other hand onto his erect penis.

Janice thought she was going to pass out as she felt two penises throb in her hands. Her vagina was pulsing and leaking onto the back of her skirt. She squeezed both penises, feeling the heat radiating through their pants. Suddenly, both men placed their hands on her thigh and pushed her skirt up again. Her hands were occupied so she let them push her skirt back to her waist. Then their hands pulled on her thighs, opening her legs wide under the table. “Oh God,” she moaned when both men moved their fingers to her swollen sex. She closed her eyes as her breathing became very difficult.

Tom smiled over at Jerry. He pulled his hand away and quickly unzipped his pants. Jerry did the same thing.

Janice barely noticed what was happening until she felt both bare penises in her hand. She opened her eyes in shock and looked from one hand to the other. She couldn’t believe that she was holding the shafts of two strangers in a public bar. Then she gasped when first Tom then Jerry pushed a finger into her hole.

“God is she wet,” Tom said as his finger moved in and out next to Jerry’s.

Tim couldn’t believe what was happening either. He had taken a position on the top level where he had a good view of the booth below. His eyes were open in amazement as he watched the three in the booth.

“Pretty wild huh!”

A guy standing beside him startled Tim. “What?” he said.

“I said that it’s pretty wild what those two guys get away with.”

“What do you mean?” Tim asked.

“Well, those two guys are brothers. They come here all the time looking for lonely ladies. They got themselves a real hot one this time.”

Tim watched his wife lay back between the two guys as they fingered her. He could see her hand stroking their penises.

“I’ll bet you they get a blow job,” the guy said.

“I… I don’t think so,” Tim answered, his face showing his shock. However, he could feel his penis throbbing in his pants.

“Just watch.”

It didn’t take long for the guy on the left to reach up and put his hand behind Janice’s neck.

Janice resisted. However, she wasn’t thinking right. The liquor she had consumed was controlling her now. Her hips were moving back and forth on the probing finger and her hands continued to move on the shafts of the two men. Now she felt pressure on her neck. Suddenly she knew what he wanted. She wanted to look around for Tim but the pressure had increased. Slowly she allowed her head to be pulled down until her mouth was inches for Tom’s penis. She was close enough to smell him. Janice was out of control now. An animal like moan escaped her lips as her mouth opened and she took the penis into her mouth. “Mmmmmm!!!” The thick head filled her mouth. The finger between her legs continued to move in and out, driving her mad with desire.

“That’s it baby, suck it,” Tom moaned, pushing Janice’s head down on his throbbing penis.

Tim watched his prudish wife sucking a stranger in a bar and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He wanted to pull his own penis out but had nowhere to hide. He had to be content with watching for now.

“Come on, let me have some,” Jerry said and pulled Janice’s head from his brother.

Janice didn’t even try to resist as her mouth was pulled over to the other penis. Soon, she was moving back and forth without any instruction. She would suck Tom for a minute or two then move to Jerry. Her head would move up and down as her mouth sucked and slobbered over one penis then the other. She made little whimpering sounds in her throat as her mouth worked to give the men pleasure.

It didn’t take long for the two men gasp that they were close to a climax. When Tom moaned that he was getting ready to cum, a momentary feeling of shame came over her but was quickly replaced by lust. She sucked harder. Suddenly, Tom moaned and pushed his hips up at her mouth. A gasp came from above her and the penis in her mouth throbbed and began to erupt. She swallowed repeatedly as his penis filled her mouth with warm, thick sperm. Tom had barely stopped cumming when Jerry pulled her over to his rampant erection. Her mouth didn’t even reach his penis before it began to squirt. A long string of cum hit her in the face before she could cover it with her mouth. She took the rest into her mouth, swallowing it all. Soon, his penis went limp in her mouth.

“Wow, thank you baby,” Tom said in an exhausted whisper. “Likewise for me,” Jerry said. Then the two men zipped up and unceremoniously left the booth, leaving Janice stunned and frustrated.

Janice was in shock, cum dripping from her face. Then someone was sliding into the booth next to her. She looked at the man for a second before she realized that it was Tim. “Oh God Tim,” she moaned, now embarrassed.

“Come on, let’s go to the room,” Tim said, pulling Janice from the booth. He hurried her out of the nightclub and up the elevator to their room. They were barely inside the door when Tim was stripping his wife. Some of their clothes were ripped as they hastened to get naked. Tim pushed Janice to the floor and opened her legs. His head moved between her thighs and began to suck her incredibly swollen lips into his mouth.

Janice suddenly pushed Tim over until he was on his back. She straddled his face and sat down. She was so wet that Tim had to swallow over and over or risk drowning.

“Oh Tim, suck me, suck meeeeee!!!!” Janice screamed as her hips pressed down on his face. Her hips moved up and down on his face like she was sitting on a penis. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure as an incredible climax overtook her. It seemed to go on and on, juice pouring from her hole like a water faucet.

When she let Tim come up for air, she looked down at her husband sprawled on the floor. His face was literally covered with her juice. She smiled and reached up to her own face and used a finger to scoop off the remaining cum on her cheek and put it into her mouth.

Tim moaned and pushed Janice to the floor under him. He moved between her legs and slid his penis into her still sopping vagina. His lips met hers as he began to pump up and down rapidly. “I can’t last long baby,” Tim warned.

“Oh God, cum. Cum in me. Please cum in me,” Janice whined as she built to another climax. When she felt her husband tense and pump his cum into her, she went over the top again, shaking with pleasure.

Chapter 11

Janice was staring at her husband in the morning light coming through the hotel window. She studied his handsome face. Who was this man laying next to her? A few short weeks ago she thought that she knew him. Now she realized that she really knew very little about him. She realized that they had never shared their inner secrets, all those intimate thoughts that only come out when a couple is truly honest. Had they been living a lie? She wasn’t sure. However, she did know that she truly loved this man, maybe more now than before.

“What are you staring at?” Tim whispered as he opened his eyes and saw her eyes studying his face.

“My lover and my husband,” Janice answered and moved closer to him, pressing her naked body to his and kissing his lips.

They kissed and snuggled in the comfortable bed for a long time, whispering sweet nothings. It was more intimate than they had been in years, maybe since their honeymoon. It was strange how much closer they felt now.

Finally, Tim had to ask the question that was on his mind. “Are… uh… are you okay with what happened last night?” he asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know,” Janice said and took a deep breath. “I… I… feel like such a slut. Yet, I also feel so… so… I don’t know… desirable I guess is the word.” Janice rolled over, looking at the ceiling. It was great having all those men vying for my attention. Then those two, what were their names? Tom and Jerry. Yea, right! But I do have to say they had nice coc… oh, I’m sorry,” Janice said, fearing she had gone too far.

“It’s okay sweetie. I saw you sucking their cocks. I loved it!” Tim said with a big smile.

“I love how we are communicating and how close I feel to you right now. But…” Janice hesitated. “You don’t think I went too far, do you?”

Tim snuggled next to her. “Of course not. I told you that you were free to go as far as you could in a busy nightclub. I guess I just didn’t expect you to… to… you know.”

“Suck their cocks,” Janice answered for him.


“Well, I warned you,” she laughed.

Tim laughed with her. “You know what? I love you more than I ever thought I could.”

“I feel the same about you sweetheart. But there is something that I still don’t understand.”


“How… how can you watch me do… do stuff with other men and not get jealous?”

Tim was silent for a while. “I guess I do get jealous. I think that’s part of the excitement. I can’t explain it but I feel this excitement in the pit of my stomach. When I saw you with Steve and then those two guys last night, I was so excited. I felt something strange. It’s almost pride, like I own you. I know that ‘own’ is the wrong word but it’s like… like I’m just letting the men have a taste of you but afterward, you are mine.”

“You mean me having a taste of them,” Janice said with a smile.

Tim smiled at Janice. She is really warming up to this, he thought. “I have read that the biggest fantasy that men have is watching their wives with other men.”

“Playboy again?” Janice said with a smile.

“No, I think it was Cosmo.”

“Touch‚,” Janice laughed. “I know it’s not the same for women. I’m sure I wouldn’t feel excitement watching you with another woman. I got very jealous when you told me about Danielle. Yet, I have done almost the same thing. I guess it’s a double standard.”

“Don’t worry I don’t mind the double standard. I promise I don’t want anyone but you,” Tim said sincerely.

“I’ll take you up on that promise. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to me that you get excited watching me with someone else. I guess I’ll never understand men,” Janice smiled and kissed Tim again.

Tim could see lust in his wife’s eyes.

“I think my slut pussy could use a little attention,” Janice said as she lifted the sheets and spread her legs.

Tim got the message and didn’t hesitate. He began to kiss down his wife’s warm body, stopping to suck on her nipples until they were hard and dripping his saliva. Teasingly, he licked down her stomach, tickling her as his head disappeared under the sheets. When he got to her groin, he worked around her vagina, kissing her thighs but avoiding her swollen lips. Suddenly, he felt Janice grab his hair and roughly pull his mouth between her legs. It was apparent that she wasn’t in the mood to be teased. He didn’t resist and began to suck her lips into his mouth, tasting her sweet juice. The smell of her arousal and the taste made his head spin. Within minutes, Janice was screaming in pleasure.

When Janice had recovered, she pulled Tim up, opening her legs in invitation.

Tim resisted. “No, I want to wait until tonight.”

“Why?” Janice asked in surprise.

“Because tonight I’m going to fuck your ass!”

“Oh God, Tim,” Janice said closing her eyes.

“You can always use the safe word,” Tim reminded her.

“Not a chance,” Janice said with confidence. However, she didn’t feel confident. She had felt the same was about oral sex and now she loved it. This was very different though. Besides being so wrong and against all her old beliefs, it was so nasty. She was also afraid of having something up “there.” She knew that Tim would be gentle but she was certain that it would hurt. Still, she wasn’t about to use the safe word. It was clear to her that if she were going to win this contest, she wouldn’t be able to use the safe word even once. It was going to be difficult to get Tim to use the safe word once, let alone twice. No, she wouldn’t use the safe word, no matter what.

Tim had Janice dress for the day in a pair of hot pink short shorts and a white tube top. The shorts barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks and would ride up between the crack as she walked. The top molded to her breasts, emphasizing their size and fullness. He also had her put on a pair of very high heels.

Janice put the clothes on begrudgingly. She knew that she would look like a slut and again hoped that she wouldn’t see anyone that she knew.

They were planning to spend a little time in the casinos then head home.

Tim smiled proudly as he walked his wife through the casino. He knew that most people thought he had a hooker with him. That thought somehow excited him.

Janice could feel her face flush as she saw the looks of the men. Their eyes would follow her as she walked by. She could almost feel their eyes on her ass. She was embarrassed but also excited by the attention. Some of the women almost had a look of hatred in their eyes. Too bad, they are just jealous, she thought.

It turned into a fun and profitable day for Tim and Janice. They won a $1000 jackpot at one of the machines and promptly went out and spent it on more clothes for her. This time they bought some less than conservative business clothes. The clothes were all professional but the skirts were tighter and shorter than any she had and the blouses were frillier and more revealing. Her students were certainly noticing the change. It was going to be a new Professor Harwick that returned to school next week. She was already more aware of her sexuality and now her new dress would make that obvious to everyone. Janice was beginning to like the new person.

On the way out of town, Tim saw an old movie theater. It caught his eye because of the title of the movie that was showing: “Anal Virgins.” Tim didn’t even know that theaters showed porno movies anymore. He thought video was the only source of dirty movies. He hit the brakes and turned around at the intersection.

It was in a seedy neighborhood but there was a parking lot right next door and he was pretty sure that the theater wouldn’t be crowded at two in the afternoon.

“Why are we stopping?” Janice asked as they pulled into the parking lot. “I heard there is a good movie playing here,” Tim answered.

Janice hadn’t noticed the marquee. She did a double take as they walked around the corner and she saw the title. A little rush of excitement ran through her. She looked around her as Tim got the tickets. The large old homes in the area were beautiful but run down and some were boarded up. It was definitely a run- down section of town. Across the street, there were two women dressed with impossibly short skirts and low cut tops, showing their wares. Janice realized that they were hookers as they bent over to talk to potential clients in cars. Suddenly, she realized that her short shorts and heels made her look like she fit into this neighborhood. She saw the tired old man behind the glass ticket booth look at her with eyes that had seen everything. Janice suspected that he thought that she was a hooker going into the theater with her “john.”

They paid the admission and they went into the theater. It was a large old opera theater with remnants of grander times from 30 or 40 years ago. The lobby had tall ceilings with ornate moldings and etchings of famous paintings from the Renaissance period.

Tim didn’t bother with any popcorn or soda, walking quickly past the concession stand and through the curtains into the theater, pulling Janice behind him. The movie was already playing.

Janice’s eyes opened wide as she saw the action on the big screen. A young girl was taking the largest penis Janice had ever seen up her ass. Her moans and cries came from every corner of the theater. When she felt Tim tugging on her hand, she realized that she had stopped in the middle of the isle. As her eyes adjusted, she could see that there were ten or so patrons in the theater scattered around, slumped in their seats. She followed Tim to the back of the theater, taking seats in the last row. Several of the men turned and watched them walk past. She could feel their eyes. Was she swaying her ass too much as she walked up the isle?

“Tim, this is crazy,” Janice whispered when they were seated.

“I know, but I though you needed a little education,” he answered and reached over and caressed her bare thigh lovingly. Tim was a little uncomfortable himself but felt excited as well. It was so unlike him to be spontaneous or a risk taker.

When their eyes went back to the screen, the man with the large penis had pulled it from the small girl’s ass and was shooting a huge load onto her ass cheeks and her incredibly stretched ass hole. Janice couldn’t suppress a gasp of surprise. The scene was incredible gross but exciting nonetheless. Then the movie switched to another young girl and her boyfriend sitting on a living room sofa. The acting was poor and the dialogue stupid but the people were very attractive. The boy was trying to convince the girl that she should let him have anal sex. She was reluctant but was caving in quickly as he began to play with her breast and kiss her passionately.

Janice could feel her excitement grow as she watched the young couple make out. She was so engrossed in the scene that she barely noticed Tim’s hand until it was under her tube top and playing with her breast. A little moan escaped her lips as she watched the two on the screen get naked. Then the boy pushed the young girl back on the sofa and lifted her legs high in the air. Janice gasped and her hips began to squirm on the seat when she saw the boy begin to lick the young girl’s asshole. She could almost feel the tongue on her own little rear hole. An illicit shiver of pleasure rushed through her.

Within minutes, the boy was sliding his penis into the girl’s ass. Janice watched carefully. While the passion was probably fake, Janice could see that the girl was not in any apparent pain. Soon, he was pounding in and out with rapid and deep strokes. It went on for a long time before the moaned that he was he was going to cum. He pulled his penis from the girl’s ass, leaving her hole gaping. Janice couldn’t believe it when the girl spun around, brought his penis to her mouth, and sucked it inside. Then as he neared climax, the boy pulled his penis out of her mouth and began to squirt his sperm onto the girl’s smiling face. Immediately, another scene started with a bored housewife watching a young man clean her pool. In each segment, the anal sex was nastier than the last.

Tim was watching Janice more than he was the movie. He could see her glassy eyes focused on the screen and her breath coming in rapid gasps. As he played with her nipples, he slowly, and without her noticing, pushed her top up until both breasts were exposed. Then he bent his head and sucked one exposed nipple inside his mouth.

“Oh God,” Janice moaned when she realized that her breasts were uncovered. She watched nervously as four or five of the patrons moved around into seats closer to them so they could watch. It frightened Janice to see all these men staring at her, their hands now inside their pants. However, there was also a thrill deep inside her. It was all so surrealistic. It couldn’t be innocent Janice Harwick, law professor, and pillar of the community, sitting half-naked in a public movie theater letting a bunch of perverts look at her.

“Tim… Tim,” Janice whispered.

It took a minute for Tim to realize that Janice was calling his name. He looked up and saw that now everyone in the theater was watching them. “I guess we better get out of here before we cause a riot,” Tim said.

“You’re right,” Janice answered nervously. She saw the disappointment on the faces of the voyeurs as she let Tim pull her to her feet. When she tried to pull the top down though, Tim grabbed her hand whispered for her to leave it up.

Janice’s legs were trembling as she walked up the aisle, her breast exposed and bouncing with each step. She could feel every eye in the place on her. Her vagina was throbbing and squishing between her legs. As she walked out of the curtains and into the lobby, she heard several men groan in pleasure or frustration. Suddenly, she was standing in the lobby with her breasts still exposed. There were a few men getting popcorn and a young woman behind the counter. Janice’s face turned red when she saw the girl looking at her with a big smile. The men turned to look at her as well. Tim pulled her toward the front of the theater but would not let her pull her top down until they got to the door. She sighed with relief when he pulled her top over her breasts just as they stepped outside into the bright sunlight.

Tim rushed Janice out to the car and sped off the lot. He was now suddenly in a hurry to get home.

Janice slid close to Tim and pulled one of his hands to her crotch. She moaned as his fingers began to rub across the tight material of her damp crotch.

Tim looked down and gasped; Janice’s crotch was stained dark with her juices. He could feel it seeping through to his fingers.

As soon as they were in the house, Janice was crawling all over Tim. “Wait… wait sweetie,” he said. “Let’s take it slow. You go and take a nice shower and I’ll lay out some clothes I want you to wear.”

Janice moaned in frustration but knew that he was controlling things. “Just one little suck,” she pleaded as she grabbed the bulge in his pants. Without waiting for permission, she slid down and opened his zipper. In a second, she had his penis out and was sucking on it and moaning. When she felt Tim take her head in his hands and begin to move it back and forth, she knew that she had him. She thought that she would suck him off, and then get him to eat her. Maybe he would forget about the anal sex. She was very wrong.

Tim watched his wife on her knees sucking him enthusiastically and realized that she had grown to love sucking him now. Her actions were not of a woman that was doing it just to please her man. He also knew that she was trying to delay the inevitable and in fact, he had counted on that. There was no doubt that, in his excited state, when he tried to put his penis into her anus he would last about one second. Janice was unknowingly taking the edge off his excitement. He would be able to last far longer after he had a climax.

Janice worked on Tim’s penis with all her recently learned skills. She used her hand to work up and down his shaft as her mouth sucked the head. She smiled to herself at her cleverness.

“Oh God, baby,” Tim moaned as he felt his climax approach. Just as he was about to shoot into her mouth, Janice pulled his penis out like the girl in the movie had done. He watched it total amazement as she aimed it at her face, letting the first blast hit her square in the forehead. He realized that she was mimicking the movie by letting his sperm cover her face. He was more than happy to comply.

Janice almost giggled as blast after blast hit her in the face. It was so nasty and exciting to feel his warm sperm covering her face. She had read that some women felt this was humiliating and demeaning but she didn’t feel that way at all. It gave her a sense of power and made her body tremble with excitement. Besides, Cosmo said that sperm was good for your skin.

After the last squirt hit her face, Janice smiled up at her husband, her face covered with his cream. Her tongue came out and licked some of the goo that had run across her lips, smiling as she swallowed.

Tim looked down at his wife with amazement. He couldn’t believe that she had done that. “Thanks sweetie,” he said sincerely. “I was so worked up that I’m sure I would have never gotten into your ass.”

Janice’s smile turned to a frown as she realized what she had done. Suddenly she knew that she had been tricked. “You tricked me,” she said with mock anger. Still, she had to smile as she felt his sperm continue to run down her face and drip onto her chest.

Chapter 12

An hour later Janice came out of the bathroom to find the room lit with candles and an outfit for her laying one the bed. She saw a note on the bed next to the clothes.

“Sweetheart, I wanted to tell you how much I love you. I know that you are apprehensive about what we are going to do. You know that I would never hurt you. I will be gentle, but if it is too painful for you, I will stop and it will not cost you a safe word. Please put on the outfit I left on the bed. I will be up in a few minutes. Love, Tim.”

Janice felt tears in her eyes as she read the note. God, she loved this man, she thought. She put on the outfit then looked in the mirror. It was a white teddy with garter straps and matching white nylons. The material was stretchy lace and was almost see- through. The front covered the crotch but still allowed her shaved sex lips to be plainly seen. The back of the outfit was only a thin string, leaving her buttocks bare. She almost looked like the young girl he married ten years earlier.

Janice was lying in the center of the bed when Tim came into the room wearing a short bathrobe. His eyes never left his wife as he walked over to the bed. She was the only thing in the room and everything else faded. He was almost shaking as he dropped his robe, crawled onto the bed, and pulled her into his arms. Their lips met without a word. Within seconds, both of them were moaning in excitement.

Tim worked to kiss every exposed area of Janice’s body that he could reach. Then he turned her over and looked at his prize. Her sexy buttocks were white and smooth, without a blemish or freckle. He felt her tremble as his hands touched them, gently running his fingers across her soft flesh. He could see goose bumps appear on the skin. Slowly, he bent his head and kissed first one cheek then the other.

“Get on your knees,” Tim said in a hoarse whisper.

Janice moved to her knees and looked back at Tim. She saw a look of wonder in his eyes as he stared at her bare buttocks. Then she watched him crawl between her legs, his hands reaching out to grasp her cheeks. She laid her head on the bed and groaned as Tim spread her cheeks open. She was embarrassed and excited by the view that she knew he was getting. No one had ever looked at her like this. She felt incredibly exposed. “Oh my God,” she moaned as she felt his tongue touch the top of her crack where the little string started. She gasped for breath as she felt his tongue begin to slide down between the cheeks. God, he wasn’t going to… “Ohhhhhh!!!”

Tim could taste her flesh as his tongue move between her damp cheeks. He pulled the little string away and looked at her pulsing anus then dropped his head and began to lick. He could hear Janice moaning into the pillow but it was muffled, coming from a place far off. There was a roaring in his ears at his own nastiness.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” Janice whispered. When she felt Tim force his tongue into her tiny back hole, she lifted her head and screamed. It’s so nasty, so perverted, she thought. Yet, her hips pushed back into the probing tongue wanting it to go deeper. Janice never knew that her anal area was so sensitive. She could feel every touch, every lick.

Tim was going mad with lust. Never in his wildest imagination did he think his innocent wife would let him do this to her. He was going to make the most of it. His tongue and mouth worked her little hole until it was pulsing with need. He sucked and licked like a starved man. When he pulled away, he watched it open and close like it wanted something to fill it again. He knew just what that something was.

Janice’s moved her buttocks back and forth in excitement, her head buried in the pillow again. Her lungs gasped for breath. She felt Tim moving behind her and knew what was going to happen. Then she felt something cool, almost soothing on her anus. A gasp escaped her as she felt a finger probe the hole then move slowly into her. It felt strange, not painful, almost soothing. She had never had anything stuck up there before, not even her doctor’s finger. She groaned when the finger pulled back out, leaving her hole wanting.

Tim coated a second finger and placed both on the little hole. With gradually increasing pressure, he pushed the two fingers inside. It felt warm and smooth inside his wife’s secret place. He could feel the muscles caressing his fingers. It was impossible to tell if they wanted him to press inward or pull out. He pressed inward. There was a louder moan from Janice as both fingers went all the way inside her. Then he gently worked them back and forth and around, trying to relax and open her for the larger object to come. He worked for some time, making sure she was lubricated and stretched. When he thought she was sufficiently relaxed he pulled the fingers out and watched the tiny hole remain stretched for a second before closing again.

It was time. Tim leaned over to his wife and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your ass now, sweetheart. If I hurt you tell me and I will ease up. If you really want me to stop, use the code word. It won’t count and I will stop.” Tim got between his wife’s legs again. He poured some lubricant onto his hand and rubbed it across his erection until it was shining and slick. Then he moved closer, lifting up and placing the swollen head at the tiny hole. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he began to push. He watched as the little hole stretched, the skin gradually covering half the head of the penis. The largest portion of the head was still outside when he paused for a second. He listened for any word from Janice. When he heard nothing but her heavy breathing, he pushed hard.

“Ohhhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!” Janice moaned as she felt the head slip into her body. Her hands were gripping the bed sheet tight as her body tensed. Relax, she told herself.

Tim was amazed as he watched the small hole stretch around his large head. It gripped him tight, just below the crown. When he heard no protest from Janice, he began to push forward again. He heard Janice grunt but no words came from her. Soon most of his penis was inside her body. Then, with one final push, he was buried to his balls.

“Oh God, oh Jesus, oh, oh,” Janice moaned incoherently.

Slowly Tim began to pull out, watching the grasping hole try to keep him inside. When he was almost all of the way out, he pushed back in. This time he joined his wife in moaning. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was all that he had imagined and more.

Janice was surprised that it hadn’t hurt. She had felt momentary pain when the head slipped inside but other than that, there was only a pleasant fullness. Now she could feel his penis deep inside her, stretching her. She thought she could feel the head pulsing against her sensitive walls. However, she knew that that couldn’t be possible. She moved one hand between her legs and rubbed her swollen vagina through the crotch of the teddy. Then her finger slipped under the material and into her body. “Oh yes,” she moaned when she felt Tim’s penis on the other side of the tiny sheath of skin. “Fuck me,” she screamed suddenly.

Tim almost jumped in surprise at her words.

“Please, please fuck my ass,” she cried, delirious with need.

Tim began to move in and out, slowly at first but soon he was moving at a steady pace. The same pace as he would have used inside her vagina. This hole was much tighter than her vagina and required him to push and pull harder. His own breathing was labored as he got to his feet, squatting with his knee’s bent, and began to pound into his wife’s ass. He could feel her finger moving in and out of her vagina as his penis worked in and out at the same time.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh Jesus, Tim…” Janice moaned as a climax began somewhere deep inside her ass. Her fingers began to rub her swollen clit. It felt huge between her fingers. “Oh God Tim, I’m going to cummmmmmmm!!!”

Tim could feel the walls of her anus begin to pulse. That was too much for him. Suddenly, his penis throbbed and his balls erupted, spraying her insides full of his sperm.

Janice could feel his cum pouring into her tunnel. Her hips humped up at her husband’s plunging penis as a tremendous climax consumed her body. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her body shuddered and tensed repeatedly. Each time she thought it was going to stop, another wave hit her. She had never had a climax last so long or be so totally consuming. Her head was spinning and her lungs gasped for air. Then there was one last shudder before she collapsed onto the bed.

Tim followed her, his penis never leaving her body. As the last spurt of his cum was milked into her hole, he collapsed as well, his body heavy on hers.

After a few minutes, Tim’s breathing was almost under control. He bent his head and kissed his wife’s hot cheek, gently moving her hair away from her face. He saw that her eyes were closed like she was sleeping. Then he whispered, “I love you,” but received no response. Tim suddenly realized that she had passed out.

Chapter 13

Tim was up early the following morning, having some chores to do in the yard. He worked for an hour or so then decided to have some breakfast. He assumed that Janice was still asleep.

When he walked into the kitchen, he saw her sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. She had her robe on and the paper was in front of her on the table.

“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked almost shyly. There was a nervous excitement in the pit of his stomach. He was certain that she had enjoyed yesterday but sometimes the light of a new day changes things.

Janice looked up without smiling. Then she stood up and turned to him. Suddenly her face broke into a wide grin and her arms opened to him.

Tim sighed in relief as he took his wife into his arms.

Their lips met in an emotional and passionate kiss that went on and on. When Janice pulled away, Tim gasped for breath, stunned by the intensity of the kiss.

“Does that answer your question?” Janice said with a smile.

“Wow, I guess it does,” Tim chuckled. He pulled a chair out and sat down, bring Janice to his lap. “I was a little worried after you… you know, passed out.”

Janice snuggled warmly into Tim, her head on his shoulder. “I’m the one that should be saying ‘”wow'”, she said. “I’ve never felt like that… never knew that a climax could be so intense.”

“Are you… are you sore?” Tim asked, suddenly embarrassed by the question.

“Maybe a little, but it’s a good soreness.”

“What’s your schedule for today?” Tim asked, referring to the fact that Janice needed to go into school for the lecture.

“Well, Dan is supposed to lecture from one to three o’clock. We are supposed to go to dinner at six.” Janice felt a little thrill run through her at the mention of Dan’s name.

“I was planning something after you came home but I think I will change those plans. We can do that Friday night.”

“Okay,” Janice said hesitantly. There was something on her mind and she didn’t know how to approach it. Tim knew what had happened with Dan the last time they were together but he hadn’t said anything about it since she told him. “Tim… about Dan… What… uh… are you okay… uh… with me going to dinner with him,” Janice stuttered.

“Oh yes, I’m fine with it. I want you go out with him and have fun. In fact, I want you to bring him back here after dinner.”

“Really! You want to meet him?”

“No, I didn’t say that. I want you to tell him that I’m out of town.”

Janice looked at Tim like she didn’t understand. Suddenly, her heart started to race. “What… what do you want me to do when I get home?” she asked, her voice almost shaking.

“Anything you want!” Tim said.

“Anything?” Janice asked, her eyes searching his.


“You know… you know what happened the last time you said that?”

“Yes,” Tim said with a lustful smile.

“You also remember the… the last time Dan and I we were together,” Janice said, knowing that Tim would remember.

“I remember very well what you told me.”

“Dan and I together alone could be dangerous,” Janice warned, her body tingling.

“I’m counting on that.”

“So I can do whatever I want?”


“Are you sure about this?” Janice asked, her heart racing with excitement now.

“Absolutely sure. After the lecture, come home and I will help you get dressed for dinner.”

Janice kissed Tim passionately again then pulled her head back and looked into his eyes. She was searching for something. She wasn’t even sure what it was. For the thousandth time she wondered how she could have lived with this man for so many years and never really know him.

“You had better get moving. I have some chores to do so I’ll see you when you get home,” Tim said as he pushed Janice to her feet. “Now you get moving too.”

They kissed briefly and went their separate ways.

Janice felt her heart flutter when she saw Dan walking down the hall toward her. God, he is so handsome, she thought. His biggest problem is that he is stuck on himself; his hair was always perfect, expensive suits and silk ties. Only the best for Dan Forsman, she thought. Still, that’s part of his charm, she mused. She knew that she could never see herself falling for someone like him but he was irresistible nonetheless.

Dan Forsman had just turned 44 years old and was recently divorced. He was a partner in a prestigious law firm in San Francisco, as well as a professor of law. He stood 6 feet 26′ 2″ with black hair that had quite a bit of gray along the sides. He was often mistaken for the movie actor, Richard Gere. He always dressed immaculately and prided himself on his physical appearance. In college he had been the star quarterback and could have had a pro career if he had wanted. However, law had always been his first love.

Dan smiled when he saw Janice walking toward him. He noticed right away that she was wearing a new outfit. It was a black business suit. However, it was much more stylish than the outfits that she normally wore. In fact, the skirt was shorter than anything he had ever seen her wear and the blouse, under her blazer, was low cut and very sheer. What a sexy lady, he thought. , Too bad she doesn’t know it.

Dan was in for a big surprise.

“God, it’s good to see you Janice,” Dan said as he hugged Janice to his strong chest.

“It’s been a long time,” Janice answered, holding him a little tighter and longer than was necessary.

“You look great,” Dan exclaimed holding Janice away from him, his eyes running up and down her body. His eyes didn’t miss the opportunity to glance down her blouse. He was shocked that he couldn’t see any indication of a bra. Still, it might just be one of those low cut things some women wear, he thought.

“Thank you! You look pretty good yourself,” Janice smiled back. “We have about twenty minutes before the class starts. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“That would be great,” Dan said and followed Janice to the cafeteria.

The two of them sat and talked, catching up on a few things since they last met. Before they knew it, it was time for class. Before they knew it, it was time for class.

Janice watched as Dan did his thing. He was very impressive. The students listened, hanging on every word. Dan was quite an entertainer, telling them stories of legal cases that combined his academic background with the real world.

When the lecture was over, Janice couldn’t get near Dan as the students, especially the girls, gathered around him thirsting for more. Finally, he told them he had to go. The students moaned but eventually left the room, leaving Janice and Dan alone.

“Still quite the entertainer,” Janice smiled.

“Just my animal magnetism, I guess,” he responded, his white teeth shining with his smile. “Now, for the real reason I came all this way. When do we go to dinner?”

“Well, its four- thirty now. How about you pick me up at my house at six?”

“Uh… at your house?” Dan asked. “Yes, my husband’s out of town,” Janice answered with a twinkle in her eye. She felt a twinge of excitement when Dan’s face brightened.

“Oh, no curfew then?” Dan said and moved closer to Janice.

“No curfew.”

Suddenly, Dan was pulling Janice into his arms.

“Dan,” she protested weakly.

“There’s something different about you. I can’t put my finger on it, though,” Dan said, looking into her eyes.

“Maybe it’s just your imagination,” Janice responded, letting him hold her, as her excitement grew. Then she saw his lips move toward hers. She knew this was very dangerous in the open classroom but was powerless to stop him from kissing her. A moan came from her throat as his tongue entered her mouth. She felt his strong hands slide down her back and caress her buttocks, pulling her tighter to him. Within seconds, she could feel his erection growing between their bodies.

As the kiss continued, Dan took a chance and slid his hand inside her jacket and over her breast. He had to know if she was wearing a bra. Now it was his turn to moan as he felt her warm flesh in the palm of his hand. She wasn’t wearing a bra – that was certainly different. He couldn’t imagine prim and proper Janice going out of the house without a bra. His fingers tweaked her hard nipple through the thin blouse, bringing a shiver from her. Quickly, and with an expertise, he unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse and his hand slid inside to grasp a soft breast.

“Oh Jesus,” Janice whispered as his strong hand palmed her entire breasts. With great difficulty, Janice pushed him away, gasping for breath. She could feel the excitement between her legs and knew that without panties she would be dripping juice in a second. “Later,” she said with a lustful smile. She wrote her address on the back of his business card and handed it to him. “See you at six.” Then she went up on her toes and gave him another quick kiss before she rushed out of the room.

By the time Janice got home, she was even more excited than when she left Dan. Her mind was racing with all the possibilities. Still, she wasn’t certain how far Tim wanted her to go. In fact, she wasn’t certain how far she wanted Dan to go. She needed to talk to Tim again.

When she walked into the bedroom, she saw that Tim had laid out clothes for her to wear. He was in the bathroom running a bath for her.

“Hi, sweetie,” Tim said as he saw Janice walk into the bathroom.

“Hi lover,” Janice replied and walked over and gave him a big kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her groin to his.

“I guess the meeting with Dan went well?” Tim said when he saw that a button on her blouse was still open.

“Yes,” Janice said, her face flushing a bit at the memory of their boldness in the classroom. Then she blushed again when she realized that her blouse was still open.

“So what’s the arrangements for tonight?” he asked, letting her off the hook.

“Dan is going to pick me up here at six,” she answered, relieved to change the subject.

“Great, then we have to hurry,” Tim said as he began to take Janice’s clothes off.

“Tim…” Janice said and hesitated.


“Are… are you still okay with this?”


“I just want to be sure. The truth is, I have a hard time resisting Dan. However, I’m still not sure… uh… how far that you want this to go. I’m not even sure how far I want it to go.”

“Listen, why don’t you just relax and see where it goes. If you feel you don’t want it to go any further, just tell him.”

“Will that be like I used the safe word if I tell him to stop?”

Tim thought for a minute. After all the cajoling and pushing, the truth was, he really didn’t want to force her into do doing this. He wanted her to want to do it. “No,” he said firmly, deciding to take his chances.

Janice sighed with relief. At least she wouldn’t have to use up a safe word if she felt uncomfortable. “Where are you going to be when I get home?”

“I’ll be around somewhere,” Tim smiled.

Janice looked at him with concern on her face.

“Don’t worry. , You won’t know I’m here. Now let’s get you undressed or you’ll be late.”

Tim helped Janice with her bath. Then he shaved her and applied cream to her pubic mound, making it smooth and soft. When he was satisfied with his work, Tim left Janice to put on her dress and make-up.

After Janice was dressed, she came out of the bathroom and saw Tim waiting for her. She had on a red cocktail dress that was form fitting and short on her thighs. It was tight enough that if she wore panties the lines would definitely show. The top was low cut, giving a substantial view of her cleavage. In fact, the top was so low cut that if she moved too quickly, she could have one or both of her breasts pop out. Her hair was done up on her head with two little curls hanging down her cheeks. As always, she wore a pair of very high heels and thigh- high nylons. Around her neck, she wore a heart shaped locket with a picture of Tim and her on their wedding day inside. Somehow, that made her feel better about what she was about to do.

“Well, how do I look?” Janice asked, feeling excitement in her stomach as if she was seventeen again and going out with a boy for the first time.

“You look gorgeous,” Tim said as he took her in his arms and kissed her briefly. He was careful not to mess up her bright red lipstick. “I think you’re going to have to fight this guy off.”

Suddenly, both of them jumped as they heard the doorbell.

Janice could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she walked down the stairs. When she opened the door, she saw Dan standing there in his expensive suit and tie, looking like a movie star. He had a dozen red roses in his arms. “Oh, thank you so much,” she said sincerely. “Let me get these in water, and then we can go.”

“No hurry, we have plenty of time,” Dan said, pulling Janice back to him, his eyes wandering up and down her body. “You look incredible.”

“Thank you again,” Janice said going up on her tiptoes to kiss his lips quickly. Then she turned and walked toward the kitchen carrying the roses.

Dan followed behind, his eyes watching the sexy sway of her butt. God, she is something else, he thought. No panty line. He felt a little tingle in his groin.

In the kitchen, Janice reached up to get a vase out of a cabinet over the sink. When she did, her dress pulled up, revealing the lacy thigh high nylons and a small section of bare flesh.

Dan stepped over to her and placed his hands on her hips, kissing her neck.

“Behave,” Janice said as she felt goose bumps on her neck from his kiss.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he whispered. He turned Janice around and kissed her passionately, his tongue searching for hers.

Janice was breathing heavily when she pulled away. “Let me finish or we’ll be late.”

Dan moaned in frustration and let Janice go, reluctantly.

Tim was watching out the upstairs window as Dan opened the door his car for Janice to slide in. He probably just did that so he could look up her dress, Tim thought – that’s what I would have done. As Tim watched the car disappear down the street he thought, what the hell am I doing? I must be crazy letting my wife go on a date, especially with a handsome guy like Dan. Suddenly, he felt a twinge of jealousy and fear. The fear and jealousy combined to create an excitement in his the pit of his stomach. It was the same feeling that he had when he watched her at the nightclub and with Steve, just multiplied a hundred times. That feeling was overriding everything else. Then he told himself that all of this was necessary to keep their marriage together. Still, he knew that there were other ways to keep their marriage going. It was all so confusing, he thought as he turned from the window, a bulge in his pants.

Tim went downstairs to get a strong drink and wait. It was going to be a long evening for him.

Dan took Janice to an expensive French restaurant on the 30th floor of a downtown office building. They sat at a special table in the corner, reserved for dignitaries, with a view of the city on both sides. The lights of the city were gorgeous and romantic, twinkling like a million fireflies.

Dan was a gentleman all evening. He entertained Janice with humorous stories and jokes. He also made sure she had plenty of wine. While he didn’t want her drunk, he did want her relaxed.

When dinner was over, they walked arm and arm to the elevators. As soon as the doors closed, Dan pulled her to him and kissed her. His hands went to her buttocks and squeezed them, pulling her tight to his groin.

“Let’s save it until we get home,” Janice said excitedly and pushed him away, fearing that the doors would open and someone she knew would be standing there.

Dan moaned a complaint but he liked the part about “until we get home.”

Janice stumbled slightly as she opened the door of her house and walked into the foyer. She giggled as she tried to balance herself to take her shoes off. All the wine had made her just a bit tipsy. She let Dan steady her by holding her hips. When she had her shoes off she sighed and said, “Oh that feels so good.”

“Feet sore?” Dan asked.

“Yea, these are new shoes and I think they are a little too narrow. The guys in the shoe story were too busy looking up my dress to get the correct measurements.”

“I’m sure they got a very pretty view,” Dan said lecherously. “You know I am an excellent foot massager.”

Janice felt a thrill go through her as she thought of the boys in the store and the last massage she had in this living room just days ago.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Janice asked, throwing her shoes in the corner carelessly.

“Yes, thanks.”

“Have a seat in the living room. , I’ll be right back,” Janice said, directing Dan to the living room and then going into the kitchen. She was surprised when she found a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice. A smile crossed her face when she realized that Tim had left it for her. She took the bottle and two glasses into the living room.

Dan was sitting on the sofa with his jacket off and his tie loosened. The lights in the room had been dimmed. Dan smiled when he saw Janice coming in with the wine. “Ah, that was fast. You must have had this all planned. Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Harwick?” Dan said facetiously.

“I’ll never tell,” Janice answered as she sat on the sofa a comfortable distance from him.

Dan poured each of them a glass and handed one to her. “Cheers,” he said and clinked his glass to hers. “Now, let’s take care of those feet,” he said, reaching down and pulling one of her feet onto his lap.

Janice had to turn sideways to allow Dan to hold her foot. “Oh, that feels sooooo good,” she said as she lay back in the corner of the sofa, ignoring the fact that Dan could see up her dress. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Dan said, looking at her sexy legs and higher. “You have gorgeous legs.”

“Thank you again.”

Dan massaged one foot then the other as Janice sat back and enjoyed. When he was done, he took off his tie and moved over closer to her. He sat quietly looking at her as they drank their wine. Finally, he reached over, took the wineglass out of her hand and set both on the coffee table. Then he pulled her into his arms. “I’ve been waiting to have you alone all night,” he whispered as he brought his lips to hers.

Janice moaned as she felt his lips press to her. This time she beat him to it and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their lips worked together like two horny teenagers. Within minutes, the room was steaming with passion. Soon, Janice felt Dan’s hand slide down her back and across her buttocks. He gently caressed the firm ass cheek before moving lower to her thigh. As their tongue continued to duel, Janice felt his hand slide up her thigh until it was under the hem of her dress. She moaned and squirmed in his embrace when she felt his hand on the bare flesh above her nylons. She suppressed the natural instinct to stop his hand. The hand moved higher.

Now it was Dan’s turn to moan as he felt the soft skin of her naked buttock. He had hoped that she wasn’t wearing panties. His hand squeezed the supple cheek, kneading the flesh between his fingers. Tim stood in the dark hallway at the top of the stairs with a clear view of the sofa. His heart was pounding in his chest as he watched another man fondle his wife. He could see the hand disappear under her dress and begin to massage the cheek of her ass. Inside his pants, his own penis throbbed with excitement.

Dan pulled his lips from Janice and kissed down her neck. Slowly, he kissed across her shoulder, using his finger to gently push the shoulder strap of her dress down her arm. Then his lips changed direction, moving down her shoulder blade, kissing and teasing the soft skin as he went. Soon, he was at the top of one heaving breasts. The dress was barely holding on, caught on a hard nipple. A flick of Dan’s finger and it fell, leaving one large, soft breast free.

“Oh God Dan, no,” Janice pleaded breathlessly when she realized her breast was bare. There was still a hint of the remorse at what she was doing. It was so wrong. But, how could something so wrong feel so good? she thought.

Dan didn’t pay any attention to Janice’s protest. He kissed down the soft orb, opening his mouth and sucking the nipple inside.

“Ohhhh!!!” Janice moaned as she felt his tongue begin to flick the hard nipple.

Dan was ecstatic that he had made it this far. There were no guarantees that she would let him go all the way. He remembered the last time they were together when she jumped out of his car and ran back to the hotel. Quickly, before she could stop him, he pushed the other shoulder strap down, freeing both breasts, and captured the other tit in his mouth. He almost smiled when he felt Janice’s hand grab the back of his neck and pull his mouth tight to her breast.

“Oh yes, suck it,” Janice whispered in submission. She would stop him in a few minutes. Just a few more sucks and she would make him stop.

Dan pushed Janice over until she was lying on the sofa, continuing to hold the nipple in his mouth like a hungry baby. He sucked hard on the tit, finally letting it pop from his lips. He moved back and looked down at her excitedly. Her eyes were closed and her beautiful breasts were moving up and down with her rapid breathing. Both nipples were hard, sitting proudly on her firm white breasts. Again, he bent over and sucked one into his mouth. At the same time, his hand slowly moved up her thigh. When his fingers reached her vagina, he gasped in surprise. Prudish Janice, law professor, and wife, had a shaved pussy.

Janice was becoming delirious with excitement now. She squirmed on the sofa as Dan chewed on her breasts and began to play with her sex lips. She spread her legs as far as her dress would let her and let his hand have total access. A gasp escaped her lips and she almost screamed when he pushed a finger into her warm and wet hole.

Dan moved his finger in and out rapidly, spattering her juice on his hand. Then he moved away from Janice and slid slowly to his knees. He looked up at her as he spread her legs, pushing her dress to her hips. He could see that her eyes were swimming with lust. Then he looked at her swollen and enlarged vagina. His mouth practically watered when he saw the fat wrinkled inner lips bulging from the smoothly shaven outer lips. Slowly, he began to kiss down her soft thigh.

I have to stop this, she thought, just a minute or two more. Janice closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Dan’s tongue move closer and closer to her vagina. She began to tremble with need as his tongue teased her, kissing her thigh but avoiding the treasure between. Unable to stand it anymore, and no longer able to distinguish right from wrong, she reached for his head and pulled him toward her center. “Ahhhhh!!!”

Immediately, Dan’s senses were overcome with the taste of Janice’s swollen vagina. He sucked her large lips inside, marveling at the size. He had made love to quite a few women in his life but none had lips as large as hers or tasted as good.

Tim’s eyes were wide with lust and straining through the dim light to watch his wife with her lover on the sofa. It was hard for him to believe that he was actually watching another man eat his wife. His shaking hand went to his zipper and pulled it down, freeing his throbbing erection.

Janice’s legs were wrapped around Dan’s head, imprisoning his face between her thighs. Her hips lifted off the sofa as her hands pulled his head tight between her legs. “Oh God, Dan. Oh yes, eat me. Yes, yes, yes. Oh God,” she moaned.

Dan prided himself in his ability to please a woman. He was especially good at oral sex and he loved to do it. The sweet taste and feel of Janice’s lips in his mouth was making him mad with desire. He wanted to fuck her so bad, yet he wanted to wait. He wanted to get her off first. His mouth moved up slightly and sucked her swollen clit between his lips. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Janice screamed, her muscles tensing. “Oh God, Dan, I’m going to… I’m going to… cummmmmmmmmm!!!” Then Janice’s body started to convulse as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her. Her hips were bucking so hard that she almost threw them both off the sofa. However, Dan held on, continuing to suck her even after her body started to relax. He sucked on and on until he felt Janice begin to tense again. Suddenly, another strong climax hit her.

Eventually, Dan had to pull away or risk drowning. His face was covered in her thick juices. He smiled down at her; wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he stood up and slowly stripped his clothes off.

Janice opened her weary eyes just as Dan was dropping his slacks and underwear. A new thrill of excitement rushed through her as she saw his long, throbbing shaft. It was larger than she remembered. She saw that his body was strong and well muscled. Janice sat up weakly looking at the penis just inches in front of her face. She hesitated. Then slowly, her hand shaking, she reached for Dan’s penis. It felt hot in her hand and throbbed. She moved her hand up and down, squeezing a drop of clear juice out of the swollen head. Janice took a deep breath and pulled Dan’s penis toward her.

Dan smiled and moved forward, pleased to oblige her. He moaned as he watched this beautiful woman, wife, and law professor take his penis between her lips. His hips began an involuntary movement back and forth as Janice sucked on his knob. He was surprised at how good she was. He watched in amazement as she pulled it from her lips and used her tongue in little butterfly flicks across the dripping head. Then she licked down the shaft to his balls. “Oh Jesus,” he moaned as she sucked one inside her mouth. He couldn’t believe it as he watched her cheeks bulge with his sperm filled testicle.

Janice moaned as she sucked first one large testicle into her mouth and then the other. Soon both were dripping with her saliva. She licked back up the shaft and took the head into her mouth again.

Tim was beyond excitement as he watched his wife suck on Dan. This time he had a better view then the two previous times. Yet, he wasn’t as close as he wanted to be, so he quietly moved as close as he dared. He almost gasped when he saw his wife’s saliva dripping from Dan’s penis and balls. He wondered if she was going to suck him off.

Janice was considering sucking Dan off. However, he had other ideas. Before he lost control, he pulled away, his penis making a pop as it came out of her mouth. Janice looked up in surprise. She wanted his cum in her hungry mouth now.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he stated emphatically.

“Oh Dan, no. It’s not right, I’m married,” she pleaded unconvincingly.

“So you don’t want this cock in you?” Dan teased, swinging his penis back and forth in front of her face. “Are you saying that you don’t want me to fuck you?”

“Oh God,” Janice moaned as she watched Dan’s hard penis moving back and forth, her eyes following it. Her own vagina was dripping juice onto the sofa now. Janice bit her lip and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she knew that there was no turning back. With a sigh of submission, she leaned back on the sofa and opened her legs.

“No sweetie,” Dan said. “Tell me. Tell me you want this. I want to hear you say it,” Dan said. He squeezed his penis hard at the base, making it swell even larger and pulse. Dan knew that he was taking a big chance teasing her like this. It might backfire. However, he was pretty sure that he had her now.

Janice looked at Dan’s pulsing rod and then at his face. Her eyes glanced briefly toward the stairs. She could see a shadowy movement. She knew that Tim was watching. He could stop this if he wanted, she thought. A tremble shook her frame and her vagina throbbed with need. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me, Dan. Please!”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Dan reached down and lifted Janice’s legs. He went to his knees, bringing his penis level with her swollen vagina. Holding her legs straight up in the air, he pulled Janice forward, letting his penis head touch her fat lips. Slowly he moved his hips forward.

There were three moans at the same time. If Janice and Dan hadn’t been moaning so loud, they would have surely heard Tim. Tim’s legs felt week as he strained his eyes at the juncture where Dan’s penis met his wife’s hole. He watched, his body trembling, as another man slowly slid his penis into his wife. The scene fascinated him so much that he forgot all about stroking his penis.

Dan closed his eyes as his shaft moved deeper into Janice’s body. He had waited for over a year to do this. Her vagina was as tight and warm as he had dreamed it would be. Janice couldn’t wait any longer. She reached forward and grabbed Dan’s hips and pulled, forcing him deep into her. “Ohhhhh!!!” she moaned as he hit bottom. She felt full and so stretched with his fat penis. Suddenly, the realization hit her that she was fucking another man — a man that wasn’t her husband.

Dan pushed Janice further back and moved over her. He placed her legs on his shoulders, lifting up and bending her almost double until her knees were near her head. The angle allowed him to go deep into her. As he pushed downward, his lips sought hers. Then he began to move in and out, slowly at first. “Oh God, baby, that pussy is so nice,” he whispered breathlessly.

Janice only grunted in response, her eyes squeezed shut. She was rapidly moving toward her third climax.

Soon Dan was pounding in and out of her, grunting out his own pleasure. “Oh God, baby, I can’t last much longer,” Dan warned.

“Oh yes. Cum, cum in me, please,” Janice whispered through clenched teeth, her own excitement near a peak again.

Dan felt his balls pull tight to his body. He groaned as his sperm shot down his shaft and rocketed into Janice’s willing hole.

Janice felt Dan going over the top and his juice pumping into her. That was more than she could take. For the third time in just a few minutes, Janice climaxed. It was even stronger than the first two. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” she moaned, holding Dan deep in her body. She could feel Dan’s cum filling her hole – another man’s cum.

Tim stared in amazement as he watched the two lovers climax. He could see their joined sex in the dim light and the glistening cum running back out and down her ass cheeks.

When Dan’s penis stopped squirting, he slowly moved back, sweat dripping from his brow. “Wow, that was something,” he sighed as he watched his shrinking penis squeeze out of Janice’s body.

Janice dropped her legs to the floor, exhausted. When Dan moved to the side and collapsed onto the sofa. Janice stood up on shaky legs. “I’ll be right back,” she said and walked unsteadily to the stairs.

Dan figured that she was going to clean up.

Janice walked up the stairs and down the hall, looking for Tim. Just as she passed the bathroom, she felt her arm being pulled into the dark room. She squealed in surprise as Tim pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“God, baby, I’ve got to fuck you too,” Tim said, pushing Janice up on the sink counter. He spread her legs and placed his throbbing penis at the entrance of overflowing hole. With a shove, he pushed himself into her. “Ohhhh!!!” Tim moaned as her warm and very sloppy hole wrapped around him. It took only seconds for Tim to groan that he was going to cum.

“Yes, cum in me,” Janice said, already excited again. As she felt her husband adding his sperm to the juice already inside her, a quick climax went through her.

Tim pulled out of Janice and leaned toward her, kissing her lips gently. They were both silent. Tim was still gasping for breath. His climax had been incredibly intense, draining him.

Finally, Janice spoke. “Tim, I think… uh… I think that Dan is going to want to stay the night,” Janice said hesitantly.

“Really?,” Tim said thinking quickly.

“He didn’t say it but I know him.”

“What do you think? Do you want him to stay?”

Janice bit her lip and looked down, her face red. “Yes,” she answered quietly.

“Uh… all right… uh… I’ll sneak down to the clubroom and sleep on the sofa. The only rule is that I want you to sneak down and see me when he falls asleep. Tomorrow, you need to get him out early.”

“That’s no problem, he has an early flight. Tim… thank you. I love you,” Janice said, fingering the locked around her neck lovingly.

“I love you too. You had better get back down there or he might come up.”

“You’re right,” Janice said and hurried back to the stairs. She stopped when she reached the top of the stairs and realized that she had two loads of cum bubbling out of her vagina. She also realized that she didn’t have time to go back and clean up so she shrugged and hurried back to Dan.

Dan didn’t have to be asked twice if he wanted to stay the night. When Janice mentioned staying the night, he swept her up in his arms and walked toward the stairs. Within minutes, Dan had Janice on the bed and his head between her legs. He was surprised at how much cum she still had in her after she had cleaned up.

Janice giggled at the thought of what was happening between her legs. If he only knew, she thought. However, excitement quickly took over. She grabbed Dan’s head pulled it tight to her, and shuddered in climax again.

Late that night, Janice went down to the clubroom. She gently shook Tim awake. Then she quickly opened his pants and sucked him to hardness. Without Tim moving, she straddled his waist and sat onto his penis. She bounced up and down several times, coating Tim’s penis with the sperm inside her.

Tim was moaning again, his hips moving up and down with his wife’s movements. Suddenly, Janice pulled up until Tim’s penis slipped out. Tim looked at her in surprise.

Janice smiled back and reached between her legs to grasp his penis. She slid forward slightly until her anus was on top of his penis. A wide smile, then a slight grimace, crossed her face as she slowly sat down.

“Oh my God, Janice,” Tim moaned as his penis slid easily into her rectum.

Both of Janice’s holes were dripping cum as she practically crawled back up the stairs to Dan.

Tim didn’t sleep much the rest of the night. Early in the morning, he heard the front door open and close. He peeked out of the basement window and saw Dan get into his rental car and drive away. Then he hurried up the stairs to their bedroom. He peeped in and saw that Janice was still sleeping. As he walked quietly over to the bed, he saw her open her eyes. A smile crossed her tired face and she lifted the sheet in invitation. Tim smiled back and crawled into the bed. He looked at his disheveled wife. Her hair and make-up were a mess and her body showed signs of the frantic activity of the night. Still, Tim thought he had never seen her look so beautiful. He tenderly kissed her lips and fell asleep in her arms.

Chapter 14

Tim smiled as Janice walked into the kitchen. She had on a white terry cloth robe and her hair was still wet from the shower. “Good afternoon sleepyhead,” Tim said.

Janice smiled back and walked over to kiss him. “Good afternoon lover.”

“Hungry?” Tim asked.


“Sit down and I’ll have break… uh lunch finished in a second,” Tim said.

Janice sat at the table as Tim served her eggs, bacon, toast and hot coffee. He took a seat across from her and watched her eat. He had already eaten earlier.

When Janice had eaten everything on the table, Tim got up and served her more. Again, Tim sat across from Janice and watched her.

“What?” she asked when she saw him looking at her.

“I was just thinking how much I love you.”

Janice smiled then got up and sat on Tim’s lap. “I love you too, sweetheart. More that anything in the world.” Their lips met in a long and sensuous kiss.

“So… uh… did you… uh have fun last night?” Tim asked hesitantly.

Janice sighed and closed her eyes. “It was incredible. I would have never believed that I would have enjoyed something like that. It’s amazing how things can change in just one week. Are… are you okay with what happened?”

“Yes and I agree with you that it was incredible. It was beyond my wildest dreams. It seems like a dream this morning – a nice dream.” Tim kissed her again and slipped his hand into her robe and caressed her breasts. “However, it’s not over yet.” “What’s going on tonight?” Janice asked, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“You know I can’t tell you that. However, I guarantee that you will be surprised.”

Later that night, Janice stood in front of Tim in the bedroom. She was wearing a sky blue silk slip that was form fitting and short, with a sheer lace top. On her legs, she had a pair of silk thigh high nylons and spiked high heels.

“Come on Tim, what’s going to happen tonight?” Janice asked nervously.

“Just remember the safe word,” he said. Then the doorbell rang. “Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Janice sat on the bed, very nervous. She had no idea what Tim had planned for her tonight. It scared her some but she also knew that she was close to getting through the week without using the safe word. She figured she could get through one more day.

A few minutes later, Tim opened the bedroom door.

Janice stood up, her face showing her shock. Felicia walked into the bedroom behind Tim. She was wearing a pair of hot pink short shorts, high heels and a blouse tied under her breasts.

“Felicia, you remember my wife Janice.”

“Yes I do. Hi, sweetie,” Felicia said with a knowing smile.

Felicia had been surprised when Tim had called after their visit to her shop. He told her that he wanted her to help him with a little game he and Janice were playing. She was more than happy to help Tim. When he explained what he wanted her to do, she said yes in a second.

Janice stood paralyzed, unable to move even her mouth. Her face showed her total shock. She looked at Tim, almost pleading with her eyes. God, what does he have in mind? Janice thought. She wasn’t a lesbian and wasn’t about to start now. “Tim,” Janice said, her lips pressed tightly together.

“You know the word,” Tim said and waited for Janice to answer. When she didn’t answer he said, “I take it that you don’t want to use the word?”

“No,” Janice said, trying unsuccessfully to make her voice firm.

“Good,” Tim said and took a seat in a chair near the bed.

The room grew quiet.

Felicia walked over to Janice who was suddenly almost shy, looking at the floor. She reached her finger under Janice’s chin and turned her face up to her. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I don’t bite… or at least not hard,” Felicia laughed. Then she reached her hands out and touched Janice’s shoulders softly.

Janice stood stiff, unmoving.

Felicia ran her fingertips up and down Janice’s arms. Then she leaned forward and kissed the nape of her neck.

In spite of herself, Janice shivered just a little. Then she felt Felicia’s tongue on her neck, flicking across her sensitive skin. She tried to steel herself. She wasn’t going to let this woman get her excited.

When Felicia reached Janice’s ear, she gently bit her earlobe. “Relax, sweetie. You’re going to love this,” she whispered.

Janice just grunted.

Felicia moved around behind Janice. She turned Janice toward Tim as she again ran her fingers up and down her arms. Then she started to kiss her neck from behind.

Tim watched, his excitement growing.

First Felicia kissed across one shoulder, and then she moved her lips slowly to the other. She looked across Janice’s shoulder at Tim and winked. Then she reached her fingers up to the straps of Janice’s slip. Slowly she pushed the straps down her shoulder and over her arms. Suddenly, the slip fell from Janice’s breasts.

Janice gasped as she felt her breasts exposed and she crossed her arms over herself.

Felicia reached her arms around her and grasped her arms, pulling them to her side. Then her hands went back to her waist and began to move slowly upward.

Tim could see Janice’s breasts begin to move up and down as the pace of her breathing increased. He watched as Felicia’s hands moved closer and closer to his wife’s breasts.

Janice felt the hands moving toward her bare breasts. Her eyes closed, in spite of her resolve, when Felicia’s soft hands covered her breasts. Stop, her mind screamed just as when she felt her body begin to respond.

Felicia moaned as her hands covered Janice’s full breasts. As she squeezed them and began to play with the nipples, she felt her own excitement increase. Felicia liked men but she loved women. Sometimes she thought that was the reason she went into modeling in the first place.

Tim could feel his erection straining in his pants. He wanted to take it out but decided to wait. There would be plenty of time for that.

Felicia played with Janice’s wonderful breasts for a long time, caressing them and pinching the nipples. She could feel her beginning to respond. It was subtle, but there was a little movement of her hips and her breathing was definitely faster.

Janice watched Felicia’s hands on her breasts. She couldn’t believe that she was standing there half naked with another woman playing with her. A little moan escaped her lips when Felicia began to squeeze her nipples harder – not painfully, just firmly.

Felicia pulled her hands from Janice and turned her to the side. Then she stood in front of her and looked into her eyes. Slowly she reached up and untied her own blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor behind her, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her breasts were not as large as Janice’s but they had held up very well for her age. Still looking in Janice’s eyes, she pressed both tits to Janice’s. Her nipples pressed directly against Janice’s nipples. The she began to slowly grind against her, squishing their flesh together.

Again, Janice had to close her eyes in an attempt to control her excitement. She could feel her vagina begin to swell. She couldn’t believe that she was getting excited from another woman rubbing her breasts against her own. She opened her eyes when Felicia pulled away. She felt her tug at her hand, leading her over to the bed. Without a word, Felicia stripped the slip from her. Then she pushed Janice until she was sitting on the side of the bed with just her hose and heels on. She sat next to her. Her hands came up and she began to play with her nipples again.

“Please don’t,” Janice whispered, squeezing her legs together as her excitement continued to grow.

Suddenly, Felicia’s hands were on Janice’s cheeks. She stared into her eyes as her lips moved slowly forward. Felicia felt Janice’s soft but unwilling lips against hers. The lips were tightly closed tightly. She used her tongue to gently lick across hers, not attempting to enter her mouth.

Janice held her lips tightly together. She felt Felicia’s tongue pushing on her mouth again. Suddenly, she moaned as Felicia twisted a nipple. That forced her mouth open and suddenly her mouth was filled with Felicia’s tongue. Another unwanted moan escaped her throat as the tongue played with hers. Then she felt Felicia pushing her back, her mouth never leaving hers. Soon she was lying on the bed with Felicia working on her lips, her hands grasping her breasts again. When she felt Felicia’s hand sliding down her body, she stiffened. “Oh no,” she pleaded as the fingers reached the top of her pubic mount.

“Shhhh!” Felicia said as her finger slowly slid between the now swollen lips of her vagina. The fingertip moved between the lips, crossing the little clit.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Janice moaned as the finger slid gently across her now swelling nub. In spite of all of her resolve, Janice let her legs slip slightly apart. Her thighs began to quiver.

Felicia smiled. She knew that she had her now. Slowly, she insinuated a finger into the wet hole.

“Ohhhh!!!” Janice whimpered as she felt the finger move into her body. Her hips began to move up and down, out of her control now.

Felicia began to kiss down her body, crossing her breasts, stopping to suck each nipple. Across her stomach her lips moved, stopping to circle Janice’s navel. When she reached her lower stomach, Felicia stopped and stood up.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise, wondering why she had stopped. She watched as the older woman moved between her knees. She could see Felicia’s breasts moving up and down rapidly with excitement now. Then she saw her reach for a pillow from the bed. She threw it on the floor at her feet and knelt. “Oh God,” she moaned when she realized what the woman was going to do.

Tim watched as Felicia positioned herself between his wife’s legs. He couldn’t control himself any longer and reached down and took his hard penis from his pants.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” Janice moaned as Felicia began to kiss up her thighs.

When Felicia was close enough to touch Janice’s swollen vagina she stopped. Gently, she lifted the younger woman’s thighs, pushing them back to her breasts.

Janice looked down between her own legs, her eyes wide with anticipation. She saw Felicia’s burning eyes looking up at her. Felicia smiled at her and then dropped her head. “Oh Jesus! Oh God! Ohhhhhh Tim!” Janice moaned as if she was looking for someone to help her.

Felicia buried her lips between the fat and swollen flesh of Janice’s vagina. Instantly, she was lost in a world of sensation. Janice’s sweet juice coated her tongue and ran from her chin. The swollen lips filled her mouth as she sucked and gently chewed on them. It had been a long time since she had tasted a woman this sweet.

Within minutes, Janice’s excitement overcame her senses. The few times she had been eaten were wonderful, but never like this. She felt a tenderness and an understanding that seemed to be lacking from men. She realized that a man could never really do it like this. As much as she hated to admit it, she loved the feel of this woman’s mouth on her sex.

Everything else in the world disappeared for Felicia as she sucked the beautiful woman. She barely realized that the body beneath her was moving rapidly toward a climax her until she heard a scream. She would have smiled if her mouth were not filled with her swollen clit.

“Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh God,” Janice screamed as waves of pure pleasure rippled through her. Her hips bucked up into the sucking mouth. Her hands gripped the sheet beneath her. When one intense climax ended, another began. On and on it went. When Felicia would move her tongue down to the open hole, Janice’s climax would lessen. However, as soon as she took her clit in her mouth, it would start all over again. Tim watched as he sat in his chair, stroking his penis. He was careful not to go too far. He wanted to wait until he could put it into her before he came.

It was probably forty-five minutes before Felicia came up for air. However, she didn’t stop because Janice had finished climaxing, she stopped because her jaw was getting tired. Felicia had never seen a woman climax as intensely or for so long. And, she had seen a lot of women climax – many from her own tongue.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise as Felicia let her legs drop to the bed. She was confused. She wasn’t sure what had just happened or how long it had lasted. Then she watched as Felicia took off her shorts and climbed onto the bed.

Felicia turned Janice’s willing body around until she was lying on the bed. She lay beside her and pulled her close. “Did you like that?” Felicia asked.

Janice closed her eyes and sighed. “Yes,” she whispered almost too quietly to be heard.

“Good, because we’ve just begun.” Felicia kissed Janice’s lips with her own dripping lips. She was pleased when Janice’s mouth opened quickly for her tongue. She kissed her new lover for a long time before she moved away.

Janice was disappointed when she pulled away. Then she watched as she turned around with her head close to her groin. She could feel a renewed excitement when Felicia started to kiss her thighs again. Then Felicia threw her leg over Janice’s head. Suddenly, Janice was staring directly at Felicia’s dripping vagina. Janice was shocked. She hadn’t even thought about this. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the sex lips just inches from her face.

Felicia continued to kiss Janice’s thigh, occasionally blowing warm air on her still very swollen lips. She waited, deciding that she wasn’t going to force Janice to do this. She wanted her to do it on her own.

Janice had never been this close to a vagina before. It fascinated and, strangely, excited her. Felicia had a little tuff of hair at the top of her slit but otherwise she was shaved smooth. The lips were definitely smaller than hers but the hood of skin covering her clit was fat and extended. She could smell Felicia’s excitement and see her juice bubbling from the hole. Like a moth to a flame, Janice’s mouth moved upward. Tentatively, her tongue touched the hanging lips. She heard a moan from Felicia. She flicked the lips, getting a little taste of another woman for the first time. She decided that it wasn’t so bad and pushed her tongue into the hole.

Felicia lifted her head and moaned as she felt the inexperienced tongue go into her. She wanted to push her vagina onto Janice’s mouth but waited. It wasn’t time for her to be aggressive.

It almost tasted sweet, Janice thought as Felicia’s juice ran down her probing tongue and into her mouth. Janice’s tongue began to move in and out, bringing more moans from the older woman. Janice reached her hands up and grasped Felicia’s buttocks, pulling them down.

“Oh God yes,” Felicia moaned as she dropped her hips to Janice’s now sucking mouth.

Now it was Janice’s mouth that was filled with flesh. She sucked the mound of flesh at the top of Felicia’s vagina into her mouth. It felt wet and squishy, yet firm. When Janice pulled her head back, she gasped. The hood of flesh covering Janice’s clitoris had pulled back, leaving the clit bare. Janice had never really seen a clit other than her own. While hers was small, almost the size of a pea, this one was positively huge. It looked like a miniature penis. Janice opened her mouth and sucked the pulsing flesh into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Felicia screamed as a climax raced through her. Her body convulsed in pleasure as her clit was sucked in and out of Janice’s mouth. Her juice was pouring into the sucking mouth like a river.

Janice had to swallow over and over to avoid drowning in Felicia’s juice. She sucked on her clit until her hips stopped moving. Then she let it slip from her lips. Suddenly, she moaned again as she felt Felicia’s mouth on her again, sucking hard.

The moans and screams continued for a very long time.

Tim sat and watched in amazement as the two insatiable women brought each other one climax after another. Suddenly, he felt jealous. Why couldn’t men climax like that? A couple of climaxes a night was all he got.

Tim felt his penis throb and knew that he had better do something or he was going to cum all over his pants. He stood up on shaky legs and stripped his clothes off. As he walked over to the bed, he saw that Felicia and Janice had switched positions. They were still in a sixty-nine but now Janice was on top, her legs spread around Felicia’s head.

Quietly, Tim crawled onto the bed, his heart pounding in his chest. He was excited and nervous about what he was going to do. He moved around until he was near Felicia’s head and lifted his leg over her until his penis was just above her sucking mouth and inches from his wife’s vagina. He slid forward until the head of his penis touched Janice’s hole.

Felicia smiled as she saw Tim straddling her face. His balls were just above her mouth. She pulled her mouth from Janice’s vagina, letting him move into the place where her tongue had just been.

“Oh God,” Janice moaned as Tim slid his penis into her.

Tim moaned as well. However, it wasn’t just from the warmth of his wife’s vagina. As he slid into her, Felicia’s tongue began to lick his balls. He tried to hold still and let her lick him but his hips wouldn’t cooperate. Within second, his penis was sliding rapidly in and out. Tim wanted it to last longer but unfortunately, the excitement of watching his wife and Felicia was too much for him. His balls tightened and he gasped for breath. Suddenly, his penis was going off like a fire hose inside his wife.

“Oh yes! Oh God!” he moaned as he pumped his sperm deep into his wife’s willing hole.

Felicia could see his balls churning and knew that he was climaxing. She moved her tongue to Janice’s vagina and to the point where the penis went into her hole. First she licked the juicy connection between the two, and then moved up to the pulsing clit. She felt Janice tense and begin another climax. She licked until Janice stopped shaking. Then she pulled away and watched and waited. She could see Tim’s thighs shaking. When his shuddering stopped, he moved back, his penis sliding wetly out of the wet hole, followed by a long and thick string of cum. Felicia lifted her head and closed her mouth over Janice’s hole. She sucked and swallowed over and over.

Sometime during the night, Felicia got dressed and left. Tim and Janice didn’t even notice until the following morning.

Janice had a smile on her face when she awoke the next day. It wasn’t just because she was liberated sexually. She had made it! She had done everything Tim asked and had not used the safe word one time. Now the only thing she had to do is get Tim to use the safe word one time and she would win. She started thinking of names for her baby.

When Tim came downstairs, Janice had already fixed breakfast for them.

“Good morning lover,” Janice said with a bright smile as she poured coffee.

Tim face had been somewhat sullen until he saw her smile. He had been more than a little worried that she would be angry about last night. “Uh… good morning. Uh… are you okay with last night?” he asked hesitantly as he sat at the table.

Janice stopped pouring the coffee and looked pensively for a second. “Well, I guess I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but…” she hesitated, drawing out the suspense on purpose. “I loved it.”

Tim almost sighed with relief. He looked at Janice and smiled. “So how did you like your week?”

“I think you know how I liked it,” Janice said as she took a seat across from him.

“Yea, I guess I do. Uh… uh, about my week,” Tim said referring to the game.

“Yes,” Janice asked when he hesitated.

“Well, I was thinking uh… I’m pretty sure you are going to win this thing.”

“What are you trying to say?” Janice asked.

“I guess… I guess that I’m conceding. You win!”

Janice looked at him like she didn’t understand. Suddenly, it dawned on her. She jumped up, screamed and rushing onto Tim’s lap so fast that the chair almost tilted over backward. She kissed his lips then all over his face. “Thank you sweetheart,” she said as tears streamed down her cheeks. She hugged him tightly.

“We need to talk honey,” Tim said as Janice continued to hug him.

“About what?” she asked as she pulled back and wiped her eyes.

“Well, for one thing, where we go from here. I mean… are we going to… uh you know, go back to the way we were?

“I don’t think we can,” Janice said as she felt a little thrill run through her.

“Does that mean that we… uh can do things? You know, like this past week.” Suddenly Tim was very nervous.

“Well, we’ll have to see,” Janice said seriously. Suddenly she smiled. “I still have Dan’s phone number and that was an excellent massage.”

“Oh God,” Tim moaned. He picked her up and carried her toward the bedroom, leaving the breakfast forgotten on the table.